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Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting May 5th, 2015, Conducted at Porsche of Boise Members Present: President Chris Beeson, Vice President Paul Kaczmarek, Secretary John Sommerwerck, Treasurer Rob Grover, and Past President Marybeth Bathrick (absent), Membership Chair Walt Gammill (absent), Derek Parker, Molly Cuddeford, Walt Thode, Bob Denton, Chris Denton, Vicki Cannon, Sid Cannon, Bob Pentecost, Vicki Pentecost, Walter Von Brucker, Rex Chandler, Bob Rathbone, and Dan Spindler. Special Guests: None President Beeson called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm.

Charity Committee’s Update: Molly Cuddeford gave the Charity Committee’s update. She noted the 2015 selected charity is Book it Forward Idaho (BiFI). The committee will be working with BiFI to ensure we do not solicit from existing donors.

BBB Update:  

Bob & Chris Denton updated the group; setup will begin at 4 and Rex noted potatoes will be ready for pickup at Chandlers at 4. Molly agreed to transport them. Chris reviewed with the group the his BBB project plan o Walt Thode agreed to be mystery event chair. o Dan Spindler agreed to be security person when Paul is not available. o Agreed to $35 fee for two non-timed runs. o Course will be swept starting at 3 on Thursday, 6/11. Those sweeping will be able to select which run group they want to run in.

Ongoing Projects were discussed:   

Bylaw update project – Bylaws were published in the Spring Issue of Sage Tick. Ballots re due by 31 May 2015. 50th Anniversary project – no update. Zone 6 Grand Tour –the tentative plan is for INWR to hand off to Silver Sage on Friday, July 31st. Orofino is the tentative handoff location and then Silver Sage will hand off to High Desert in John Day, OR. Issues on exact timings still remain to be resolved. Web page – John Sommerwerck gave a quick presentation of the work Mike Evanouski (Porsche of Boise) has completed. He noted that Greg Myers has created a YouTube channel – Silver Sage PCA. There was consensus that we should implement the new design as soon as possible. John thanked Mike, Greg Myers and Porsche of Boise for all their help.

THANK YOU’s   

To Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson for the May 2nd Coffee & Cars. To all members and volunteers that assisted in making the President’s Mystery Tour goes smoothly. To Paul Kaczmarek for the May 2nd Miller track day.

2015 Schedule Review (see updated schedule at the end of this report):    

AutoX will be held on May 30th. No update. Sun Valley Road Rally (July 24-26). Vicki P noted she is working with Ted to get the information out on this event. Walla Walla Wine tour May 14th – 17th: Bob P noted we have 9 cars going. He will lead the Thursday contingent and Walt T will lead the Friday contingent. Oktoberfast October 11th. Molly and Derek noted we will be registering cars by class and parking will be by car class.

Rob Grover gave the MEMBERSHIP report (see below) 1. 2. 3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 14. 15.

How many new members How many new affiliates How many renewals How many nonrenewals How many transfers out How many transfers in How many cancellations How many primary members How many affiliate members How many total members

2 1 15 4. 9 6. 8. 10. 12. 225 146 371

Rob Grover gave the TREASURER’S report. (See below)

The next BoD meeting will be held at Porsche of Boise on June 2nd. The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 pm.




MAY 2nd

Coffee and Cars

Dave Keim / Jim Parkinson


Received certificate 3/30/15

Track Day (For Pre-BBB Experience)

Paul Kaczmarek

5th 9th 15th – 17th

Intermountain PCA, Miller Motorsports Park-West Track

Board Meeting BBB Auction - SPUDS Dinner Tri Cities - Yakima Valley Wine Tour Autocross-Expo Idaho

30th JUNE 2nd 6th

Bob & Chris Denton Bob Pentecost Jonathan Wright Ted Hampson

Board Meeting Coffee and Cars With off road option Miller Track Day – East track BBB 2015 - Reception BBB 2015 – Hillcross Date set with Bogus

Dave Keim / Jim Parkinson Ted Hampson (off road) Rob Grover Rex Chandler - Lyle Pearson Bob Rathbone Rex Chandler

14th 12th – 14th

BBB 2015 Mystery Event High Desert Car Show

TBD High Desert Region

21st – 27th

60th Anniversary of Porsche Parade – French Lick, Indiana


6th 12th 13th


2015 Event/Activities Schedule – May 2015 Update

Received certificate 1/30/15

Intermountain PCA

Bend, OR

JULY 7th 11th 24th – 26th

Board Meeting Coffee and Cars Sun Valley Road Rally Multi-day Event

Dave Keim / Jim Parkinson Ted Hampson Vicki Pentecost


Zone 6 Grand Tour Starts

Bill Bauer

Start LeMay Museum, Tacoma, WA


Silver Sage Tour Leg 9, Day 8 of Zone 6 Grand Tour

Paul Kaczmarek Derek Parker

Specifics TBD

Coffee and Cars With off road option

Dave Keim / Jim Parkinson Paul Kaczmarek (off road)

2nd 4th 15th

Zone 6th Grand Tour end Board Meeting Drive to McCall

Bill Bauer

Ends in Portland, OR


Absaroka Car Show

Mark / Linda Prusynski Rob / Becky Grover TBD

Billings, MT

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson Vicki / Bob Pentecost TBD

Laguna Seca/Monterey


SEPTEMBER 1st Board Meeting th 5 Coffee and Cars 19th 25-27th OCTOBER 1st – 4th

Winecrush Rennsport V – PCNA Event Escape to the Black Hills of South Dakota Drive thru Yellowstone & Tetons on the way



Coffee and Cars

6th 11th

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson

Board Meeting Oktoberfast – The Village at Meridian

Gary Cuddeford

2015 Event/Activities Schedule – May 2015 Update

NOVEMBER 3rd 6th


Board Meeting Charity Auction

Christmas Party-Awards Banquet--Arid Club

Molly Cuddeford Cynda Beeson Carole Flatter Vicki Cannon Chris Denton

Saphire Room is booked for this date

Rex and Marybeth Chandler

Rex Chandler

2015 Event/Activities Schedule – May 2015 Update

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5 5 15 sspca bod minutes  
5 5 15 sspca bod minutes  

Minutes from board meeting.