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The Impact Of Mobile Application Development Mobiles have almost dominated the use of any other wireless device in the market today with its diverse capabilities and multi-purpose functionalities. Mobiles have been the most trendy, handy and mobile devices ever! A small palm sized unit can do day-to-day tasks by making things simpler. Mobile have made world a more compact place than ever before. With only a touch or a tap or a button pressed on the mobile, you can get anything anywhere. Other than its basic functions of calling and texting, the mobile is now an epitome of performing any task in no time. It can entertain you through instant messaging, guide you through maps, help you stay in touch with business transactions through email, stay socially connected through Facebook and Twitter apps, share files using Bluetooth, listen to music, play videos, play games and lots more. Mobile advertising is another advancing arena. Many businesses, brands and agencies have taken mobile as an instrument to stay in contact with consumers, leaving out digital media behind. As it helps in optimizing campaign effectiveness and strengthens consumer satisfaction. Mobile application development develops apps for small hand-held devices. Some of these applications come either pre-installed in phones during production and some are downloaded by users from app stores of manufacturers or from third party software platforms. Several big names are associated with the mobile apps development industry, like, iOS in Apple iPhone and iPad, Symbian in Nokia, BlackBerry in RIM, Android in Google and Open Headset Alliance, etc. Earlier, mobile phones were only meant to be for businessmen and tech-savvy people, but this is not the case anymore. Today, any and everybody can and has a mobile phone, it is no longer restricted to the stereotypical usage and ownership of business people. Mobiles are for everyone today, for every person belonging to a specific industry. No matter what profession you are in, you will definitely find an app that will fit your work and be of use to you. There are many countless apps available for every purpose and more to come that are capable of doing things that we can only imagine of. Such apps are only in the making for now. Development of apps is done on many platforms like Symbian, MeeGo, iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Java, BREW, etc. All these platforms are among the most popular and widely used platforms in the market at present. If a mobile application developer has to pick one among these platforms then each platform has its distinct features and flexibilities, looking at which the developer will choose. For example, Apple's App Store offers a massive number of 300,000 mobile apps, and its contenders are likely to touch its current figure in offering apps. Most mobile applications are available on the internet for free and others are reasonably charged. By considering the brand popularity, ease of development, consumer demand, competition, future technology, flexibility, rising number of users, etc, on an average – the iOS and Android hold the top position. So now that the mobile has attained a dominating position over most wireless devices, it has become a part and parcel of our lives!

The impact of Mobile Application Development