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environment changes to worries about the baby and his health, the mother fells bad for not been able to help her baby and for not having completed her pregnancy and by seen high tech machines and specialized staff doesn’t help. The physical and emotional relation between parents and their baby is difficult. Lately parents are involved more, recognizing their help and role mainly about love, for example the kangaroo therapy. Thanks to Giusy Carolei experience, cooperating to Cuore di Maglia, the “Primo Legame” project has born whose target is to help the relationship

Cuore di Maglia is about to be 8 years old. It’s like one of my baby; I always say that after them and my family this project is absolutely what makes me happy and satisfied. I will look for new project and also new ways to find financial helps and sponsor, thing that is becoming harder and harder. I don’t know what Cuore di Maglia will become but I know what I became with it and I’m Happy. About it, the Heart, I only know that it will keep growing and it will find its own way. Don’t kids do that?

between parents and nurses, parents and baby, focusing on the baby as unique lovely person. The “Primo Legame” kit is a pack for parents right after the baby is born. And it contains: • A sleeping sac • A cotton body with plastic automatic buttons • A hat • 2 pairs of shoes Inside the pack parents also find a Giusy’s presentation letter explaining the meaning of CARE in every cloth and a letter full of love and hope written by Cuore di Maglia. Delivering this gift by a professional nurse has a symbolic meaning that helps parents to feel confortable to show their love even in a technological environment.


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