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Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting March 2nd, 2016, Conducted at Porsche of Boise Members Present: President Paul Kaczmarek, Vice President John Sommerwerck, Treasurer Rob Grover, Secretary Blair Baertsch, and Past President Chris Beeson. Membership Chair Walt Gammill. Marybeth Bathrick, Cynda Beeson, Derek Parker, Bob Pentecost, Vicki Pentecost, Walt Thode, Margie Baehr, Vicki Cannon, Sid Cannon, Jim Houston, Greg Myers, Jim Cross, and Jeff Woody. President Kaczmarek called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

OLD BUSINESS: A. March 5th Tech. Session Meeting. – Derek Parker  As of this meeting, 30 people have signed up for the session.  Derek is expecting 40/45  Still space available for the no host dinner at Ling and Louie’s. B.

Zone 6 Presidents Meeting – Paul Kaczmarek  Paul is planning to present our BBB event to other clubs in the hope of more participants.  Paul will ask other clubs as to how they distribute their newsletters.  Do other clubs charge regional dues?  Paul is checking on the ORP event in June that dropped of the calendar.  The Board voted to reimburse all travel expenses.


Spring Fling – Jim Houston  Jim wanted everybody to know he will have good cigars on hand along with wonderful food from Sophie’s Choice, and Porsche of Boise will be displaying new cars at the event.  Porsche of Boise is sponsoring a $350.00 gift certificate.  The Nest is providing two gift certificates.


National PCA Awards Submission – Walt Thode, Walt Gammill, Margie Baehr  Margie Baehr submitted SS for the Public Service Award.  Walt Gammill submitted SS for the PCA Region of the Year Award.


Autocross Clinic and Competition – Margie Baehr  The Autocross is proceeding well and the insurance papers has been signed and submitted  The format will be the same as last year


SSPCA 2017 Calendar – Sid Cannon  Sid presented a copy of the Oregon PCA calendar with paid advertising with in the pages.  Sid suggested we explore other ways to promote the calendar by involving the charity we are sponsoring. Let the charity sale the calendars, too.  Find a printer who will sponsor the printing.  Paul is going to discuss the calendar program with the President of the Oregon chapter during the Presidents meeting.

NEW BUSINESS A. Sage Tick QUESTION TO MEMBERS about distributions, paper or digital.  The question will be presented to membership of how they would like to receive Tick.  Bob Pentecost will send an e-mail blast of the question.  Mike and Jan English have retired from mailing the publications.  If Tick is to be mailed, we will need a volunteer. B.

Cars and Coffee. – Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson  Dave and Jim have planned the first drive.  Saturday April 2nd, 8:00am.  Meet at Porsche of Boise.


President’s Mystery Tour – Paul Kaczmarek  The tour remains a mystery, but planning is complete.  Detail to be in e-mail blast.


Tri Cities-Yakima Valley Tour – Bob and Vicki Pentecost  Bob & Vicki will visit Culture Creek Winery in Lewiston ID as a possible future event.


Travis Brandenberg was introduced as the new G.M. of Porsche of Boise.


Tony Callas Auto Clinic. – John Sommerwerck  John spent a day at Eurosport participating in Tony’s Porsche clinic.  The class car was a 996 and the IMS history was discussed at length.  Contemporary oils properties were a topic due to changing formula by the manufacturers.

ONGOING PROJECTS A. Charity Committee 2016 Update. – Cynda Beeson and Vicki Cannon  Vicki informed the board that three good candidates were being considered and as many as three more were expected.  The next charity committee meeting will be held March 22nd, 2016. B.

Silver Sage Website. – John Sommerwerck  All photo and titles that shifted are being corrected.  The column shift on calendar dates is being corrected.  John presented a 12 month rolling calendar of events and a Marques Page for Website consideration.  Zone 6 event calendar will incorporate with the Silver Sage site.


BBB Weekend. – Rex Chandler  Tabled until contract is signed.


50th Anniversary Project. – Linda Prusynski  September 24th, Spur Wing Country Club  Linda Requested and was granted $2600.00 for event planning.  To encourage participation, the theme is $50 for 50 years.  This will be the premier event for the year.


Treasurer’s Report – Rob Grover


Membership Report – Walt Gammill


1. New members 2. Renewals 3. Non-renewals 4. Transfers in 5. Transfers out 6. Cancellations 7. Added by Record Change 8. Net Change * TOTAL MEMBERS **

PRIMARY 4 8 7 0 0

AFFILIATE 2 6 0 0 0

TOTALS 6 14 7 0 0 0

0 -3

0 2

0 -1




* Exclusive of renewals, on time or late ** Totals are from National.

Thank You: A.

SPUDS Auction. – Bob & Chris Denton and Rex & M.B. Chandler.  Thank you once again for the generous donation of your hanger.  In addition, thank you Rex and M.B. for providing the Baked Potatoes.

Other Business: A. PCA Fall Raffle Winner.  Congratulations, to local Silver Sage member, Elliot Mark on winning a new car. The next BoD meeting will be held on the new night of Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 starting at 6:00 pm. Meeting Adjourned 8:00 pm.

2016 Event Schedule: MONTH APRIL 2nd 6th 9th MAY 4th 7th 20th – 22nd 26th – 29th JUNE 1st 4th 4th 10th – 12th

18th-19th 19th -26th JULY 2nd

DESCRIPTION Coffee and Cars (first weather permitting) Board Meeting President's Mystery Tour Board Meeting Coffee and Cars Tri Cities - Yakima Valley Wine Tour Black Rock 2016

Board Meeting Coffee and Cars Autocross – Expo Idaho BBB 2015  Reception (5/10)  Hillcross (5/11)  Mystery event (5/12)  Banquet (5/12)

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson Bob Pentecost Vancouver Island PCA

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson Paul/Margie Baehr ??? (Rex and Chris mentors)  Rex  Bob Rathbone  ???  Rex

Coffee and Cars

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson

27th – 29th

Rocky Mountain High Way

AUGUST 3rd 6th

Board Meeting Coffee and Cars


Paul Kaczmarek

Tim Hagner (Zone 6 Rep) John Sommerwerck

Board Meeting Sun Valley Road Rally Multi-day Event

Tour Event


Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson

Zone 6 DE Porsche Parade – Jay Peak, VT

6th 22nd – 24th



Porsche of Boise

Vicki Pentecost Alpine/Pikes Peak PCA Regions

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson TBD

Kathleen Lennon

MONTH 3rd 7th 7th – 11th 24th OCTOBER 1st 1st -2nd

DESCRIPTION Coffee and Cars Board Meeting PCA Treffen Lake Tahoe Silver Sage 50th Anniversary

Coffee and Cars Oktoberfast  Winecrush (10/1)  Dinner (10/1)  Car Show (10/2)


Board Meeting

NOVEMBER 2nd 4th

Board Meeting Charity Auction

DECEMBER 7th 9th

Board Meeting Christmas Party-Awards Banquet--???



Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson Paul and Lori Kaczmarek Linda Prusynski

Dave Keim and Jim Parkinson Gary Cuddeford/ Sid Cannon  Vicki Pentecost  Gary/Molly  Gary

Molly Cuddeford Cynda Beeson Carole Flatter Vicki Cannon Jean Badgley

Rex and Mary Beth Chandler

Spur Wing

The Village at Meridian

Sapphire Room

1st or 2nd Friday in Dec??

3 2 16 Silver Sage Porsche Club Minutes  
3 2 16 Silver Sage Porsche Club Minutes  

3 2 16 Silver Sage Porsche Club Minutes