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THE COLLECTION ‘ATELIER MAROC’ The concept behind is to regularly change the inspiring country and offer traditional designs reinterpreted into our western life style. After the remarkably successful start with India and the Manisha Collection Silvia‘s second project is Morocco and the magical world of Marrakech. This time Silvia wants to highlight the imprint of the human hand at every turn for which Moroccan artists strongly stand for. Carpets, textiles, leatherwork, ceramics, brass, copper and silver, jewelry and finally woodwork - all these materials are converted with strong confidence of hand movements into breath- taking products. The collection Atelier Maroc consists of some of these treasures and is divided into two divisions both standing for extraordinary handicraft. Under Accessories you can find high quality handmade bags, belts and boots while Home Décor offers colourful bowls, boxes and napkins to decorate your home with some Moroccan spirit.

THE COLLECTION ‘MANISHA’ Silvia’s first collection “Manisha” consists of one fabulously and deliberately uncomplicated dress made of traditional Indian sari fabric and originally created in her signature joie de vivre-style. Silvia’s India inspiration is immediately apparent through her strong used colours, extravagant patterns and unusual combination of basic yet fancy expression. The collection’s concept is to keep the dress vivacious, sophisticated and cosmopolitan. It is young, it is cool and it offers boundless ways of combining one single piece of garment. In a few painless moments of online shopping you will effortlessly combine matching earrings and be perfectly dressed for a shopping trip in the city, an elegant night out or a romantic walk in the park or on the beach. The peculiar luxury behind the model is given by the sari silk fabric, which makes every single dress a unique piece. A sari (or saree) is a garment worn by women in the Indian subcontinent and is a strip of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine meters in length typically draped over the body in various ways. The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist with one end and then draped over the shoulder. Every single Manisha dress is made out of one such sari with elaborate geometric, floral or figurative ornaments thus making it a unique reinterpretation of the traditional Indian cloth. The silk material adjusts to every woman’s silhouette and guarantees a light and breezy enjoyable way of wearing the dress. The name “Manisha” in this context has several meanings: Manisha is a famous Indian Bollywood star, a nickname Silvia uses for one of her closest friends and as translated by the Urdu-language means heart’s desire.

SILVIA GAT TIN Born in 1983 Silvia has always been a cocktail of cultures. Being raised by Croatian parents in Vienna (Austria) laid the foundations of her cosmopolitan diversity and curiosity. Silvia soon recognized and developed her passion for ethnic fabrics, gloriously printed textiles and decorative styles within fashion and interior design. While studying International Business Administration Silvia instinctively followed her hobby and continuously combined business theory. Her professional experience includes experience with several international fashion and publishing brands such as Rena Lange in Munich, Condè Nast in Milan, Diadema in Zagreb and India in Vienna. Further education in Fashion Design and Fashion Management followed at La Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and Università Luigi Bocconi in Milan. After graduating from university and two years in Zurich’s recruitingfinance sector Silvia finally decided to totally dedicate herself to her passion and found the online fashion destination Silvia finds her inspiration above all in ethnic designs. Her approach is a mix of colourful oriental, occidental, hippie aesthetics, the result of extensive travel and summers spent on the Croatian coast.

Kramergasse 3, 1010 Wien tel . +43 1 533 4 4 60

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