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Understand Everything You Need to Know About a Wheelchair for Home Care

Introduction • Home care for patients with limited mobility is very essential. These patients still aspire to be able to move around and not let their medical condition impair their social lives. • It becomes all the more important that they be able to safely move around independently so that their self esteem is restored as well. Wheelchair is recommended for the following conditions: • If you have a health condition that causes significant difficulty moving round in your homes. • You are unable to perform simple daily activities on your own. Especially – even if you have the aid of Caneor crutch or walker. • You are unable to independently move around and need someone to always be present to help you out.

Types of Wheelchair Transport Wheelchair : Transport wheelchairs are great for those who frequently require to go places and have an attendant to push them around. These types of wheelchairs have small wheels and do not allow the occupants to push them themselves. Standard Manual Wheelchairs : This is the very basic wheelchair that has two small wheels in the front and two large wheels at the back. The large wheels at the back enable the user to push it themselves. Lightweight manual wheelchairs : These are similar to the manual wheelchairs, but are much lighter in making. This makes them easier to transport from one place to another. Custom made wheelchairs : Custom made wheelchairs usually come in two types – fixed frame and folding frame. These are especially for Those patients who absolutely must be in a wheelchair at all times.

Conclusion Wheelchairs are meant to get you around and if you are to be sitting for longer duration of time, make sure that you sele ct the most comfortable one, customized to suit your requirements and convenient for your caregivers too. Sliverline Meditech, is a leading Wheelchair suppliers in India & Other Home Health Care Products at affordable price. Feel free to call us at +91-79-2689 0389.

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Understand everything you need to know about a wheelchair for home care