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Shane Baldwin Silverleaf Utah Dwight Shane Baldwin has in recent times included "SilverLeaf Asset Management" to the long list of great companies he has acquired within the SilverLeaf portfolio of businesses. The asset management company will direct the daily operations related with the business-related assets that SilverLeaf Financial acquires. Namely retail complexes, industrial buildings and office structures stationed in various parts of the nation. Utah Shane Dwight Baldwin has applied a lot of years work towards his entrepreneur successes permitting him to be knowledgeable at his present position as Creator & CEO of SilverLeaf Financial. Baldwin went to Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus. There Baldwin studied business administration and advertising and marketing, where he established and handled his earliest entrepreneurial endeavor. He says, "I have always been entrepreneurial in spirit, even from a young teenager." Baldwin has been able to form various business ventures over the past decade. Ranging from tiny projects, to huge large business of all types of industries.Upon finishing his schooling, Shane Baldwin relocated to Salt lake, Utah, utilizing his business education and experience to found private equity company SilverLeaf Financial. SilverLeaf Financial delivers monetization services to financial institutions such as national banks, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) all over the USA. Under Shane Baldwin's leadership, SilverLeaf Financial obtains both non-performing and performing first lien holding position CRE loans and converts them into legal tender. Since its organization in mid 2008, SilverLeaf Financial has acquired over $575 million in face value notes from banks and other large institutions from across the states. Shane Baldwin carefully analyzed each loan to determine value prior to potential acquisition. Because of the widespread appraisal the risk involved in the sorts of investments is considerably lowered. When asked about existing distressed loan pricing in the market, Utah Shane Baldwin said, "I am thinking that we will see the price come lower, because there is so much on the market. I suppose we will be able to get loans at better prices than we've seen traditionally. We are also seeing more non-recourse commercial loans being sold this quarter opposed to recourse loans, as well as a whole lot more loans secured by retail assets." Previous to establishing SilverLeaf Financial, Shane D. Baldwin served as a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch for more than three years, totaling $459 million in company development and client acquisition. In addition to his qualified obligations, Baldwin serves on the board for many charitable organizations, as well as the National Shaken Baby Coalition and the great Northern Utah Chapter of the American Red Cross. Shane Baldwin's nice list of firms that he has founded contain SilverLeaf Development, SilverLeaf Realty, SilverLeaf Financial and SilverLeaf Asset Management. Baldwin has spoke on many panels and boards discussing topics connected with distressed debt in today's market. In October 2009, Shane Baldwin garnered an invite to talk at the yearly National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) Development Conference, where he presented a speech on "Buying Distressed Commercial Paper." Baldwin affirms that the will go on with his entrepreneurial behavior involved with thus far, and most likely expand into other industries in the days to come. Learn more about Shane Baldwin and Silverleaf Financial Utah, Just visit

Shane Baldwin Silverleaf Utah  

Dwight Shane Baldwin has in recent times included "SilverLeaf Asset Management" to the long list of great companies he has acquired within t...

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