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15 AUGUST 2012




I am the EDITOR in charge and also the Founder of magazine . My name is Silvestre Machado ( Irmao)

I am working with Rene for a long time Promoting GOAN and DAMANENSE Heritage around the World,Uniting,Promoting the p identity of GOANESS to all the people around the World,which give me a lot of satisfaction that the heritage is safe and is spreading to new GOANS and NON GOANS alike. I would like to thank and congratulate Rene Barreto and the World Wide Goans a happy WORLD GOA DAY 2012 and future WORLD GOA DAY'S to come. please check out my website where the new IPGM ISSUE will be out soon for world GOA DAY to a man who has inspired GOANS to say proudly we are GOANS,to take that identity of being GOANS from sea to sea and harbour to harbour. .THE LINK IS

is the online website for this issue just type in INDO PORTUGUESE GLOBAL MAGAZINE on the 20 of AUGUST 2012 which is also free all time's .






Rene Barreto features on the eve of WORLD GOA AND DAMAO DAY 2012

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CONTRIBUTED WRITE UP BY H.R.H Island Pontinha Renato Barros

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Exploring the “Mac Style

Frederick Noronha





LEARN KONKANI WORDS Maria José Leite Da Foz do Douro até Goa-3


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The Goan Culinary Club Event at O

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Coqueiro on the 14th August,2012


Jaffer Inamdar with positive lives POETS AND POETRY

WORLD OF ART Ganganeli Pereira Portugal

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and Welcome to the

INDO PORTUGUESE GLOBAL MAGAZINE. I would like to introduce myself to you all my name is Silvester Machado and I am the CEO And chief Editor of this SUPERB INDO PORTUGUESE GLOBAL MAGAZINE, It's a great Honour. to start this online Magazine for all our INDO PORTUGUESE HERITAGE around the globe. The main aim for this Magazine is to keep the INDO PORTUGUESE HERITAGE ALIVE Meaning INDIAN & PORTUGUESE And to highlight the Cultural,Social,Economical ,happenings in the Global Community Around the Globe. At the INDO PORTUGUESE MAGAZINE we are proud to say we are INDO PORTUGUESE AN ETHINIC GROUP surviving decades in different countries around the world, Spreading the Culture in all possible ways and also Keeping the HERITAGE ALIVE. VIVA. We are proud to be associated to loads of Celebrities,associations and individuals of great Calibre. We are also proud to be associated with the Founder of World GOA DAY Rene Baretto who has been an inspiration and motivator in starting this Magazine and also all of you INDO PORTUGUESE COMMUNITY around the World. INDO PORTUGUESE GLOBAL MAGAZINE will be doing a lot more Voluntary and non Voluntary Projects in the Future to Motivate, and Empower,advice and help it's INDO PORTUGUESE COMMUNITIES around the Globe. To get in touch with us to Contribute Article's,videos,audio mp3, or advertising please get in touch With Twitter Silvestre machado





THE TEAM Frederick Noronha Writer

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Henrique Salles SUPPOTER IPGM

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Ganganeli Pereira Heritage Artist ART WORLD



Rene Barreto

It's a great Honour to have the front cover OF IPGM feature our very own FOUNDER OF WORLD GOA DAY Rene Barreto and his inspirational Wife Maria Barreto.


Rene Barreto Founder of WORLD GOA DAY This man need's no introduction,Uk LONDON based Rene Barreto a man in a mission, A man truely making things happen. We know him as Rene babb by many GOANS around the World,bring GOANS around the World to unite them and Celebrate WORLD GOA DAY as mostly been his Mission. He has inspired many by his Voluntary work from home based Rene Barreto,just Tireless day in and day out work's from his computer viva facebook,blogs and many other Web tools to spread the mesege of GOA,GOA,GOA. People of Rene's age would normally do other things,normal work at home,or just read the Newspaper ect. The passion he has is truelly admirable to see a man of his age still having so much of Energy to spread his love for the heritage is out of this world.

This man need's no introduction, LONDON based Rene Barreto a man on a mission, A man truly making things happen. We know him as Rene babb by many GOANS around the World, his mission is to bring GOANS around the World together ‌to unite them and Celebrate WORLD GOA DAY. He has inspired many by his Voluntary work from home based Rene Barreto, just Tireless day in and day out work's from his computer viva Facebook,blogs and many other Web tools to spread the mesege of GOA,GOA,GOA. People of Rene's age would normally do other things,normal work at home,or just read the Newspaper ect. The passion he has is truly admirable to see a man of his age still having so much of Energy to spread his love for the heritage is out of this world. Family life at home he is a Family man to his wonderful Family. There is a saying behind every MAN there is a woman Who make's supports her man,and I am talking about his wonderful wife Maria barreto. Who has supported Rene Barreto so much to what he has achieved. IPGM had the priveldge to meet Rene Barreto and his Wonderful family at a picnic Event hosted by Rene Barreto,his Wife Maria had prepared pre snacks like an Other goan family always being a true host at the picnic in the LIDO LONDON UK. He has involved himself in so many projects which he co started or helped to start or Some one has been inspired to start,we will talk about that later. Rene talked exclusively for IPGM. On the future of WORLD GOA DAY. He wants to bring down WORLD GOA DAY more closer to our GOANS world wide,he and his team has a vision of WORLD GOA being More interactive,more participation,more empowerment to our GOANS to spread the mesege of WORLD GOA DAY. He has won many awards to his hard work for GOA through the years to bring GOA truly out of GOA to the People of different countries WORL GOA DAY World Goa Day - is a world wide Goan event organised by Coordinators who are responsible for their own events in all ways. He is still looking for coordinators from other parts of the world where WGD is not celebrated as


This man need's no introduction, LONDON based Rene Barreto a man on a mission, A man tru

We know him as Rene babb by many GOANS around the World, his mission is to bring GOAN and Celebrate WORLD GOA DAY. He has inspired many by his Voluntary work from home based Rene Barreto, just Tireless day in and day out work's from his computer viva Face spread the mesege of GOA,GOA,GOA.

People of Rene's age would normally do other things,normal work at home,or just read the New

The passion he has is truly admirable to see a man of his age still having so much of Energy to world. Family life at home he is a Family man to his wonderful Family. There is a saying behind every MAN there is a woman Who make's supports her man,and I am talking has supported Rene Barreto so much to what he has achieved. IPGM had the priveldge to mee picnic Event hosted by Rene Barreto,his Wife Maria had prepared pre snacks like an Other goan family always being a true host at the picnic in the LIDO LONDON UK. He has involved himself in so many projects which he co started or helped to start or Some on that later.

Rene talked exclusively for IPGM. On the future of WORLD GOA DAY. He wants to bring down WORLD GOA DAY more closer to our GOANS world wide,he and his t More interactive,more participation,more empowerment to our GOANS to spread the mesege o DAY.

He has won many awards to his hard work for GOA through the years to bring GOA truly out of GOA to the People of diffe


World Goa Day - is a world wide Goan event org Coordinators who are responsible for their own events in all w for coordinators from other parts of the world w celebrated as yet.

This year the recently launched Goan Culinary Odette and Joe organised a very successful the FESTIVAL of GOAN CUISINE in Goa - Rene a founders of this club. This festival drew some of the event ran from the 14th to the 20th of August, 2012.

World Goa Day is also being celebrated by resta world and one of the restaurants in london Cafe

It is time to bring and swing Goan and Portugue on to the great culinary map of India but more s the world at large

Rene was instrumental in suggesting to the Dam

This year the recently launched Goan Culinary Club co founders Odette and Joe organised a very successful the WORLD GOA DAY FESTIVAL of GOAN CUISINE in Goa - Rene and Maria are co founders of this club. This festival drew some of the best chefs in Goa the event ran from the 14th to the 20th of August, 2012. World Goa Day is also being celebrated by restaurants around the world and one of the restaurants in london Cafe Spice Namaste. It is time to bring and swing Goan and Portuguese Goan cuisine back on to the great culinary map of India but more so to Goa itself and to the world at large Rene was instrumental in suggesting to the Damanese world wide to also set aside a side to highest celebrate their heritage. The day chosen is the 20th of August every year. By doing so , he has helped to bring the Damanese people together by suggesting that the Damanese community also set up a day similar to the World Goa day .. the World Daman Day is also celebrated on the 20th of August every year. He has has always been a source of encouraging to me in whatever I have been doing , he has been a great source of inspiration to me in setting up this very successful INDO PORTUGUESE GLOBAL eMAGAZINE of which I am the editor. World Goa Day is in its 12year and embraces Goans from all parts of the world.



The triangle Goa Daman and Diu Due to the dense forest that Madeira presented itself in 1419, the new discoverers, without knowing the dangers that might existed inside the forest, they decided to build a cave inside of this small island and therefore creating a fort with a shelter. For several years this dock served for people to get into Madeira and also to leave it. As I contemplated this triangular nchor and the steps on this small island, my brain went all over the world to recall small islands and famous places where man put his feet for the first time: (1)   It took 550 years after João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira stepped on the triangular anchor, for the American Neil Armstrong to put his foot on the surface of the moon , on July 20, 1969 when he said: “That‘s a small step for man; one giant leap for mankind!” (2)   79 years later, on May 20, 1498, Vasco da Gama put his feet on Calicut , India , finally realizing the dream of Prince Henry the navigator to connect Portugal to India by sea! (3)   81 years later, in 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral, put his feet on Porto Seguro, at 14 degrees latitude south, when he discovered officially Brazil. (4)   92 years later in 1511, the navigator Miguel Corte Real engraved on Dighton Rock , located in Berkley, Massachusets, U. S. A., his name, the Portuguese National symbols, and four crosses of the Order of Christ similar to the one that appears on the flag of Madeira. (5)   201 years later the English Pilgrims put their feet on Plymouth Rock located in the State of Massachusetts . U. S. A. , and this historical event originated the most celebrated holiday in America called “Thanksgiving”. (6)   There are other small islands which are famous because of the buildings they possess. The castle of Almoural built on a small island in the middle of Tagus river, constructed by the Portuguese Templars after 1160. (7)   The Tower of Belém , Portuguese National Monument , was built in a small island in the Lisbon Harbor , between 1515 to 1521. It has many Crosses of the Order of Christ with extremities terminating at 45 degrees. (8)   The island of Bedloe in the large New York Harbor were the world famous and admired Statue of Liberty stands, since 1886. (9)   The Yellala Rocks engraved by Diogo Cão on the margins of the Congo River, in Africa , in 1448. The rock of Sao Lourenço in SriLanka, engraved by Portuguese discovers in 1518, The Padrões, or Portuguese Discovery Markers, placed by Diogo Cão, along the western coast of Africa, and so many other monuments in so many places by the Portuguese discoverers. (10)   In the City Island, in Paris, France, where the famous Notre Dame Cathedral was built, there exist in front of it on the pavement a cupper circumference with a diameter about three feet. It is from this spot that all the geographic distances in France are measured.   

Here is the triangular anchor made out of the maritime rock by João Gonçalves Zarco and his crew after July 1st, 1419. On this photo we still see the TRIANGULAR ANCHOR and the steps carved on the rock of the small island by the first navigators. Conclusion: The triangular anchor on the Fort of São José made by João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, 586 years ago should become the geographic symbol of the EPICENTER OF MADEIRA, similar to the epicenter at Notre Dame of Paris, France ! The greatest mathematician Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the Geodesic Dome, said that the TRIANGLE is the geometric figure which is the strongest on the surface of the earth. The people of Madeira could not get a better icon than the TRIANGULAR ANCHOR -- to symbolize their excellent qualities of a people with determination to be successful in their endeavors!


COMMUNITIES GOINKARS OWN ACADEMY (GOA) CELEBRATE WORLD GOA DAY 2012 IN KARACHI ON 12TH AUGUST 2012 By Diana Joseph Own Academy (GOA) team headed by Deborah Santamaria (President) and Marshall Fernandes (Vice President) did a tremendous job of putting together a memorable day for parishnors of various parishes in Karachi who comprised of approximately 350-400 participants ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. Five bus loads of happy people arrived at the amazing Shamsi Farm where we were welcomed to the versatile scenic beauty which entailed clean and well kept guest houses as well gardens, huge lawns and the main attractions were the swimming pools along with their water slides and toddlers pools. The huge manmade lake with ducks surrounded by lush green lawns was a sight to behold with serene environment minus the sound of the hustle bustle of the busy city surroundings. This was indeed the ideal place to spend a day. GOA team had so many activities planned out for us all that there was not a single dull moment from the time we arrived at the farm house to the moment we departed. The main attraction was the Flag Hoisting ceremony after which we were connected on Skype Goa – Karachi and the famous Olavo Rodrigues (O’luv) live with us to watch the excitement of the crowd as we sang the National songs and waved small Pakistan flags which were distributed to all and amid the patriotic singing of the National Anthem and flag hoisting ceremony followed by cutting of the cake by Debbie and Marshall. The cake was really delicious and made in a shape of the Pakistan flag. Ami Goinkar song originally sung by Olavo Rodrigues was sung alongwith him on Skype with the whole crowd joining in enthusiastically. Olavo amazed us all when he played the same song on a Comb, which was mind blowing. We all went ballistic with the live music of DJ Fabian who kept the crowd entertained with a selection of latest numbers playing while people danced to the beat of lively music even while taking a dip in the pool. The water slide was an instant hit with the youth who thoroughly enjoyed riding down those slides individually as well as with their friends and siblings. The delicious morning snacks were served which were so filling and a total change to the usual patty or samosa or sandwiches, this was an open chunky chicken sandwich with cold slaw and ketchup and chilled glasses of Coke to wash them down. Marshall kept all informed with his announcements for the youth to register their names for the football and cricket matches which were played before lunch. Meanwhile people took to the pools where they enjoyed themselves in the crystal clear waters which were so welcoming in the hot summer afternoon. Once everyone was given ample time to register for the teams, Marshall announced the teams and the matches commenced, there was a lively coverage given on the mike by Marshall & Gerry who were the commentators for the cricket match. Rides in the peddle boats were also a source of entertainment for all young and old alike at It was soon time for lunch and we all queued up for the delicious, fresh and all time favorite chicken biryani, salad, raita and chicken charga pieces accompanied with chilled Later announcement once again was made for all the picnickers to collect their hampers consisting of Mineral water, Olpers flavored milk packs and the caramel crunch kulfa’s. It was time to announce regarding the post lunch activities and Marshall informed everybody of the tambola game to be held after the Father of the year, Mother of the year and Family of year activities took place through lucky draws. The GOA teams members adorned their heads with beautiful Copels consisting of seasonal fruits and flowers which gave a very festive look to the whole event. The 3 families Mr. & Mrs Campos & family, Mr. & Mrs Tony D’Souza & family & Mr. & Mrs Melvyn Nazareth

COMMUNITIES & family were selected for the family of the year through lucky draw had to compete among themselves by coming up with a Copel using their creativity utilizing material in the garden. Mr. & Mrs. Nazareth were selected family of the year 2012. The most amazing coincidence was the when both husband and wife John & Clare D’Souza were selected through a lucky draw for the Father and Mother of the year which brought tears to the eyes of the Mother of the year. Amazing gifts were distributed to the lucky winners which consisted of hampers, dinner vouchers for the famous Avari Hotels, as well as complimentary vouchers from Heads Up. A consolation prize was also given to Julie D’Souza for being creative for making neem leaves Copel. Sing song followed with the crowd enjoying the Konkani songs being rendered by GOA team participants with Allen Goveas and Ethan accompanying on the guitars. A brave attempt of a bilingual famous Konkani chorus song was also presented by Calwin and supported by his mom. Announcement of tea and snacks once again got people queuing up in a very orderly manner to collect the lovely hot tea with fresh refreshments while the live Konkani songs were sung by the Goa team kept the crowds entertained. Naomi Santamaria, Nikita Fernandes and Debbie Santamaria sand the theme song written by Basalio Mango “PROUD TO BE A GOAN” accompanied by Allan Goveas on the Guitars. The most amazing observation made during the whole days events and the way the organizers managed the events showed us a very good example of community coming together in oneness where there were people from all different backgrounds but all enjoyed the event as one people in a true Christian spirit of brotherhood. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Goinkar Own Academy (GOA) for bringing all the people together in oneness whether they spoke Konkani or not but all went back so happy and satisfied people who enjoyed a day of healthy entertainment with a great opportunity to mingle with different parishes. Way to go Goinkar Own Academy (GOA)!!! VIVA GOA – VIVA O’luv – VIVA Konkani. Together you have made a difference.



Colin Savio Coelho


Exploring the “Mac Style ”

Music is an art form in which the medium is sound that is organized in time. Of course, putting together this medium called sound into a pleasant timing to generate the harmonious effects, is another form of art. There is one Goan musician who fits into the slot of the definition of music completely. Macedonio (Mac) Dourado, seems to hold dearly on to the antecedents of a regal musical ancestry. While starting off with the guitar under the tutelage of his late father Dionisio, he has never looked back for the last 26 years while making giant strides into the mystical world of music, especially the ‘crying of the soul’ in jazz harmonics. “My father was the inspiration through this all,” confirms Mac in a grateful phrasing. The Dourado family lineage traces its musical roots way back a few generations. Mac’s grandfather, with whom he not only shares a musical inheritence, but also the name Macedonio; was one of the most respected violinists in Cortalim. His father played the violin, flute, mouth organ and a few other instruments. “I remember the parities when my father would play the guitar with pure acoustic sound and I would fill-in with the rhythm. Then we would interchange with me on mouth organ and he on rhythm.,” reminisces Mac.

The interest in jazz music built-up in the young talented Mac many years ago. “I used to like to pick-up music casettes since young,” he informs. He then experienced, “The sound that soothed my ears and really touched my heart.” Eventually realisation dawned that, “There is much more to music.” This go him strated catching up with that “much more”.

His father listened to a lot of swing music a la Frank Sinatra and others. “The sound of these tunes used to ring into my ears and they have stayed there even now,” smiles Mac. He also grew up listening to greats like George Benson (of the ‘Maquerade’ fame). Later, during his musical jaunt at Delhi, he cam across many good musicians, especially Europeans, who he played alongside with. Eventually, the music within Mac evolved and he branched out into jazz music. His forte today. Over the years, Mac has emerged with a jazz style of his own. “I like doing chord melodies on the guitar. This fingerstyle (plucking) is now a part of me,” reveals an ebullient Mac. He is spurred on by Carlos Jobin tunes and does them all in his own style. He sings and at the same time is into vocal improvisation (scatting). Al Jereau, the jazz great, has also inspired his vocal imporvisations leading to atonal forays into a world beyond scatting. “Scatting is an old, outdated word now,” feels Mac. He has his own style which he likes to called ‘Macking’!

Mac is also adept at the bass guitar. Probably one of the few bass guitarists who can very comfortable sing as well as play the bass guitar, he has built up a unique style inculcating the chord knowledge of the great bassist Joe Pastorius. He adds, “And not forgetting the good-ole Wes Montgomery, who has exploited the octaves to the maximum. In fact he was called ‘King of Octaves’. I have developed a solo style on the guitar, inspirited by this genius,” reveals Mac. He heard the chords in the standard versions done by Wes and has been influenced greatly by those feats.

Mac has an ideé fixe about his performance, even with a few people in the audience. “I love working it out with my music and really playing my stuff irrespective of a crowd or no crowd,” is the way he goes about his musical business. “Music is my food… The oxygen to breathe. I simply talk, breathe, walk, run and of course sing and play music,” he says sotto voce. Music is obviously very dear to him and he states, “I have developed my own styles all through. Be it on the guitar or the keyboard or singing, I do it in the ‘Mac Style’,” he laughs. His repertoire emcompasses all that jazz can unfold besides funk, swing, bossanova, pop, counry and also Konkani and Portuguese tracks. “My mother Edna, taught me ‘Manha de Carnaval’ as a child and I sing the English version ‘A Day in the Life of a Fool’ by Ela Fitzgerald,” he informs.

His focus on music is all about arragements in his own style. Even the programming of his songs are put together on the keyboard in his own special way Mac has kept a distinguished musical company over the years. Besides all the timeless greats he has listened to and emulated since childhood, he has also performed with many jazz greats like the legendary Chirs Perry, the ace trombonist Anibal Castro and Benny Rosario. “Youngsters in Goan bands must learn that they do not need to imitate a singer,” feels Mac. It would be best for them to stick to their own tone. It sounds very artificial when one tries to imitate someone else’s style. “Youngsters even tend to imitate other established singers from Goa also,” says an amused Mac. This is absoultely uncalled for, thinks Mac. Mac’s unique musical flavor is enthusing. “My music is just improvisations on every instrument I play. This includes the vocals,” he emphasizes.

Frederick Noronha. Compreender a escrita Português de Goa Padre erudito Dr. Eufemiano Miranda, da Cortalim e agora na paróquia de Chicalim, gráficos fora dos contornos de Goan escrever em Português, em um recém-publicado livro. EXTRATO DE LIVRO Este estudo pretende ser um passo humilde para participar de pesquisas anteriores ainda Indo-Português de literatura, ou seja, as monografias de Vicente de Bragança Cunha (Bombaim, 1926), Filinto Cristo Dias (Goa, 1963), Vimala Devi e Manuel de Seabra (Lisboa, 1971). Ele tenta analisar o conteúdo ou temas das obras literárias abordadas com pelo indo-portuguesas escritores. A literatura palavra é tomado para significar produções literárias de natureza criativa ou de ficção. Indo-Português refere-se aqui aos escritores etnicamente indianos em quem não é uma confluência harmoniosa de normas europeias e motivos locais inspiração. Cinco temas são identificados: (i) o Bramanismo em conflito com o liberalismo consagrados nos escritos de Francisco Luis Gomes, principalmente seu romance Os Brahamanes (ii) O mundo dos proprietários (batcaras) e inquilinos (Mundkars) reflectido principalmente em O Orlando Costa Signo da Ira (Iii) O fascínio com o mistério de Bharat-Mata (Mãe Índia) (Iv) bailarina O templo da Índia (v) A terra e seu povo como retratado em Jacó Gip de e Dulce e Bodki Agostinho Fernandes, temas que refletem a história social de Goa. O capítulo Panorama da Vida Social de Goa nn seculos XIX e XX visa em obter uma visão do olho do contexto sócio-histórico da 19 e 20 séculos e compreender a influência da Presença português em Goa, na formação do goanensis homo. O cenário de ensino e aprendizagem, a criação da Imprensa e, como resultado, a evolução do jornalismo e vida social, são examinados brevemente. O segmento de Christian da sociedade, principalmente, em relação ao Hindu setor, passou por uma separação cultural. Como conseqüência disso, os costumes sociais e as idéias do convertidos foram alterados. A aculturação que teve lugar em Goa teria o direito de chamado de uma civilização luso-tropical, para usar a expressão cunhada por Gilberto Freyre, o sociólogo brasileiro-escritor que visitou Goa em os anos 1950. Em seguida, vem "Francisco Luís Gomes: O Bramanismo los Conflito com o Liberalismo '. A Constituição de 1822, que o Português Parlamento votou a favor, depois da Revolução de 1820, e do Carta Constitucional de 1826, dado por D. Pedro IV para a nação e seus territórios ultramarinos, foram uma precipitação de concreto do Liberal idéias proclamado pelas revoluções americana e francesa. Francisco Luis Gomes da Navelim, um médico de formação e membro da Parlamento, tornou-se o representante por excelência do liberalismo em Goa. No Parlamento, ele lutou pela liberdade em seu Goa amado. Seus Brahamanes novela de Os nasceu de seu liberalismo juntamente com a sua Romantismo, inspirada no Evangelho e uma visão para o fiel Nação português. O romance retrata o conflito dramático entre o branco ea superioridade Bramanismo trigo de compleição) ou o dois tipos de orgulho enraizado na raça e cultura. A resolução ou a moral deste conflito é encontrada nas palavras que Francisco Luís Gomes coloca na boca de seu personagem Tomas: "Minha vitória será a reforma de todos os códigos pelo Evangelho. " Isto é seguido pelo capítulo "O Signo da Ira EO Mundo dos Batcarás e Manducares '. Goan sociedade composta de uma classe de proprietários de terras (batcaras) e outro de trabalhadores rurais. O último viveu para servir a primeira. O pequeno classe média que compreende apenas cerca de 10 por cento. Esta realidade social presta-se à ficção. Vimala Devi, Laxmanrao SarDessai e R.V. Pandit retratado em seus contos e poemas. Uma obra de alto valor estético foi O Orlando Costa Signo da Ira, uma obra em que Neo-Realismo ganhou o seu autor Ricardo Malheiros Prêmio em Portugal. Filosofia indiana, religião e mitologia estão interligadas e formam uma viva a tradição. Eles ainda são uma parte muito importante da vida, e sociedade, onde nasceram e floresceram. Mistério da Índia e fascínio reside neles.

Nossa literatura tem sido enriquecida com contos e poemas que refletir os princípios filosóficos ou hinos de louvor aos deuses, para suas funções, ou homenagem-retratos de grandes personalidades de História indiana. Na sociedade indiana, particularmente em Goa, existia uma mulher levada para simbolizar uma contradição: a dançarina do templo (kalavant). Ao longo do tempo, o devadasi, ou servo dos deuses, tornou-se uma mulher que vendeu a si mesma. Historiadores e sociólogos usado pproaches variadas para estudar este instituição. As meninas nautch ou devadasis sofreu uma metamorfose na imaginação romântica do poeta Indo-Português para se tornar um símbolo de beleza e graça feminina. O tema do kalavant exerceu uma estranha fascínio sobre o poeta goesa. No capítulo "A Terra ea Grei", nota-se que a sociedade é goesa retratado principalmente em duas obras de língua portuguesa de ficção. A classe média cristã do fim do século 19 e início do 20 é retratado com suas idiossincrasias e escondido fraquezas na novela Jacob e Dulce por Gip, um pseudônimo de Francisco João da Costa. No romance de Agostinho Fernandes Bodki um encontra uma foto do rural sociedade hindu com suas crenças, usos e costumes. O escritor indo-Português é um "romântico", um homem sob o feitiço de um "Ruptura" e um "desejo de totalidade". Etnicamente indiano, ele tem em De um lado, os traços embebidas de uma cultura ocidental, cristão, América e, por outro lado, vive sob uma forte subconsciente da -Védica Upanishadic substrato hindu. Ele se vira para si mesmo em uma dramática e de forma dolorosa, como os românticos, em sua busca por auto-identidade e auto-definição. Da perspectiva da estética literária, indo-portuguesas literatura pode ser considerado como um corpo de obras concebidas e trouxe na agonia e êxtase de nostalgia. Se algumas obras podem ser claramente classificados como pertencentes ao Romantismo ou Neo-Realismo (Realismo Social), outros, principalmente as obras poéticas, tiveram influências das escolas Parnasian ou simbolista, ou são melhor interpretados no luz das teorias em sânscrito de alankara, Riti e Rasa. Português por expressão e indiano pelo esteticismo do escritores, principalmente dos poetas, bem como por causa dos temas e os motivos que lhe estão subjacentes, Indo-Português literatura pertence à Tradição literária português. Assim como o estilo manuelino em arquitetura - uma mistura feliz do gótico florido com o poesia plástica de elementos da flora e fauna do Oriente e do motivos marítimos da naus Português - é uma característica Estilo português. Oriente e Ocidente nd Literatura Goesa: Realidade, ficção, História e Imaginação Eufemiano de Jesus Miranda Goa, 1556 Rs 395 Publicado em maio 2012


Victoria Texier


Bhair paus poddta. Hanv chau pietam. Chaie barabor bakri hatam. Zonel ugodlelem hanvem. Tondd varem marunk laglem, mhunn zonel bondh kelem. It is raining outside. I am drinking tea. Having (eating) Indian bread with the tea. I opened the window. A cold breeze started blowing, so I closed the window. Kal bazarant sun anteram, chiku ani popayeo adleleo. Sogllim follam borim ghodd ahal’lim. Yesterday, I brought custard apples, chikoos (sapodilla) and papayas. All the fruits were sweet. Aiz donparam jevnnank sungtamchi koddi, bazlele bangdde ani ukddem xitt. For today’s lunch, we will have prawn curry, fried mackerels and boiled (Goan) rice. Mog assum dhi. Let there be love. Ek Goemkar bhau. A Goan brother..

TRAVEL Da Foz do Douro até Goa-3 Pedro e Inês estavam empolgados com a ideia de ir visitar a velha Goa e tinham por cicerones os seus bons amigos goeses, Francisco e Felícia com os quais já se sentiam como se fossem da família. Pedro agora entendia o que o fascinava em Goa, era aquela comunhão de almas ligadas por fortes laços fraternos. Saíram logo de manhã cedo no carro de seus amigos goeses e bem preparados para um bom piquenique. A paisagem era tão bela e de exuberante vegetação que Inês, estava extasiada olhando tudo com um pormenor num silêncio quase místico e pensava como o Pai do Céu tinha abençoado determinados locais da Terra e seus povos com imagens da Natureza que de certeza foram extraídas do paraíso. Francisco explicou que a velha cidade hoje apresenta apenas algumas igrejas, duas portas e o paço episcopal. Pedro falava sobre Afonso de Albuquerque mandar logo reconstruir as muralhas destruídas durante a batalha. A zona da cidade virada para terra era quase toda rodeada por muros. Enquanto Francisco explicava, Inês pensava na Velha Goa conhecida no passado como a Roma do Oriente, e a capital do estado português da Índia desde 1510, um dos territórios com maiores marcas da presença lusa. Explicava também que nas muralhas de Goa existiam várias portas, sendo a de maior destaque a porta do cais, mais tarde transformada no arco dos vicereis e em 1597 D. Francisco da Gama ordenou que fosse deitada abaixo para ser erigido um arco triunfal em memória de seu bisavô, comemorando um século da chegada de Vasco da Gama à Índia. Pedro falava sobre Afonso de Albuquerque mandar logo reconstruir as muralhas destruídas durante a batalha. A zona da cidade virada para terra era quase toda rodeada por muros. Francisco explicava que com a invasão dos maratas e a mudança da capital portuguesa para Mormugão, Goa entrara então em declínio intenso. O governo de Marquês de Pombal nomeou novo governador D. José Pedro da Câmara, um arcebispo D. Francisco de Assumpção e Brito, para os dois restaurarem Goa e ser mais segura, para tal deram benefícios de isenções para quem construísse casas dentro das muralhas. Nasceu a sede do governo, quartéis de artilharia, uma biblioteca pública, alfândega, um templo hindu e uma mesquita. Inês olhou e ouviu tudo em silêncio e meio comovida e meia triste, quando ouviu falar no Bairro das Fontainhas …então umas lágrimas rolaram pelo seu lindo rosto tão perfeito e inocente. Era a saudade do Porto dela, da sua cidade. Então disse: -Estou profundamente emocionada, olho muita coisa aqui dos monumentos às casas, mais me parece estar em Portugal. Francisco, como sabes tu assim tanta história sobre Portugal? Francisco respondeu: - Meu pai e principalmente meu avô sabem muita, muita história de Portugal e claro sobre a Índia portuguesa. Bem amigos irmos fazer o piquenique e comer? Inês sorrindo docemente disse: Oh Francisco, não é irmos …é, vamos fazer o piquenique. Todos sorriram e alegremente procuraram um bom local para o seu piquenique. Espreitando Vila do Conde No final da comerem, e de uma boa e longa conversa sobre a história de Goa, Pedro foi buscar o computador ao carro para tomar umas notas e então Francisco mais uma vez ficou extasiado a ver o fundo do monitor do computador do Pedro e perguntou o que era. Pedro abriu uma pasta no computador com fotos e começou a explicar. Estas imagens que estão a ver foram tiradas por uma poetisa e artista fotografa, Marina Yela, uma portuguesa filha de mãe portuguesa e pai espanhol, podem ver suas belas fotos na página Mar Yela, esta artista e poetisa colabora muito com minha amiga poetisa e escritora, também do distrito do Porto e uma amante dos ricos monumentos de Portugal e da Índia Portuguesa a minha boa amiga Maria José. Estes monumentos pertencem a Vila do Conde um dos 18 municípios do núcleo do Distrito do Porto da Região do Douro Litoral. Esta primeira foto em grande plano é de uma nau exposta no cais do Rio Ave, nos antigos estaleiros de Vila do Conde. É uma nau seiscentista, a chamada Nau da Carreira das Índias. Este Mosteiro iniciou-se em 1318 é uma mistura de Gótico, manuelino e rococó. Tem planta de cruz latina de nave única e transepto muito grande. Seu interior a nave é coberta de caixotões de talha octogonal ricamente decorados. Tem também um coro-alto cujo tecto com abóbada em berço revestido por caixotões de talha intensamente decorada, e um coro baixo com dois retábulos e um cadeiral com duas filas. Encontramos a Capela dos Fundadores, de estilo rococó, onde estão seus túmulos. Uma cabeceira poligonal e uma grande rosácea do tipo radiante no exterior. A Igreja matriz no mesmo recinto é monumento nacional, um gótico mais tardio com elementos manuelinos, barrocos e neogóticos. Tem uma cruz latina de três naves. A sua construção de quinhentos beneficiou e muito com a passagem do Rei D. Manuel por Vila do Conde em 1502, tendo sido atribuído pelo rei um subsídio e criado um imposto. O pórtico desta Igreja fortemente decorado de autoria de João de Castilho assim como a bela torre sineira quadrangular erguida em 1573 concebida por João Lopes. Finalmente para engrandecer e enriquecer este espaço, temos o Aqueduto de Vila do Conde também monumento nacional incluído na zona especial de protecção da Igreja de Santa Clara. De início este aqueduto tinha 999 arcos, com cerca de 4km, é o segundo aqueduto mais extenso de Portugal. Este aqueduto foi construído com a finalidade de levar a água os seus arcos, até ao chafariz do Convento, entre 1705 e 1714 começava no Convento de Santa Clara até a nascente de Terroso na Póvoa de Varzim. Francisco e Felícia estavam encantados, e aqueles dois jovens casais faziam um intercâmbio cultural de uma imensa riqueza. Felícia muito entusiasmada perguntou: Pedro, podes continuar a mostrar e a explicar-nos tudo que tens e sabes sobre castelos e palácios de Portugal? São tão belos e todos que falas têm uma história tão rica, se fizeres essa gentileza, aos poucos íamos conhecendo melhor. Pedro e Inês quase em simultâneo disseram: -Claro com todo o prazer, e é uma honra para nós ainda maior receber vossa visita na nossa cidade do Porto, são nossos convidados e vamos mostrar-vos tudo ao vivo. Os quatro sorriram, e felizes regressaram a suas casas, enquanto isso, Inês sonhava com tudo o que ainda ia ver em Goa, Damão e Diu, Felícia estava com um ar sonhador e distante, talvez quem sabe, já imaginando-se em Portugal a ver todos Mosteiros, Castelos e Palácios. (cont.) De: Maria José dos Santos Leite

Maria José dos Santos Leite

Founder of World GOA day

The Goan Culinary Club Event at O Coqueiro on the 14th August,2012


Rene Barreto

Four months after initiating the Goan Cilinary Club, co founders Odette and Joe Mascarenhas with members declared the Club opens to the public. As a kick start to the Culinary festivities to herald in World Goa Day on the 20th August, the meet was held at O Coqueiro one of the first restaurants in Goa serving traditional Goan food. Co founder Odette Mascarenhas introduced the Panel members namely…Master Chef Urbano Rego, noted historian Maria de Lourdes Costa Brava Rodrigues. former GM of Taj Joe Mascarenhas son of the legendary Goan Chef Minguel Arcanjo (Masci), and herself, who with their expertise bring to the fore authentic Goan recipes of member establishments. She explained the objectives of the Club namely 1. To promote and Preserve Goan cuisine globally… Recipes shortlisted are put on a ‘Global’ net online and sent to different countries with the help of Mr Rene Baretto (forefather of World Goa Day), so that Goans across the world could avail of the ‘standardized recipes’. 2 .Educating the youth and help preserve the legacy of our culinary culture … Conducting classes for students where food writer Odette Mascarenhas gives a lecturette on the history of Goan cuisine followed by a demonstration by the Chefs. MES college demonstration was by Mr Sylvester D’Souza of Sheela Bar and Restaurant followed by a demo for Fr Agnel Catering Institute by Edia Cotta of Alila Diwa and Don Bosco college students by Mr Peter Fernandes. 3. To promote Christmas sweet making in villages … 4. To work to ensure quality ingredients’ …tamarind, kokum, toddy, vinegar, poie, sausages etc are available to be used and served in all restaurants. 5. Starred Hotels are working in tandem to promote a ‘corner’ for Goan cuisine. 6. Star Hotel chefs as well as local chefs interact with each other to gain the right methods and ideas on Goan cooking from each other. Forgotten preparations like the Samarachi Kodi, Godshem, Aard Maas etc are brought to .the fore for discussion. She also introduced the members of the club who over the months have worked tirelessly in forming the platform of learning and participating to authenticate Goan recipes. Maria de Lourdes Costa Brava Rodrigues then gave a presentation of the History of food down the ages. Keeping in mind with the themes of Gen Next involvement with the Club, Joel Gonsalves gave his own composition of the famous beatles number ‘Yesterday’ his lyrics on nostalgic the youth were about the Goa of yesteryears. Followed by impromptu speeches by Shoanan Gonsalves (St Xaviers College Mapusa), Jinelle and Fatima (Don Bosco College). There was an interactive question and answer session on how the Club should now progress. The event ended with happy hour, tambola and traditional Goan delicacies prepared by Chef Peter Fernandes of O Coqueiro. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rene barreto : GOAN CULINARY CLUB -GOA email: 000000000000000000000000000000000000


Jaffer Inamdar President/Founder at Positive Lives Foundation Studied Art at Pariyar Univerisity Lives in Vasco da Gama, Goa

Jafer Inamder of GOA INDIA Get's the LOCAL HERO AWARD President/Founder at Positive Lives Foundation Studied Art at Pariyar Univerisity Lives in Vasco da Gama, Goa A man from poverty himself tells his story of how he came to start this HIV FOUNDATION To help people with HIV. He says in 2006 we received first small grant from government which was continued until 2012 . Jafer Inamder has and is doing A lot of good for this cause.He say's it is his passion what made him To serve others of that kind of faith,he wanted to help people who were Out casted in society to brig them dignity,he wanted to help them with their Situation to bring hope to this kind of people. He is struggling at the moment with founding he finds himself with a lot Of presure,with the financial part of it ,earlier used to be founded by the govt. He needs help in what ever way he can get. Aman living to help HIV VICTIMS of miishap in their lives. This is his contacts. Phone +918551916555 / 8551814888 Email / His facebook group is Positive Lives Foundation

POETRY Ondas do Mar

São belas, fortes e suaves, Ondas onde me perco e divago, Têm mensagens que não sabes, Escuta o que na alma trago. É um registo memorial, Da bela história de Portugal, Rica de misturas e partilhas, Noutras terras e noutras ilhas. Olho as andas do mar, Meu amigo, meu irmão, Tu me esperas, e te vou visitar, Levo-te um abraço, dás-me tua mão. Elas rolam, rolam sem cessar, Eu por vezes escuto tua alma a chorar, É uma voz forte que nos chama, Um doce sentir que nos une e inflama. Nesse rolar das ondas do mar, Nas águas vem o pensamento, Do irmão que distante me está a chamarE a onda do mar, traz-me seu vibrar. No horizonte, vislumbro belas cores, Do sol poente que me leva a outros mares, Capto no ar muitas angústias e dores, Vislumbro meigos e nostálgicos olhares. Então solto asas e apanho o vento, Levo-te minha alma e coração, É hora de parar com dor ou tormento, Olhando o mar, vamos juntos fazer uma canção. De: Maria José dos Santos Leite

Maria José dos Santos Leite

POETRY •UM PORTO DE ABRIGO Aqui estou eu, sozinho, abandonado, passeando entre as ruas da perdição maculando entre as teias da poluição, prescrito deste mundo que me levou ao abandono. Aqui estou eu neste ermo, onde a realidade não se une à humanidade. Gasto, consumido ao abrigo de ninguém prostrado neste sófrego nada, encarcerado a esta cela que me obriga a esta condena. Porém, aqui continuo entediado, e lento caminho pelos muros deste vão num limbo sombrio que ignora a diferença. Mas se existe um espaço entre o inferno e o céu onde estou eu? Em que boia eu amarro em que fundo eu ancoro este meu ínfimo bote se não encontro um porto de abrigo que me adopte? Marina Yela 2012

Ganganeli Pereira


Para a formação de Portugal, entre outras Ordens Militares

Religiosas, a ação da Ordem dos Templários foi determinante. Esta Ordem mais tarde, quando da sua extinção Papal, em Portugal foi transformada em Ordem de Cristo. O quadro à óleo simboliza as caravelas e as naus da expansão marítima portuguesa, identificadas com a Cruz de Cristo (Ordem de Cristo), e os três frades representam o esforço de evangelização e transformação de mentalidades dos povos, africanos, americanos e asiáticos, feito pelas ordens religiosas, sobretudo Jesuítas. Encontram-se também representados na sua base o estádio civilizacional dos respetivos povos." As melhores saudações e um abraço,

ENVIRONMENT Charmaine Fernandes

Litterbugging Last week my husband and I almost met with a serious accident. We were behind a bus, driving at a very sane speed, discussing what we needed to buy for the house that week. Suddenly a boy between the ages of 11 – 14 leaned out of the bus and threw his Coca Cola can out of the window. The can hit our windscreen and bounced off only to be crushed beneath another car that was overtaking us. I was infuriated. Not only was this child littering the surroundings but he almost caused an accident. What are they teaching children in schools nowadays? We passed the bus and I brandished an angry fist at the litterbug who merely ducked out of sight. Are we so far gone that we have no consideration for other people on the streets? How difficult is it to carry an empty can or an empty packet of chips or biscuits to the nearest dustbin? It enrages me to see people pass by and throw litter openly on the streets and gutters. Is this how we live at home? Do we just throw our trash anywhere or do we meticulously gather up all the garbage and throw it away? Why can’t we treat the streets the same way we treat our homes? There was a group of girls living in the same building as I do. They had a ground floor apartment. I happened to take my dogs for a walk to that area and I was horrified to see wet waste and dry waste strewn carelessly all over the backyard. A strong stench of rotting trash permeated the air. This is clearly not the way to live. I was then told that this behavior is quite normal for people. I thought it was a very scary thought. I agree it is not safe to burn all the garbage but at the same time it is not safe to allow toxic stuff lying around so openly. Why have we lost our consideration for the people around and why are we mistreating our planet? How difficult is it to take a couple garbage bags or cardboard boxes to a picnic and collect the litter? How tough is it to carry empty pet bottles, tetra packs, plastic wraps home and dispose of them correctly instead of throwing them on the road or sidewalks? Do we not have any respect for our surroundings? What I find most ironical is people clad in designer clothes, driving to work in posh cars, stopping by garbage dumps and walking out of their car with trash bags. If they can afford expensive clothes and cars surely they can afford a proper garbage disposal contraption. All I’m trying to say is that we should make a serious exertion to respect the people around us and our surroundings. Our state and country should be treated the same way we would treat our homes. If we see someone throwing his litter on the streets, pavements or storm drains we should stop him. There’s no harm in correcting someone. I do it. If I see someone throwing an empty packet or bottle on the road I make him pick it up in the hopes that he remembers that it is not right and he stops someone else from doing it in the future. Together we can keep our city clean and green!!! (Please feel free to drop me a line on, catch me on Facebook on https://, follow me on Twitter!/CharmFer and if you have the time please do check out my blog on I would love to hear from you.)

Precyla Barretto founder ofGG and all in a day'sWOK

Precyla Barretto founder ofGG and all in a day'sWOK

AL SPARSH, the healing touch of Ayurveda..

AL SPARSH, the healing touch of Ayurvedaeda.. Ayurveda DrDr Sajid Ather

HOME REMEDIES for COLD & COUGH: AL SPARSH, Mangalore. • The body should be kept warm - especially the feet, chest, throat and head. Sweating is very helpful. • Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with half a teaspoon of honey, three times a day (morning, noon and night). In winter, warm the mixture by mixing a teaspoon of warm water in it. • Mix half a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. Dosage: Take several times a day. • In cases of dry cough (especially during the night), peel a small piece of fresh ginger. Sprinkle some salt on it and chew. • Take equal amounts of cardamom, ginger powder, black pepper and cinnamon (1 teaspoon each). Add sugar equal to the total amount of mixture and grind to make a fine powder. Dosage: Take half a teaspoon twice daily, with honey or warm water after meals. • In cases of sore throat, a clove or two cardamoms or a few raisins can be chewed.Gargling with warm salty water two to three times a day is also beneficial. For more details on health please consult your doctor. Dr-Sajid Ather AL SPARSH, the healing touch of Ayurveda.. kankanady, Mangalore. contact number: 09964069426 email id:

The Story So Far by Clinton Tavares - Preorder The Story So Far on iTunes Preorder and download songs from The Story So Far by Clinton Tavares on iTunes. Preorder The Story So Far for just ÂŁ6.99.

Elegant Candles Elegant Candles which can be used for various purposes, especially for give a ways at weddings / anniversaries / communions etc. Also attached herewith our photographs of Backdrops and Center Pieces for you to have a look at. ( Your One Stop Shop for all your Wedding Requisites ) Also please note that, I can help you in getting the wedding cake for cutting & the serving cake. I can help you in finding a good hall / the center piece and the backdrop / D.J. / caterers and not forgetting the main person the Compere which I can do along with another compere to help make your Wedding Reception a one to be remembered for the rest of your life , your family member's life and all those who are invited too will remember your wedding for a lifetime.


THE BUZZ OF THE TOWN WORLD DAMAO DAY 19 AUGUST Like every year the Damanene Associations,Celebrate WORLD DAMAO DAY 19 at Leicester uk. This year too Leicester DAMANENSE ASSOCIATION celebrated WORLD DAMAO too, With great pride and dignity, this time too they did the same. The youths were on stage and so Also DAMANENSE all ages,some To perform local folk songs,some to dance traditional portuguese Dances,mandos,tipical Damanense food,Damanese Projects and more dance till the end of the evening. The Damanense are great in what they do and especially the Damanense from Leicester are Something I must say/they are a happy community of Damanense,making the heritage Proud by still Celebrating WORLD DAMAO DAY 2012 and more to Come.The participation, Community spirit and the passion to reach out to the HERITAGE There is no words to say just VIVA DAMAO.LEICESTER DAMANENSE VIVA DAMAO


Greetings from Canada! Here's some music dedicated to World Goa Day for posting: Thanks to my students at Dawson College, Montreal, Canada for their contribution to the fundraising concert for which we raised $1450.00 for children at the orphanage in Bastora, Goa to be able to learn music. They are singing “GOA”, a song dedicated to World Goa Day

Here’s the original song! Viva Goa! Best Regards, Jacinta Goa - Student Vocal Concert Jacinta Luis from the Dawson College This is the words of JACINTA LUIS a Talented musician,singer,composer,Jacinta and her students did GOA proud That night by found raising for their favourite orphanage in Bastora, Goa to be able to learn music.The students sung GOA a song dedicated to World Goa Day JACINTA LUIS made her students sing GOA a real dedication to the HERITAGE OF GOA still flying the flag for our GOA Abroad,it show's you can contribute to make things happen VIVA GOA .

GOENCHI GIRESTKHAI....IN OUR BACKYARD a real impact On the heritage of our environment in GOA,a son of GOA Marius Fernandes PATOIENCHEM FEST @2012 at SOCORRO. THEY MADE US SOCORRCAR PROUD..... Celebrants at the Patoieanchem Fest in colourful Kunbi dress, at Socorro on August 15, 2012. Festival from free Alcohol,Eating with a smile......Lovely headgear... PATOIENCHEM FEST at GOA INDIA at SOCORRO I the start for more festival alcochol free estivals for the future by a man a simple goan to inspire more goans Marius Fernanades


BOOKS Publishing Goa... not by accident! Goa,1556 Online catalogue For details contact: Frederick Noronha +91-832-2409490 or +91-9822122436 Buy books online via We specialise in publishing books on Goa (non-fiction and






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