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Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting April 7th, 2015, Conducted at Porsche of Boise Members Present: President Chris Beeson, Vice President Paul Kaczmarek , Secretary John Sommerwerck, Treasurer Rob Grover, and Past President Marybeth Bathrick, Membership Chair Walt Gammill, Derek Parker, Carole Flatter, Mark Prusynski, Linda Prusynski, Molly Cuddeford, Cynda Beeson, Donal Kaehler, Laurie Gammill, Walt Thode, Rebecca Greenlee, Margie Baehr, Dave Hawk, Bob Denton, Chris Denton, Lori Kaczmarek, Ken Robinson, and Ted Hampson. Special Guests: Book it Forward Idaho: Diane Schwarz Computers for Kids-Boise: Molly Winigert Advocates Against Family Violence: Kim Deugan President Beeson called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.

Charity Committee’s update: The committee selected three charities for consideration. They were: Book it Forward Idaho: Diane Schwarz. Nominated by Margie Baehr. Computers for Kids-Boise: Molly Winigert. Nominated by Rebecca Greenlee. Advocates Against Family Violence: Kim Deugan. Nominated by Lori Kaczmarek. Each charity selected gave a presentation on their organization and answered questions from the Board and audience. The selected charity will be announced in May.

BBB Update: Bob & Chris Denton updated the group; they are again planning to hold the Spuds Diner and BBB Auction/Kickoff at their hangar in Nampa on Sat., May 9th.

Other New Business:     

Greg Myers Honorary Region Membership was renewed. ‘Red’ Jones’ Life membership was re-affirmed and it was agreed that Walt and Rob would work out the details of paying his annual dues going forward. The board voted to decline Kayla Russell’s (of School Fundraising Events) request to add a link to the SS PCA website. Discussion was held on whether or not the Zone Grand tour should be considered the August event for the club. It was decided we should look into a drive to McCall the weekend of August 15th. John Sommerwerck (John attended for Chris who had a prior commitment) gave a recap from his attendance at Zone President’s meeting: o Caren Cooper (National PCA President) attended and gave an update on the Club Coupe. There will not be a raffle for the 60th car, it was donated to PCA by PCNA and on August 1st all primary members of PCA with a valid email address will entered into the drawing for the car which will be presented at Rennsport. She also noted the 2017 Porsche Parade will be held in SPOKANE! o Alex Bell (National HPDE Committee Chair) attended and gave an update on planned HPDE changes.

Sspca Bod minutes 4-7-2015  
Sspca Bod minutes 4-7-2015