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March 2009 Newsletter Upcoming Events 

March 11-15- Sectional Championship, Hosted in Federal Way, Washington 

March 18- Black and Blue group non-state swimmers special team function from 5:45-6:45pm.


March 19-22- Arizona Swimming Age Group Short Course State Championship, hosted by BEST


March 19-22- Arizona Swimming Senior State Short Course State Championship, Hosted by BEST  

In this Newsletter    

Mailing Address 2919 Litchfield Rd. Goodyear, AZ 85395

Team Phone Number (623)935-5193 Ext. 55129– Coaches Ext. 55116– Erin

Team Website

Coaches Email

April 2-5- Far Western Championships

April 9th- Team parent meeting at the YMCA, practices cancelled


Team Contact Information:

Spring meet schedule Spring practice schedule Spring break schedule

YMCA WSF Dues information

“Out of the pool” featuring Ryan O’Connell and the Bender family

Welcome to the Team! Jacob Whitworth Karen Shaw Paul DeRoo It is great to have you on “Arizona’s Team of the Future”!

March Birthdays! Lauryn Landingin 3/1 Taylor Anglen 3/3 Emma Villasenor 3/3 Kayleigh Fugal 3/9 Kylie Lamunyon 3/9 Alec McNary 3/9 Matthew Olloren 3/12 Sieara Kling 3/17 Kaitlin McNary 3/21 Lexie Peterson 3/29 Andrew Floyd 3/30

Matt Rankin– Ryan Kent– Erin Shields– Brian Zabel– Kara Morelli– Cathryn Cline-Casillas– Kristina Campbell– Megan Gordon– Cindy Mooney– Brian Choitz–

From Coach Matt to the Team Team Success and upcoming meets


This meet showed a tremendous effort by the YMCA Westside Silver Fins. The Silver Fins captured the TEAM TITLE and dominated the meet. The fantastic swims by our athletes were matched by our TEAM’S ability to host a fun, exciting meet that boosted a GREAT showing of volunteers. THANK YOU.

Sectionals, 2009 The YMCA Westside Silver Fins will send 7 athletes this week to swim against some fantastic competition. The meet psych sheet has been printed and we have excellent opportunities throughout the week to further our progress and bring our times down. These seven athletes have worked very hard and success is imminent. Good Luck: CECE SIMPSON BRIAN FERRO MICHELLE FERRO TYLER MESSERSCHMIDT


New Team Sponsorships As our team grows, there is more need in many areas. We are excited about two new partnerships and hope that they will inspire you to look around and see how you can help the YMCA Westside Silver Fins grow. Lisa Wolfe and Julia Craddock are responsible for a new sponsorship for the YMCA WESTSIDE SILVER FINS. Gatorade has jumped on board as our newest sponsor. Gatorade has pledged as much product as we need and currently, they have donated two complete pallets of product (premixed bottles), multiple coolers and some dry mix, as well. The future of this relationship is encouraging and those like it must be a priority for us ALL. Rob Clark was able to bring General Mills and some of their products into recent YMCA Westside Silver Fin events. The food/muffins in the snack bar for recent meets and clinics were donated because of the work and contacts secured by Rob Clark. THANK YOU JULIA, LISA AND ROB!! If you have contacts that can lend support to this TEAM, please take the initiative and make it happen. If you need the help from our staff to secure possible sponsorship style relationships with your contacts, please let us know.

A Little of This… A Little of That... 

Keep an eye out for a new team equipment vendor coming soon!


The website is close to a new image… expect great changes this month!




The Lost Dutchman meet showcased our TEAM”S ability to handle a prelim/final meet and a chance for the Senior and Age Group Teams to encounter tough competition prior to our CHAMPIONSHIP MEET month in late March-early April. The YMCA Westside Silver Fins took 5th PLACE COMBINED TEAM HONORS. CONGRATULATIONS. High point award winners (top 10 places) are as follows: Julia Craddock 1st place Senior women Michelle Ferro 10th place Senior women Brian Ferro 5th place Senior men Tyler Messerschmidt 9th place Senior men Cece Simpson 2nd place 13-14 Angel VanHofwegen 5th place 13-14 Amy Bilquist 5th place 11-12 Hayden Clark 1st place 9-10 Kenya McCray 11th place 9-10 Alexander Gomez 7th place 9-10

YMCA WSF Swimmers’ Response to the Word on the Street Senior team athletes were recently asked what they thought about the “Michael Phelps” situation made public a little over a month ago. The question was, “How do the recent events surrounding Michael Phelps change/alter your opinion of him?” Jade Poisson said, "I don't really think of Michael Phelps as a role model anymore. He already had a DUI and for him to do something again is stupid. I believe in second chances, but for me, he already had one. He chose to fall into the typical partying-college-kid." Marissa Letz says, "I think it gives swimming a bad image. Michael Phelps is a role model for many kids and he failed them. But, I also think that no one is perfect." Katie Griffith had this to say- "It shows me that he is really just human and I feel that bad choices have consequences. It showed me that even an Olympic champion can screw-up." Lexi Milobar said, " It makes me think that he let USA swimming down by making choices too do that type of stuff (smoke pot). Also, it shows that he does not care about himself enough not to do it." Brian Ferro says, "This surprised me."

Our TEAM recognized the importance of image and consequences will always be part of growing-up. This TEAM has a drug/alcohol policy and the expectations for our athletes is to stay drug and alcohol free. Black group and blue group swimmers not going to state will have a A great commentary piece on this topic can be found at: special team function March 18th from 5:45-6:45pm – keep your tom_jager__phelps_made_me_a_better_parent-2113.html eyes and ears open for information! Team parent meeting April 9th– practices cancelled… stay tuned for info!

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Team updates and information Dues to increase April 5, 2009 The current monthly dues for the YMCA WESTSIDE SILVER FINS will be adjusted beginning April 5, 2009. The increase reflects the need to charge competitive prices for swim teams in the state of Arizona, enhance salaries for coaches to be competitive within the state of Arizona and too adjust rates that have NOT been raised for three years. The following adjustments will be implemented: All monthly dues for YMCA members will increase $10/month. All monthly dues for NON-YMCA members (those paying just the program fee and not the membership fee) will increase $15/month. Those families that have multiple members on this TEAM will realize an increase in the cap from $250/month to $275/month. The annual WSF registration ($50) will NOT be adjusted at this time. We will NOT implement additional fees for heating expenditures (Nov-Mar) at this time. This practice is currently in affect at several USS clubs throughout the valley. The monthly adjustments are as follows: BLACK GROUP BLUE GROUP SILVER GROUP SENIOR GROUP SENIOR II MASTERS

$70 (Y-member) $90 (NON-Y member) $80 (Y-member) $100 (NON-Y member) $85 (Y-member) $105 (NON-Y member) $95 (Y-member) $115 (NON-Y member) $52.50 (Y-member) $65 (NON-Y member) $50 (Y-member) $65 (NON-Y member)

*The monthly dues for the YMCA Westside Silver Fins will be adjusted every year in April to reflect a minimum increase of 5%. Thank you. *Please keep in mind that YMCA members have realized 5 membership price increases in the last two years, and thus will not be realizing as big of a WSF increase. *Should you desire additional payment options or information about financial assistance, please contact Erin Shields at

Lifeguard class march 16-21 Sign up to train to become a Lifeguard through the Red Cross at the Southwest Valley Family YMCA. Information:  Must be 15 years old to register  Must be able to perform certain water skills  CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens and Lifeguard Certifications included  Lifeguard Today manual and personal pocket resuscitation mask included  Cost is $175 FM/$200 PM  Class dates: March 16-19 5:00-8:00pm, March 20 3:00-8:00pm, March 21 8:00am-5:00pm, participants must attend all classes.  Contact the YMCA today for information and to register!

New Community Entrance Policy On the morning of Thursday January 29, the YMCA was audited. The inspection went fairly well; however, the YMCA was sited for one major violation. The Community Entrance to the Agua Fria Olympic Pool was propped open so that anyone could easily come and go; unfortunately the representative from our Redwoods Insurance Company who was conducting the audit, used this as an opportunity to enter our facility. Although at times there are others who use this door as an exit, the bulk of those who utilize the door are WSF parents and athletes. This door is to be used only as an emergency exit and during special events/outside groups. Please keep in mind that at no point should the door be propped open for any reason. ALL ENTRY AND EXIT BY THE SWIM TEAM WILL TAKE PLACE THROUGH THE MAIN ENTRANCE OF THE YMCA. THIS INCLUDES DRY LAND AND SWIMMING ACTIVITIES. THIS INCLUDES PARENTS THAT ARE DROPPING-OFF/ PICKING-UP/COMING INTO VIEW OR USE THE FACILITY AND OF COURSE, ATHLETES. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, as this entrance is a HUGE liability for the YMCA. Page 3

Out of the pool… “Math Counts” for Silver Fin Swimmer Silver Fin Ryan O’Connell has been struggling for the last year with a nagging shoulder injury, and while he is limited to only kicking during practices, he is tearing up number in his “Math Counts” program. Below is an article from Ryan about his recent accomplishments: Math Counts is the club that I had a competition in on the weekend a while ago. It is sponsored by many organizations such as Lockheed Martin and NASA and others. The competition that I was at was the district competition. Basically it is a test of lots of different kinds of math skills. The first test that you take combines accuracy and speed in one. You have to answer about 30 questions that are based on algebra 1 & 2. They give you 30 minutes for this. Then there is an accuracy test where you are allowed to use a calculator and you need to find things like volume of cylinders of the acceleration of an object or things like that. They give you about 40 minutes for about 8 questions in this. Then they score up your points and then the top ten or so participate in the speed round. They have a PowerPoint of simpler math problems than the others (but not much simpler) and you compete against another person. You have 40 seconds to get the answer to a single question and the winner out of 3 questions gets to move on. The last thing you do if have a school team of four people and then you answer ten questions together. This gets scored and added to team points. There are two ways of getting into state: having the best team, or being drafted individually into state. I got 15th out of about 300 at this competition. I don’t know if I made it to state yet (which is on Saturday) but if I do I would probably do another state competition called Science Olympiad because I think that the team has a good chance of going to nationals in that. It is so hard to advance in Math Counts that you can get some pretty good scholarships for even making it to the state competition. About the top ten go to state. This was my first year at this so I did really well. The competitions go up to the national level. You can go to to get more info.

WORLD WATER DAY, March 22: Phoenix Family Turns Off House Water for One Week - To Save a Child's Life for a Year All of you are sure to have seen the Bender family on deck, whether you’ve noticed Olivia and Picabo in practice or helped Mark and Kristine as they volunteer at meets– but did you know that they are about to embark on an amazing adventure to help others in need? (Verrado, AZ), Family turns off their house water for one week, to save a child's life for one year! This family of four will shut off their Phoenix suburban house water for one week. They will fulfill their daily water needs by carrying water in buckets from their 'water well' to their home each day, a few times a day if necessary. They will fill their buckets at the local well - the Verrado Village Sport and Health Club - and carry their water up Main Street to their home which is approx. one mile round trip. They have chosen to give up their house water as a representation of how challenging it is around the world to obtain clean water each day. They are hopeful that they will generate awareness to help solve the global pure water crisis - all in honor of World Water Day, Watch and share in their daily experiences at They are giving up water for one week, Sunday, March 22 - Sunday, March 29, in hopes that people will recognize and acknowledge their efforts by donating a simple $10 to save a child's life for one year. Each $10 donation purchases a water filter that hangs around a child's neck and filters out bacteria that causes waterborne diseases, which kills 4500 children each day. Visit for more information on how you can help, and to save a child's life from waterborne disease for one year. The water filters will be distributed in Kenya in August, 2009.

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Important dates and schedules Current Practice times SENIOR I

Mon-Thurs Fri M-T-TH-F Sat M thru F Sat M thru F M thru TH M-W


3:15-6:00 pm (dry land included) 3:15-5:15 pm 5:00-7:00 am (No Wed.) 7-10 am 4:15-6:15 pm 7-10 am 6:15-7:45 pm 5:15-6:15 pm 4:30-6:00 PM

Team Spring Break Schedule Each spring the YMCA Westside Silver Fins take a break between the short course and long course seasons. Please see the schedule below to find out when your swimmer’s break is: BLACK GROUP: All Swimmers: March 20– April 5th– Back in the pool April 6th! BLUE GROUP: Swimmers not swimming at Far Westerns: March 21-April 5– Back in the pool April 6th! Swimmers swimming at Far Westerns: April 6-April 12– Back in the pool April 13th! SILVER GROUP: Swimmers not swimming at Far Westerns: March 22-April 5– Back in the pool April 6th! Swimmers swimming at Far Westerns: April 6-April 12– Back in the pool April 13th! SENIOR GROUP: Swimmers not traveling to Sectionals: March 22-April 5– Back in the pool April 6th! Swimmers traveling to Sectionals: Will swim March 17-27 and have their break from March 28-April 5– Back in the pool April 6th!

Spring Meets March 11-15 March 19-22

Sectional Championship, Hosted in Federal Way, Washington (Sectional time qualifiers) Arizona Swimming Age Group Short Course State Championship, Hosted by BEST (State Q time qualifiers, age group) March 19-22 Arizona Swimming Senior State Short Course State Championship, Hosted by BEST (all senior swimmers) *No –Time Standard meet April 2-5 Far Western Championships, Hosted by Almeden Swim and Racquet Club (Far western time qualifiers) ** Meet flyers, information and results are posted on our team website as they become available.

Unsure of what meets remain for your swimmer this season? It can get tough trying to figure out what meet your swimmer is eligible for and expected to swim in throughout the season. This spring we will begin using a new mapping system to help parents figure out what meets their child can look forward to in the future. This will be available on our website and in mailboxes. For now, use the table below to figure out what meets we hope your child will swim in as we approach the end of the short course season: Meet



Groups Attending (if requirements met)

Sectional Championships

March 11-15

Sectional times

Senior swimmers

Age Group State Champs.

March 19-22

Arizona state times

Blue, Silver, and Senior swimmers 14 and under

Senior State Champs.

March 19-22


All senior swimmers not swimming at Sectionals

Far Western Champs.

April 2-5

Far Western times

All swimmers as entered by Coach Ryan Page 5

YMCA WSF Coach Reports Black Group From Coach Brian: Hey guys. Coach Brian checking in after another great month of swimming. At the beginning of the year I told all of you that we were going to start practicing a bit harder and swimming a bit further. You guys all responded with a great month of practice. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for that. I’m very proud of all of you! At the end of February, we had 6 swimmers from the Black group compete at Regionals. Rochelle, Kylie, Julia, Taylor, Kassidy and Victoria all swam at the meet. I’m proud to say that they all did a tremendous job! When you see them at practice, be sure to ask them how they did at the meet and how much fun they had. We had some amazing time drops and swam some awesome races. Congrats to all 6 of you girls for a fantastic meet. I am so proud of you!

From Coach Megan: With the warm weather upon us, it's great to see so many faces in the pool every day. I am so proud of the black-groupers and how far they've come. About two weeks ago we did our first 200 freestyle nonstop, and the swimmers did great! We're trying to make it more of a routine and I can tell how much all of you are improving. Lately we've been working a lot on flip turns, butterfly and breaststroke. Pretty soon we'll have a team full of IMers! Now that it is getting warmer, I want to make sure all swimmers bring water bottles to practice. Staying hydrated is an important part of being a healthy, productive athlete. So, be drinking water all day and during practice! Have a great break and I'm looking forward to more swimmers in the pool when we get back!


Blue Group

You guys have been incredible this past month! Everyone who swam at Lost Dutchman and Age Group Regionals did an outstanding job! I can't even keep track of all the State and Far Western cuts that this group has now. There will be a ton of sprinting and racing in the next couple weeks, so get ready. We need to finish the season the right way. IT'S TIME TO SWIM FAST!

Silver Group

Just a short message this month as we step into the final weeks of this season. I was very pleased with the performances at Lost Dutchman and Age Group Regionals. The month of February had some big time drops and GREAT racing. State and Far Westerns will be here soon, and we only have a couple of weeks to prepare. It needs to be our goal that there is no wasted time in the remaining days of this season. Sets will be more quality and more focused. Make the most of the time we have left!

Senior Group

It has been my observation as head coach that our TEAM UNITY has never been this strong. A sense of family has taken its place as the norm for our veteran group. Athletes have made a conscious decision to be more understanding and tolerable of each other’s different personality traits and characteristics. In doing so, the TEAM has grown closer, the positive energy is abundant and the proactive acts of sportsmanship and good natured care of one another has spread throughout the group. I see enemies becoming friends and I see “clicks” allowing new members. The overall cohesiveness of this group and this TEAM is a priority and I expect ALL members of the Silver Fins to treat each other with respect and care, courtesy and admiration. The energy needed to create a TEAM that is unstoppable must be POSITIVE. Parents, coaches and athletes share in this energy flow and we ALL have a responsibility to this TEAM to uphold our best efforts when dealing with each other. We will make mistakes along the way, but there is a great energy force that comes from a believer; a person that is willing to change and learn from mistakes. I ask that everyone on this TEAM evaluate your personal performance in this area and strive to do better. SENIOR WORKOUT SCHEDULE FOR NEXT TWO WEEKS: Senior 1 Senior 2 Tues. March 10 4:00 pm (Coach Ryan) Wed. March 11 4:00 pm (Coach Brian) 4:30 pm (Senior II) Thurs. March 12 4:00 pm (Coach Kara) Fri. March 13 3:15 pm (Coach Kara and Coach Brian Senior I & II) Sat. March 14 8-10 am (Coach Kara) Mon March 16 4:00 pm (Coach Brian) 4:30 pm (Senior II) Tues. March 17 4:00 pm (Coach Matt) Wed. March 18 4:00 pm 4:30 pm (Senior II) Thurs. March 19 1st day Senior State (1000 free) NO WORKOUT, COME IN AND LOOSEN State meet warm-ups for senior group 7:30-10:00am- meet starts later than the age group meet. All seniors need to be at warm-up by 8:45am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Page 6

2009 Summer Swim Programs at the y The Southwest Valley Family YMCA offers a variety of programs to keep your kids active during the summer– check out what we have to offer! The YMCA is excited to announce the fourth season of the Mighty Mahi Swim Team. The Mighty Mahi Swim Team is a recreational summer team that practices and competes during late May, June, and July. This is a great way to introduce kids to the basics of competitive swimming in a fun, no-pressure environment. Swimmers aged 5-18 who can swim at least 25 yards unassisted are encouraged to join! Cost: $60 FM, $80 PM plus $25 program membership Contact the Southwest Valley Family YMCA or Coach Cathryn Cline-Casillas at for information!

Practices are offered Monday through Thursday for one hour between 10:00am-12:00pm. Additional evening practices may be added. Practices are broken down according to age and ability by Head Coach Stephanie Burrows.

Do you have what it takes to become a lifeguard? Enroll in our Junior Lifeguard program to find out!

Cost: $60 for Facility Members

This class is intended for ages 11-14

$80 for Program Members

Cost: $65 FM, $95 PM

(plus additional $25 program fee) Practices will begin the last week of May and will go through the last week of July

12 Classes Offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:00am to 9:00am

Contact Bob Platt for more information at 623-935-5193 ext 55122

Monday June 1st through Friday June 26th


To registration stop by the YMCA Membership

2919 N. Litchfield Road, Goodyear, AZ 85338 (623) 935-5193

Services Center today! For additional information contact the Kristina Campbell at 623-935-5193, ext 55129 or to Register online, go to

2009 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign In its third complete year in operation, the Southwest Valley Regional YMCA has remained the largest membership YMCA in the Valley of the Sun. Our membership and program participation continue to grow, and the need for financial assistance through our Open Doors program is essential to ensure that all families within our community have the opportunity to participate in YMCA programs and services.

OUR MISSION “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” We accomplish our mission by ensuring that no one is turned away because they cannot afford program or membership fees. The YMCA is here for ALL the community: young and old, rich and poor, male and female, persons of all ethnic and religious affiliations.

HOW YOUR SUPPORT EFFECTS OUR COMMUNITY $40 can provide one session of enrichment opportunities for a youth. $60 provides one session of swim lessons. $75 will allow a child to participate in the YMCA Youth Sports program. $120 will send a child to summer day camp for one week. $107 pays for one year of YMCA WSF registration fees for a child. $200 sponsors one annual Teen YMCA Membership. $250 provides one month of part-day preschool for a child. $300 will subsidize a child in the before and after school child care program for two months. $550 will let a child spend a week making new friends at Camp Sky-Y or Chauncey Ranch. $800 provides one youth Summer Day Camp for the entire summer. $1,000 provides an entire semester of before and after school care for one child. $1,500 will sponsor one, 6-8 week session of Youth Diversion Programs. $2,200 will enable an at-risk teen to earn a full year’s worth of credits towards a high school diploma in the YMCA i-learn program. By giving to our Strong Kids Campaign, you are supporting our programs and mission. With your generosity, you can help us give kids the power of values, so they can grow up strong and become productive adults.

Imagine the possibilities when we all come together.

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