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Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting July 7th 2015, Conducted at Porsche of Boise Members Present: President Chris Beeson, Vice President Paul Kaczmarek, Secretary John Sommerwerck, Treasurer Rob Grover, and Past President Marybeth Bathrick, Membership Chair Walt Gammill, Derek Parker, Vicki Cannon, Sid Cannon, Bob Pentecost, Vicki Pentecost, and Greg Myers. Special Guests: None President Beeson called the meeting to order at 6:29 pm.

CURRENT MATTERS:  Charity Committee’s Update: No report. 

Zone 6 Grand Tour –Paul Kaczmarek / Derek Parker gave an update which included: o There are over 300 entries for the individual days/ 21 on the Silver Sage leg. o It was noted we need an insurance certificate. o Derek will publish his planning document. o Vicki Cannon requested to spend ~$100 on the goody bags. Her request was approved. There will be one bag per car. o Sid Cannon suggested one grand prize be awarded at the dinner on Aug 5th. It was suggested this prize be awarded to a non-Silver Sage member.

ONGOING PROJECTS  Web page – John Sommerwerck noted the new web site has had little change with the exception we are now posting classifieds. It was suggested we add Silver Sage member information. This will require a secure area and will be looked into.


To Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson for their continuing hard work with Coffee & Cars For the BBB o Registration: Bob Pentecost o Burger/Kickoff: Rob & Becky Grover, Porsche of Boise and Chandlers. o Sweep: Bob Rathbone o Hillcross: Bob Rathbone & Rex Chandler o Sunday Banquet: Jim Parkinson o Mystery event: Mary & Walt Thode o Golf event: Linda & Mark Prusynski o Volunteers / participants for making the Hillcross a success

7 7 15 sspca bod minutes  
7 7 15 sspca bod minutes