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Drain them and slightly squeeze them. Turn your oven on up to 180°, place them on the bake paper, within a baking-pan. Let them stay for 10 min (better to stick around and check every once in a while) take them out and open them without extending them with your hands, they must stay wrinkle. Let them dry. Repeat the same procedure for the felt, before starting cut all the shapes you will need leaving at least 3 cm all around, highering up the oven temperature a bit. Since it’s synthetic it will not take heat so easy, so let’s say that we’ll have to “burn it”. Be very careful with this cloth as well and check in every once in a while. When in it will be a little brown on its edges it’ll be ready.


leaving open the parts as indicated on the paper model. Cut and turn. Have the doll to wear the vest. Make a string with the elastic thread, pull it and close it on the back, then cut the elastic that is not necessary.

Neckcloth Wings

Draw the shape of a neck cloth on the cloth. Fold it as a triangle; put it on your doll’s neck and fix it

Cut a wrap of cloth (same used for the body) which measures 8 * 20 cm. Fold the sides toward the center (pic 1) Stop the sides with some thread or tape (pic 2 – 3). Use hot glue to stick the wings on the back of your doll.

Draw the shape of the body and of the harms on your cloth, fold it in two with the right part on the inside. (pic A) For the body sew along the entire drawing. Cut the shape and cut it in the center (see scheme) to turn the work. Turn it inside out stiff it and sew the opening. (pic C). For the arms sew along the side leaving open the part as indicated in the paper model. Cut, turn and stiff (pic B). Inside the harm put some cloth exceeding and sew the harms to the body (pic D)


The shape of the vest in cut in half, draw on a paper sheet the entire shape and put it on the cloth folded and with the right part inside. Sew along the drawing


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