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Youknowjewelry. Weknowcatalogs.


goldmark goldmark catalog production since 1974

goldmark catalog productions 1155 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE CLIFTON, NJ 07012 TEL 973.777.5720 800.632.9632 FAX 973.777.2390 INFO@GOLDMARKGROUP.COM


goldmark marketing design photography production printing

Mapout astrategy.

GoldmarkMarketing We take the time to learn your business. Then we work with you and within your budget to create a plan that positions you at the top of your market.

Discoverbreathtaking landscapes.

GoldmarkDesign Forget what’s been done before. Goldmark delivers lush, stunning, provocative and fresh design that brings out the beauty of your product.

GoldmarkPhotography We are the industry experts in photographing jewelry. We position and light every piece individually for maximum effect and breathtaking pictures.

Takespectacular pictures.

Settlefornothing lessthanperfect. Goldmarkretouching At the heart of every great Goldmark photo is superior retouching that brings out the beauty of every facet. We don’t just promise perfection. We deliver.

Attentiontodetail assures the best results.

Goldmarkproduction From concept through printing, our professional staff’s extensive knowledge and experience in design and production assures you of a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Goldmarkprocess You’re with us every step of the way. You’ll see every photo and sign off on design, layouts, proofs– even paper selection. What you see is literally what you’ll get.

Thebestsurpriseis nosurprise.

Get 5star service.

Goldmarkbenefits We’ve assembled a studio filled with talent and experience with just one client in mind: you. We sweat all the details, so you don’t have to.

Meetyoureveryneed withouteverleaving thepremises. Goldmarkcapabilities Goldmark is the only catalog company that does everything under one roof. We maintain complete control of the design, production, and printing. Your catalog begins and ends at 1155 Bloomfield Avenue in Clifton, NJ.

Jewelry Photo Credits All images photographed at Goldmark Catalog studios for the Luxury & Premiere Directory 2008. p.3 – Jewels by Star, p.5 – Van Lachman, p.6 – Marc Lazar Inc., p.8 – Bellarri, p.11 – Haggai, p.12 – Breuning, p.15 – Andrea Candela, p.16 – S&R Designs, Inc., p.18 – Zorab Atelier de Creation-USA, Inc.

Comehome withalasting impression.

Goldmarkresults Our customers tell us that Goldmark catalogs get noticed. They help our customers reach their sales goals. Let us do the same for you.


profit goldmark catalog production since 1974


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