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Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting June 2nd 2015, Conducted at Porsche of Boise Members Present: President Chris Beeson, Vice President Paul Kaczmarek, Secretary John Sommerwerck, Treasurer Rob Grover, and Past President Marybeth Bathrick (absent), Membership Chair Walt Gammill, Derek Parker, Becky Grover, Walt Thode, Bob Denton, Chris Denton, Vicki Cannon, Sid Cannon, Bob Pentecost, Vicki Pentecost, Bob Rathbone, Linda Prusynski and Pete Langhus. Special Guests: None President Beeson called the meeting to order at 6:29 pm.

Charity Committee’s Update: Vicki Cannon gave the Charity Committee’s update. She noted; there is a collection bin in the Porsche of Boise Showroom and asked that members donate a new or lightly used children’s book (ages 1 to 18 appropriate) when coming to the dealership for service, Coffee & Cars, board meetings,….. John Sommerwerck will load the information on SS website.

BBB Update:  

The Spuds dinner/BBB resulted in proceeds totaling $1309. Chris reviewed with the group the his BBB project plan o Walt Thode is working with Rex to ensure he has the projection equipment needed for the Mystery event. o Discussed and Rob Grover will update the Tech inspection worksheet. o We are 3 drivers short of break even. o Linda P noted we have 7 signed up for the Sunday Golf session. o Discussed having minors at corner stations. Rob Grover is to follow up. o Course will be swept starting at 4 pm on Thursday, 6/11. Those sweeping will be able to select which run group they want to run in.

Ongoing Projects were discussed:   

Bylaw update project – Bylaws voting is now complete. 22 ballots were submitted and all voted for the bylaw adoption. 50th Anniversary project – Linda noted she is still waiting on BSU’s 2016 football schedule. Zone 6 Grand Tour –Derek Parker gave an update which included: o INWR to hand off to Silver Sage on Wednesday, August 5th in Orofino at 1:30 PM. o The group will drive to McCall.  25 hotel rooms have been reserved.  Dinner reservations for 7PM at Anchor Restaurant.  Drivers meeting on Thursday morning, 8/6, in the Best Western parking lot starting at 8:00  Depart McCall at 8:15  Hand off to High Desert in John Day, OR at 1:30 PM

6 2 15 sspca bod minutes  
6 2 15 sspca bod minutes