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Practical Training, February - until now MSH and more Webeagentur Graphic design


Practical Training, August - November Tatiana Back Photography Photography & retouching


2012 Practical Training, March - July H-Zwo Agentur für Kommunikation Graphic design - Print

2010 - 2013

Kölner Design Akademie Graphic design & Photography

2009 - 2010

Preparatory Studies Kölner Design Akademie

2007 - 2009

Gesamtschule Paffrath


- is my artist name. Bonjour, my name is Silvia Hagemann, 22 years old and I’ve studied communication design at the “Kölner Design Akademie” in Cologne. My style is characterized by two facets that reflect my personality. In regard of my emphasis in graphic design, my work is characterized by distinctive and modern structures, while my hobby photography is set apart due to dreamy and melancholic atmospheres. Both design and photography are part of me and and important equationas well. When it comes to enquiries for both design or photography, I‘ll be at your disposal at all times!

Buzzin was a interior design project with focus on 50’s fashion. Two series of handmade cushions and vases are available.

Project: Buzzin

Schwarzbier is a fictive beer label. The works shown on the can(s) are inspired by Post-Rock and artists like Fursy Teyssier. Also available for this series is merchandise like Tshirts, posters and illustration books.

Project: Schwarzbier

It was my job to create a new corporate design for Barbara BrĂźggemann. She sells her high quality chocolates and cakes to marriages and other important events. So I‘ve made her a logo which looks expensive and reflects the taste of the fabulous chocolates.

Barbara BrĂźggemann

„Nocturna - Die Nacht der gestohlenen Schatten“ is my favorite book. It‘s about a girl and a boy who are completly different but have to help each other to save other childrens lifes. It‘s a fight between magical people, called „Moths“, and „Poets“, who write out the life of children and drop it in so-called „blood books“ afterwards. As they leave nothing but empty bodies behind, they have to get stopped by the Moths.


Turn off the lights, turn off the lights Turn on the show for me tonight I‘ve got my heavy heart to hold me down. Once it falls apart, my head‘s in the clouds. So I‘m taking every chance I got Like the man I know I‘m not. A heavy heart on the boulevard tonight Shooting stars watch me fall apart tonight...

Turn Off The Light

Vectors are my secret passion. If I have the choice to vectorize something, I will do so. Vectors are perfection.

Vector Rose

For my artist book I got inspired by „Putting Hearts Together“ from the band Blutmond. Together with Kevin Wagener I have written a fictional story about two individuals who are soulmates and find togehter in the desolation of a city. I‘ve made the pages with pieces of „The Guardian“ Newspaper and stuck them together with paste. Later I‘ve drawn an illustration on every page and wrote the text next to it. At least I‘ve held the book above open fire, stomped on it and and put liquid wax on it.

Artist Book: Putting Hearts Together

Soliness is a german post-black metal band. The music is dreamy and has a heavy mood.

Poster: Soliness

WAY TO WIND - Ecology meets Image This concern plans and develops wind plants and brand them for different companies. You can use them in many different ways and they have to potential to evolve to an element of our everyday life.

Way To Wind

Follow our


Bonjour Tristesse - Urban Isolation It is a blogspot and the owners asked me if I could create a post-rockish logo in the vein of „Heretoir“ or „Thränenkind“ for them. I‘ve also re-designed the screen-design, which leads to a higher level of operator convenience.

Bonjour Tristesse

A T-Shirt Design for the band Blutmond. On the front you can see the slogan „Prophets of the 21st century“ and „There is no future, since we have lost all culture“. On the back there is a shopping mall with an advertising screen where the songtext „A crack in the system, a shot in the head. The societs cries: THE REVOLUTION IS DEAD!“ is written.

T-Shirt Design

This series shows how anonymous you are amongst people in big cities. You are just one of a thousand and nearly invisible to other people who are passing by. Urban Isolation.

Begraben in Menschenmassen

When I started taking photos nature photography has been my first passion. It is still the most comfortable part of photography to me s ince I’m a nature-loving person.

Nature Photography

Another reason why I started photography has been retouching. Since I am more into graphic tools like Photoshop, I like retouching even more than photography. Today both is a passion and complements each other.

Retouching & Portrait Photography

My ghosts are some illustrations I create just for fun. They were born from some scribbles and have always returned during the years. They don’t have to be perfect, they are just show some essence of my mind. Unperfect but always there - somehow.

Where ever my path may lead, My ghosts will always follow me Trapped in the darkness of my mind, Never more than two steps behind. (Wyrd - My Ghosts)

Ghost Stories

An idea

Falls from a porcelain sky.

It won‘t make you rich

and it won‘t get you high.

Out of the void it comes

from an open mind.

Out of the void it comes It comes from my mind.

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All Images Copyright Š Silvia Hagemann 2013

Dorn Moonromanticism Portfolio  
Dorn Moonromanticism Portfolio  

Print Portfolio - Dorn Moonromanticism - Silvia Hagemann