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The Ultimate Guide To Escape Debt Through Debt Validation [Kindle Edition] My name is Tom Roland and I’ve been actively helping people win the debt collection game for over 10 years and have erased millions of dollars of credit card debt for 1000′s of people just like you. I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge in my many hours of research and hands on practice. As an expert in credit card debt relief , it is my goal to see that all people who are drowning in debt find the help they need to escape debt quickly or settle it like a master negotiator. This book was written to help educate and thus protect you when dealing with situations involving large amounts of UN-payable debt. You may find when reading this book that some of the methods may seem unconventional and unorthodox. This might lead you to believe that the activities that I am suggesting are illegal. Let me assure you they are not illegal. Most people are simply used to thinking that the creditors, or law firms that are acting with impeccable ethics and are simply doing what they are entitled to do. This assumption is horribly wrong and I want to help protect you from the harm that these agencies are more than happy to impose on your life! Here is some of what you will learn and take away from this book: The #1 most overlooked factor when it comes to reading creditors collection letters and how you can use that against the collector to get out of debt today… How to request specific documentation from debt collectors that they don’t have, that will send them running away instantly! How creditor’s collection letters can clue you into their mood and indicate what he may or may not do to attempt to collect the debt, thus optimizing your time to get back on track financially and even avoid a lawsuit… 4 Key factors you must consider before attempting to settle a debt that could prevent you from wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars in attorney fees and hidden taxes. Which laws are compatible for disputing your debts and which ones aren’t (knowing this could prevent you from re-contracting with your creditors inadvertently and give you the 10 cent on the dollar settlement you deserve)… The #1 most critical consumer laws that must be invoke to successfully demand a request for validation of any collection account that will stop your creditors dead every time… The purpose of sending effective debt validation letters and the vital role they play in your debt relief plan, and which kind of letters is best for each situation… 3 little known, yet simple ways to stop creditors from blowing up your phone (this works every time)… What to do if the creditor wants to settle with you when you don’t have the money or desire to settle… Why you don't have to pay to settle a debt and how it will just disappear if you follow these important steps… Much, Much More! I know you will enjoy this book, so what are you waiting for? Click here and Get it now here and escape your debt woes immediately.

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