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Component 1 Jedsadaphon Thianphimai

Brief and Specification-Contemporary/Old BriefThe most common problem with a showrooms or a Art exhibition Centre is mostly that it is maybe too old or does not have the spaces requires for them to use My solution to this is to design something which would allows all the features and spaces that can help the company or artists to come and use the spaces and work there With these problems I've decided to use the ideas efficiently by deciding to come up with thing such as a band new modern Building which will just not attract people attention but gives them something to look forwards to. The facilities will includes many parts for varieties of activities which could be use there such as Art Exhibition Showrooms for many companies or mainly art and technology based. .

Specification With many problems and solutions to be solve the specification has to also be strong in many ways, The target and the client requirements needs Thing such as rooms for different types of activities etc., Some company may require specific needs such as enough room for stage to be set up or show room or a conference room, this way it will allows more users and company to use the space efficiently and frequently instead of having a building which may only be use once a month. Conference Room- Conference room for meeting and advertising products.

Showrooms - Art Exhibitions and companies showrooms for technology devices etc


Existing Spaces- Research Ulsan, South Korea A Commercial Retails Showroom. Prologue The most important issue when planning the design of the house in 2014 was like “FAR Game: Constraints Sparking Creativity,” which was the theme of the Korean Pavilion in the Venice Biennial, 2016. This land is a class 2 general residential area, so an architect can build a building with a 60% the building? To-land ratio and a 200% floor area ratio.

The Farm Of 38° 30° Tazlar Köyü, Turkey This building is Commercial>Office details showrooms and A Factory. The Farm 38° 30°, an iconic dairy factory which derives its name from the coordinates of the site it is located in, the “38° 30° Valley of Art” in the village of Tazlar village, in the province of Afyonkarahisar in Central Turkey. This space was design to be a shpwroom of already made products and allows visitors to go there and look around.


Matryoshka Korea A commercial and retails. Nonhyun Matryoshka is located in a residential area of four to five-story buildings, situated deep within Gangnam’s main street. Existing housing developments usually require closed boundaries to prevent an invasion of privacy.

Bibliography Serpentine Gallery Architect : Zaha Hadid The serpentine gallery is something which was originally the idea was to turn something old and something that is out of use into something which can be reused again. Serpentine gallery is a spaces for exhibition such as art etc. The Serpentine gallery is attached to a part of the original building which is old. The new look and shapes of the gallery has really made a different to look of the building as there’s a combination of contemporary and old theme.

The Waterfront Pavilion, Australian National Maritime Museum Sydney, Australia Anchored to the South wharf of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, The Waterfront Pavilion at the Australian National Museum was built to mark the centenary of World War I and commemorate 100 years of service by the Royal Australian Navy. The purpose of this museum pavilion building is to create a transition experience for visitors from the waterfront dock onto the two navel vessels HMAS Vampire and HMAS Onslow. Built on a narrow existing wharf structure and to a tight budget the question was what should be the character of such a ‘building’ over the water of Darling Harbour and fitting tightly between two of the most significant Australian navel vessels.


This is an example of the overall layout of a showrooms which is mainly shopping and clothes.

Archicad Drawing I've produced an archicad drawing based on the research of each rooms that I have found out and what specific requirement that they'll need and to get the good understanding of spaces and making this different from the others that exists now.

Existing spaces In this section I am looking at the existing spaces such as the showrooms and the art exhibition center to get an idea of how the spaces could be used effectively if I could see the example of the already finished ones and currently being used etc.

An example of the art exhibition center and a showroom will give me a good idea and how to come up with the idea using the layout and the plan view to give a good reference of a good space.

Looking at Existing spaces will guide me through how to place objects in a certain ways to creates more rooms object such as furniture and how to creates walk rooms and ways for people to walk around also.

Problems In some art exhibitions center they do not have enough rooms to contain maybe more than a hundred people as this could be a problem if it gets too crowded people might hit one of the work and could potentially damages them.

Showrooms- different showrooms have different features that allows the company to show their product in a unique way which will helps it to stands out. For a companies like apple or Microsoft these showrooms may have to be something modern so that it'll goes with their intention of showing the brand new phones or laptops etc. Materials used and colors are always the main problem when it comes to building or designing something, if the building is in such a bright colors and it stands out it might not suits the criteria of some companies and does not want to hire the place afterwards but if the building was design in unique shapes where it stands out but good and reasonable used of colors then this will be fine.

Conference rooms- Problem with this is some are maybe to small and doesn't have some of the requirement that the client needed things such as display boards/ smart boards etc. Not enough spaces for people to walk around. Built inside the actual building where you may feels trap but if this were to be built it would have to be to the side of the building where you can look out and also listening to the conference at the same time.

Primary Images

Primary images and Drawing These are some of the primary images that I have taken and created drawings which will demonstrate how my idea is going to be developed through out this project and also how this can help lead to maybe a better idea. From this point I will do my primary research and looking at different types of exhibition center.

Primary images •

These are some of my primary images that I've taken and gather. These pictures are mainly based on interesting shapes and some of the forms that I've found which will I think inspires me to create building my own styles of building which will create of unique shapes and interesting designs.

Paper Models

Models drawings- these are some of the outline of the model drawings that I've done but I will also developed this on by keep drawings and adding details and creating new shapes but at this early stage I will be making drawings and sketches to get basic shapes and simple ideas.

The Ruskin School Of Art The Ruskin school of art is one of them most interesting art school as it is part of my theme. Contemporary and old this school has a specials types of characteristics which

Contemporary and Old- The theme and the kind of ideas that I was thinking about is exactly this types of architecture but not quite the same. This area is almost looks like a normal residential areas as there's houses to it. "old" The reason why I've chosen this is because the building is built out of the normal bricks and cements but also at the same time mixing in with the more modern styles like the lights board or the windows at the front.

represents the school in unique way. It doesn't look like a school but a house. In my opinion I think this is a very interesting idea and this building is also based in a residential areas as we can see houses next to the actual building itself.


The Ruskin school of art is one of my inspiration in term of helping me to understands my theme and knowing what types of architecture I would be able to approach in the theme of Contemporary and old as this school is almost sets in a residentials area which the building itself may seems like a normal house but the interior is very modern and bright colours.

What's interesting about this interior is that it is not all like plain white ceiling but its fill with pipes lines and structure of the building which make the interior more captivating and visually more interesting. Yes the architect could design and cover it up but this would not make the building looks exactly like the others.

Drawings on interior spaces based on the inside of this school it is difficult to judge the positioning of objects but it has help me understand a bit more about the inside of the building.

Primary Research & Trip

100% Design Trip- Primary Images Drawing and Development onto models

In this section I’ve used my primary images from the trip to create and idea and refine my work by producing drawing which has lead onto me doing a model based on the shapes and drawings that I did. I think these drawings and models will help me eventually refine my idea and help me to develop my work as this will give me new idea and help me to also improve my previous work such as models or drawing which I have done before.

Drawings and Models

In this section I’ve turned my primary images into drawing by picking out shapes and form that are interesting and try to form them into some kind of building structures. In the first image I’ve pick out key shapes and try to stack them up to make a building, I’ve then decided to make a drawing which would help me to develop it further. Out of the shapes I’ve created I’ve try to put in windows and buildings structures inside to form a building.

Primary images - Models

In this section I’ve turn my primary images into buildings or models which some parts are based on the shapes and form of the pictures. The primary images help me to comes up with ideas which I could never thoughts of, as shown in the models making. I think the models is successful but however this idea could be develop further to create bigger and better solutions which will or may work as an art centre/school which will provides good environments and surrounding and creates visual attractions.


This is my one of my early stage models to explored the idea and finding what might becomes the solution or leading to the solution of the exterior. I made these models based on the primary photograph for my inspirations. This models allows be to develop my ideas further. In terms of the existing art exhibition centre they’re all very modern and newly built. Such as Camden Art centre, Fairkytes art centre and Barbican Art centre etc.

Turning models into idea I’ve combined two models to create an idea which could turn into building and something that I wanted to design and might gives me a good idea towards the end of the project. With this idea and design I think it would work well as an art exhibition centre or an art school, combination of the theme contemporary and old, Stain glass mirror on top with bricks work on the main building. On the left side of the building is smart board advertising or news etc. In my opinion the combination of the things such as smart board and bricks works really well, I think it’s the combination of contemporary and old and trying something new or show to people that it could actually work as a design and that is what I am trying to do to my design to make it a successful idea.

LocationSouth Bank South Bank South bank area is the newly develop areas and a lot of constructions within the site to make good use of existing space including brownfield site. I think my art gallery would be the perfect solution as they need something which would also attract tourists and something that is practical. My art exhibition center would help, in my opinion attract businesses. This will also help the area grow. With development and changes happening around the area I think that my building would work as there's many offices and newly built skyscrapers around also. My art exhibition center will nicely fit in to the area in my opinion as it's not in a rural area and not too far away from transports links there's buses which goes past the area quite often and also tubes station within the area.

Rem Koolhass Works

Rem Koolhass One of his design that really stood out was the Seoul Museum or art. It is a library and exhibition space which allows displays and exhibition to take place. This museum is in my opinion very unique because of the shape that its been design and the location that it is in. Seoul university national museum sits on a small hill which is to many architects is a difficult site to design or create an idea or a building which would not just suits the environment but also the sites. Turning something what is pretty much a waste land into something useful is not easy, the benefits of this are that the building is an addition to what would make the site more visually attractive and giving something to the site which is more exciting.

Drawings analysis I’ve done a drawing analysis to get better understanding of the interior of an existing art exhibition centre before moving on and actually designing my own, this way it will help to refine the understanding of the layout and what rooms or what does an art centre has within it. The drawings are the analysis of the following models and pictures showing each layout of what it is top floor are the where the exhibitions takes place as it is based in such a good location on the slops of the hill this way the views will also be great, the architect has obviously taken this into consideration which is why the exhibition will takes place at the top because of the hill and the views. The library is based at the bottom of the building on the ground floor and the main entrance is through the back of the building. I think this design and models is a very strong design and example to look at as it has given me many ideas to help me to refine my work and develop them further into the project.

Interior Analysis

In this slides I will be studying the interior spaces of the building to enable to me to get understanding of the plans and the design, I think that is good so this way I could also improve my work and try to finalise the idea and come up with a plans following on by the CAD work to shows things such as this but in my own design idea.

Understanding the interior space By analysing and making examples of drawing out of the existing spaces, has help me to understand how the space is carefully laid out. I think Koolhass’s has carefully considered the layout of the space to make it suitable for the site or the landscapes that it is in. As this building is siting on a hill which mean that it needed to have some kind of slope within the building and Koolhass has taken the idea and made it useful by making it something practical instead of levelling the land and making it just flat.

Ideas & Developments

Development Models development- in this slide I will be analysing the models base on it’s shapes and strong angles, to help me develop my idea even further and try to come up with a solution which will work perfectly for this project. The shape of these model is something which would work perfectly well as an exterior shape as it is an idea which is outrageous and different, the shape is unique as it is so angular. These model are very effective in terms of creating new ideas and coming up with a solution which would work and something which is modern. The Triangular shape and structure is something which is unique. This design is designed to also save energy as in lights and electricity, the stained glass windows allows natural sunlight's in and save electricity during daytime.

Paper Models In this section I’ve reused the paper, and experimented with them by trying to create shapes and models for idea and inspiration. Which this may help to refine my work and develop the project even further. I thought this idea was very useful as it has given me new ideas and way which I could design my building. The following shapes is also similar to an existing spaces such as the serpentine gallery in London created by Zaha Hadid. Using also the theme of Contemporary, by developing something old to becoming useful once again.

Developing ideas into building base on the previous modelsThis is a set of idea which could possibly becomes the solution using the shapes to design the exterior. I think this development works as I was able to turn shapes into interesting ideas and able to develop in to an actual structure. I was able to come up with new ideas and plan, the shape of the model and the development drawing is something very abstract, if this design was to be built in real life scale it would need to consider materials use such as steel frame etc. as this is the material which could easily be bended in to curve.

Wooden blocks experiment- in this slide I have chosen a new materials to be experimenting with and using something in one shapes which is a square wooden blocks and trying to come up with a structure and models which could help me develop my plans and maybe using it as an inspiration to be in some part of my building or other designs further on.

Models- Base on London streets map. These are my paper models as an early stage model and inspiration which will help me to developed my idea and improvement. I will use these early stage models to refer to as I moved further on into my project. I have made these models and shapes based on a map around London out of the transports links lines and streets around London. This way I would find it easier to make model out of anything as it could be an inspiration and idea which could potentially become my final solution.

Drawings Analysis- Models/Locations

Plasters models This is my plasters models which links to my development and design with this model I think I’ll be able to get inspiration on the shapes and develop it on further to what it is now. With this models it allows me to think more about the solution which I will be going to be produce and trying to come up with a solutions that works best for the people and also the surroundings.

Development drawing from model, in this section I have drawn a development design based on the previous model. The final design for my building is also included I this slides, I think that this idea works in terms of he aesthetic and the design which has a lot of potential to be an Art exhibition centre. I have also came up with a plan and the layout of the two floors within the building.

The design include an arc overtop structure as a features for the building, these are made out of stainless steel. The main structure is mainly built out of bricks with smart board at the front of the wall near the entrance. The building is though mainly built out of bricks but the structure is also stain glass windows.

Plans- Ideas These are some of my ideas leading up to the final solution where I am exploring more of the interior and the layout of the space. These spaces at the bottom is ideally what it is going to look like as an existing building. This idea from CAD model helps me to explore the available possible spaces which could be use for the exhibition and the layout of the furniture's and the pictures or the work of an artists and the walking space etc. The existing image help me to see the possible space which are available in the building. I’ve also include my final design to the right to help me consider the use and how effective the idea is really is. I think my idea has fitted in perfectly and idea which has form from many different small idea and features I have out in there is inspired by early stage model.

Art Exhibition Center

This is my final plans view of the solution which I have came up with. The solution has included the area that were in my brief and spec. I think my solution has met those targets as I am able to put everything in there to make the space more practical and enable to have the functionality that is needed. There's toilet and conference room downstairs with reception areas and also stairs case lead up to the upstairs exhibition.

Evaluation Overall I think I managed to complete my work and come up with a design solution which works and something which will help to develop on from the current design of Art exhibition center and also the idea of having the space for multi functional purposes, I think I have managed to successfully meet my targets and design a structure and a building which works and have the extra spaces for things such as showrooms and exhibition space also meeting areas etc. I’ve decided to make my model in a 1:120 scale to show what the building is going to look like if it was to be build in a real life scale. Most of the building is going to be build out of bricks and steel. I’ve also done CAD analysis on my building and the plan for the building to show the layout the measurements and how the space will work. In terms of model making, I think that I could have use different materials or strategy which will help the model to look better and up the quality of the finish, but I am happy with how it turns out and I think that this project has been a success and an idea which will help people and audiences to see Exhibition center in a another form. With my researches early at the beginning of the project I felt like that helped me a lot with coming up with many different ideas and solution which works and suitable for what it is meant to be. The features and the idea has help me to create something which was outrageous and crazy design which would work. Overall I am happy with the outcomes and the final idea, I though thin the quality of the model could be improve to make this better in future.

Thianphimai, j comp 1 24 may pdf  
Thianphimai, j comp 1 24 may pdf