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Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting January 5th, 2016, Conducted at Porsche of Boise Members Present: President Paul Kaczmarek, Vice President John Sommerwerck, Treasurer Rob Grover, Secretary Blair Baertsch, and Past President Chris Beeson. Membership Chair Walt Gammill. Marybeth Bathrick, Rex Chandler, Cynda Beeson, Derek Parker, Molly Cuddeford, Bob Pentecost, Vicki Pentecost, Paul Baehr, Margie Baehr, Vicki Cannon, Sid Cannon, Carole Flatter, Greg Myers, and Jeff Woody. President Kaczmarek called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

OLD BUSINESS: A. January 9th, New Members Meeting – Walt Gammill  6:00 pm Saturday, Smoky Mountain Pizza of Park Center.  New Members dinner complementary. Social @ 6:00 and dinner @ 6:45.  Molly Cuddeford will discuss our charity work and videos of club activities will continually play on monitors provided by SMP. B. 

Board Of Director’s Meeting – Paul Kaczmarek February 3rd, Wednesday BoD meeting schedule. Discussion to make permanent.


March 5th Tech Session, Meeting – Derek Parker  Event remains on schedule. Itinerary will be presented at February BoD meeting.


Update of Bobcat Incident – Chris Beeson  We are waiting for the statement that proves the Bobcat was on loan, thus clearing the way to make an insurance claim.


Webpage / Social Media Progress – John Sommerwerck  Webinar suggested concentrating on our strengths and not create an account unless we update on a frequent basis.  Next Webinar in February or March.

NEW BUSINESS A. Change day of the week for Board of Directors Meeting. – Paul Kaczmarek  The first Wednesday of each month was proposed and accepted as the new BoD meeting.  The meeting time and location will remain the same. B.

Complete 2016 PCA Region Report and Continuity Form were distributed: Paul Kaczmarek  Copies of current Continuity Forms were distribute to attending members for proofing.  Rob Grover updated IRS information and Chris Beeson gathered all corrections and will update the forms and submit to National PCA office.  Rob Grover will submit all tax information to National PCA for permanent storage.

Sspca Board minutes 1-5-2016  
Sspca Board minutes 1-5-2016  

Sliver Sage Porsche Club Board minutes 1-5-2016