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Too many Raccoons made by Silvia Materials

First of all you have to measure the high and width of your mobile abounding of about 1 cm per side for seams. Found the correct size then cut two rectangles of fabric to cross stitch and start embroidering in the middle the raccoon. Once finished, cut two rectangles or the inside of the mobile cover, and 10 cm of ribbon. Sew along the two long sides and the bottom short side of the two of embroidery canvas rectangles, remember that in order to have the seams on the back you have to sew the front fabric face to face with the back, then turn inside out. Sew the external front fabric face to face with the back, always on three sides, 2 long and 1 short, leave on one side at least 3 cm slit (to turn the work). Cover as in photo 1, the inside cover with the edges sewn on the outside, on top of the embroidery cover with the raccoon already folded. Insert also the ribbon between the inner bag and the outer bag on the back, in order to close the phone cover with the button on the front. Sew all along the top edge


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