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QUESTIONS RELATED TO THE URBAN DISTRICT’S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PARKING LOT DISTRICT 1) What accounts for the drop of $164,000 transferred from the PLD to the UD between FY12 to FY13? The SSUD fund is projected to end FY12 with a 22.8 percent fund balance, well above the 2.5 percent policy level. That balance carries forward to FY13, reducing the necessary PLD transfer in FY13. The positive fund balance came to be because of a series of complex circumstances. Most of these were related to the stringent procedures put in place to control expenditures and hiring of personal because of the overall County budget situation. We are now once again able to more expediently go through the process to spend the money and do the hiring and expect to do so more effectively and efficiently as we move forward. 2) What accounts for the dramatic increase -- $728,000 – in transfer from the PLD to the UD in FY14? In FY13, we are projecting SSUD to end the year at the 2.5 percent policy level fund balance. With less money carrying over to FY14 than the previous year, the PLD transfer rises to make up the difference. Note: These amounts are shown in the Parking District Services FY13 – FY18 Public Services Program; Fiscal Plan under “Interfund Transfers (Net Non-CIP). They are not shown in the Urban District Budget. Is there a reason for this? Both sides of the transfer are shown in Schedule A-5 of the Recommended Book. The transfer to the UD is shown on page 70-24. The corresponding transfer from the PLD is shown on page 70-27. 3) It is being considered to extend paid parking hours later into the weekend evenings and on Saturdays… How will this proposed increase , or lack thereof if it is defeated, affect the contribution of the PLD to the Urban District? Without the proposed long-term fee increase and Saturday enforcement, current projection shows the fund balance for the Silver Spring Parking Lot District (SSPLD) fund trending down. The SSPLD makes significant transfers to the Urban District and Mass Transit Fund. These transfers could be at risk in future years with a declining SSPLD fund balance.

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