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DANGEROUS LIAISONS 1. TECHNICAL DETAILS Duration: 119min Nationality: United Kingdom and EEUU Year: 1998 (Colour) Direction: Stephen Frears Production: Warner Bros Producer: Norma Heyman and Hank Moonjean Script: Christopher Hampton (Based on the work of Choderlos de Laclos) Photography: P.Rousselot Mounting: Mick Audsley Music: George Fenton Art direction: Stuar Craig and Gerard James Wardrobe: James Acheson

2. Madame de Merteuil: She has strong character and very personality. She isn’t influence with others. She knew fool the people and all did was for her benefit. Her physical appearance is good because wear beautiful clothes. She has blond hair and bright eyes. She has thin lips and white skin.

Viscount of Valmont: He is arrogant men and capricious. He like attract ladies and he doesn’t care play with the feelings of the people. Her appearance is the rich men. He has got black hair with hairstyles. Her clothes are expensive.

Madame de Tourvel: She is a beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes. In the start of film she is influence by other, but in the end of film she let carry for with her feeling and falls in love of Viscount of Valmont.

3. Garden: Was very big and elegant, with many flowers. Living rooms: Were very elegant and luxurious. There was pictures the persons who live in that house. Bedrooms: Have a lot of mirrors and dressing-tables to make up. The bedrooms were very luxurious and elegant too. 4. We think that they weren’t genuine people because deceive themselves between some and others. The lies and actions did that other persons believed that they were a good persons. They wear luxurious clothes, extravagant hairstyles and jewelry for to build their social identity. 5. Mme de Merteuli: Her objective was do revenge to her ex-husband with the help of Vicont of Valmont. For that, fool people. Viscont of Valmont: His objective was seduce the Madame de Tourvel and Cecile de Volanges . For that, he does his tactics of seduce.

Madame de Tourvel: Her objective was doesn’t fall in love of Viscount, for that, she tells him go of her house. But in the end of film she doesn’t get it and fall in love. They weren’t happy because they couldn’t do what they really want.

Dangerous liaisons  
Dangerous liaisons