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MEETING NOTICE SILVER SPRING CITIZENS ADVISORY BOARD COMMITTEE MEETINGS Monday, November 28th 2011 7:30 p.m. Silver Spring Civic Building Note: All three committees meet at the same time, in different rooms. You are welcome to wonder from meeting to meeting or stay with one the whole time. COMMERCIAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Primary Agenda Items: th ◊ Tasks assignments for Taste The World in Fenton Village (set for Sunday, May 6 2012) o Sponsorship: DED grant, Downtown SS support, status on PEPCO and time line for contacting local sponsors. o Designing of Passport - with idea of using a marketing tool after event. o Save the Date - cards or e-mail blast in December. o Businesses - getting more support from benefiting businesses for the event. o Volunteers to work the event. NEIGHBORHOODS COMMITTEE The Neighborhoods Committee of the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board is hosting a discussion with representatives from community schools, agencies and community organizations that serve teens. The idea for this meeting arose during recent discussions in the community about teen crime. The Board recognized that we did not have enough understanding of the challenges facing our teens and how their needs could be met. We also recognized a general lack of understanding of existing programs in our community schools, agencies and organizations that serve teens. Primary Agenda Item: ◊ Dialogue with the following participants: o Ms. Renay Johnson, Principal Blair High School o Dr. Henry Johnson, Principal of Northwood High School o Student Representatives from Blair and Northwood TBD o Ms. Casey Crouse, Principal of Eastern Middle School o Mr. John Haas, Principal of Silver Spring International Middle School o Mr. Luis Cardona, Director of Montgomery County Youth Crime Prevention o Mr. Eddi Mandhry, Director of DC Program for Global Kids o Mr. Richard Jaeggi, Director of Gandhi Brigade Topics to be discussed will include:  An overview by each participant of their programs, participation levels and other demographics as well as the challenges they see for today's teenagers and what has worked or not worked to help teens succeed.  General discussion of current interactions and/or suggestions for building closer ties between schools, government agencies, and community organizations that support teenagers.  Suggestions for howthe Board and the community can support teen activities sponsored by schools, government agencies, and community organizations. PEDESTRIAN SAFETY AND TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE o

Primary Agenda Items: o Follow-up and consideration of possible action items from last month's meeting with DOT  library pedestrian study  sidewalk construction  bike developments and inclusion o Discussion of recent incidents and trouble spots with MCPD Sgt. Tom Harmon o Dialogue – and updates - with Mark Sofman and Samuel Oji, (Planning Specialists from DOT's Commuter Services) regarding car-sharing program

SSCAB Committee Mtgs MON NOV 28 7:30pm