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Mother's Day Contest! The contest created to celebrate the “ Mother’s Day” was made by Silvia Davanzo Pensieri Animali and Francesca Allegro Cuoreditela to celebrate moms. The chart is a happy collaboration of two creatives of the magazine’s team and was advertised through blogs and Facebook pages, we want to show here the photos of the participants and the interview with the winner Daniela Asero. If you are interested to receive the free chart I’m Daniela and I am 37 years email us: old and I live in the province of Catania. I'm married and I have three wonderful boys that fill my house, my life and they also are active participants in my work, because they advise me, criticize me and support me. Embroidery is one of my greatest passions, inherited from my maternal grandmother whose hands Have been creating up to 85 years. I owe her everything I know, and , I think, she drives me from that place called heaven. I'm a sunny, strong and fragile at the same time, woman. I refuse to be discouraged by anything or anyone. I’m an extra school educator who works mainly with "special" children of primary school. With them I spend many afternoons. Despite this corresponds to my studies and my titles, my real job is to create objects that make unique houses, parties and events of my friends. I love all types of embroidery, decorative technique and I like to challenge myself to learn always new things. My

crayons are my inseparable companions of adventures from which comes to life all my projects. I do not love PC, I project in the old way: paper, pencils and imagination. Another inseparable companion of adventures is Guendalina, my sewing machine that has made a long way with me and from which I could never be separated despite being an old basic model. I love collecting owls of all kinds and I love restoring old furniture I choose personally to the flea markets of my areas. For some years I devote myself with great pride to volunteer: I am a cuoressa of "Cuore di Maglia". Find me on FB: Nel baule della Dani


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