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Raccoon mobile pocket made by Silvia Materials

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am Silvia, I'm 30 years old, I’ve a girl age four who is the muse of my creations! I use many materials, paper, wool, cotton, cross stitch, cloth and brushes. My little virtual space allows me to show my creations and to share thoughts and feelings with friends in internet. I love creating and messing around and I hope to pass down on Sabrina my love for creativity freedom. Visit my two blogs:; schemipensier ogspot. com

Felt or soft felt: grey, black and white Pressure button Scissors Needle and black thread Sewing machine 2 little black buttons Pins

Get the material ready and print the paper shape at the end of the magazine. Check that your mobile dimensions fit otherwise enlarge the raccoon shape. Cut all the pieces and prepare the white felt to cut the eyes; get the grey felt for the front and the back side of the raccoon and then the black felt and cut the mask, the square for the nose and for the tail (completed as in the picture). Place all the cut pieces on the front of the raccoon and measure to place them in the right spot. Start to sew the white eyes on the black mask, then cut the tail in the strips and create the typical ring tail of raccoons. Be careful when sewing to do it piece by piece (as in the picture). Sew the raccoon mask and set the black buttons in order to create the pupils in the middle of the white eyes. Check that the nose, sawn on the back, should be in the centre as getting it in front on the black


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