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OFFICIAL NEWS RELEASE DECEMBER 13th, 2011 New Parking Rates Begin in Silver Spring in January Beginning January 1, 2012, long term parking rates in the Silver Spring Parking Lot District will increase by 10-cents an hour. The Montgomery County Council approved the parking rate increase in downtown Silver Spring as part of the fiscal year 2012 budget approved in May. The Division of Parking Management is posting signs in public parking lots and garages to alert parkers about the rate change. Rate changes in Bethesda went into effect in July. For additional information on parking options in Silver Spring or the other County parking lot districts, visit the Division of Parking Management’s website at or call 311. }END OF OFFICIAL NEWS RELEASE{

MORE INFORMATION & ANSWER TO SOME QUESTIONS: WHY ARE RATES GOING UP? The rate increase was recommended by the Executive and approved by Council. The reasoning presented to the Council was two fold: 1. The additional revenue was need to maintain the solvency of the Parking Lot District enterprise fund and allow the continued transfers in support of Urban District programs and Mass Transit. 2. The current system of lower rates for all day parkers in Silver Spring and Bethesda provides an effective parking discount to people who park all day. It has been a long time goal of the county to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips. The discount for all day parking is contrary to this goal. WHY ARE RATES GOING UP NOW? The rate increase was recommended by the Executive to take effect on Jul 1st. Council believed that both goals could still be met if the increase was delayed until January 1st. DOES IT APPLY TO METERED ON-STREET PARKING AS WELL? There is some all day parking on-street in Silver Spring. These are the silver headed meters. The long term rate increase applies to these meters as well as the long term spaces in lots and garages. WILL THE GARAGES STILL BE FREE ON WEEKNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS? Yes they will.

Parking Rate Adjustment in SIlver Spring - Jan 1 2012