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Message from the Principal 2017 Student Executive Women’s Changemakers Breakfast Lads & Dads Breakfast Coast Whanau Forest Whanau Mountains Whanau Water Whanau

Inspirational speakers visit our young women – see page 6

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Our students are achieving across all four cornerstones. See page 20

Classroom Our Talented Team Celebrating Culture Sport Shorts 2017 2017 Class, Teams & Councils photos

A creative collection of visual arts and design work – see page 18

Opportunities for our students to grow greatness through innovative, constantly evolving learning. T his year marked the 500th

...we need to challenge any thinking which reverts to dogma or blindly following a path simply because that is what we always do.

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anniversary of an important historical event. It was the year when Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of a church in Germany triggering events which became known as the Reformation. While many of us are well acquainted with the life of Martin Luther King Jr, the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA during the 1960s, it is interesting to note the impact and legacy of the person he was named after. Martin Luther changed Christianity by challenging the corruption and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. He wanted the church to be purified and return to the original message of Jesus and to do that he advocated careful reading of the Bible. This view


threatened the existing order and Martin Luther was ostracised and often his life was in danger. His actions created the Protestant movement which moved away from the Catholic Church and today Christianity enjoys many different splinters from this key moment in history. Martin Luther challenged contemporary thinking and by so doing helped to rejuvenate a religion that had started to lose its way and had started to serve its leaders rather than its followers. In the same way we need to challenge any thinking which reverts to dogma or blindly following a path simply because that is what we always do. I am pleased at MHJC we have a well established tradition of challenging the old ways of doing

things. Innovation and constantly evolving are key words and phrases in our mission statement and remind us to question what we do and to never forget our students, who we serve. Paging through the first edition of Kia mana ake I am proud to be the leader of such a dynamic, talented and caring community. The pages are filled with the achievements and actions of our students who work so willingly with our dedicated staff. Students at MHJC are given so many opportunities to find and grow the greatness within them and I am always amazed at how well they rise to every challenge they face. Our graduates are as well equipped as any to successfully continue

their learning and life journey by striving for excellence and helping to develop a caring and collaborative environment wherever they go. I would like to thank the production team of Miss Kindley and Mrs Peterson who have done a wonderful job in preparing this Yearbook and the many contributors and sponsors who have brought it to life. May I also wish the entire MHJC community a blessed Christmas holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in 2018 for another great year! – Ian Morrison PRINCIPAL MISSION HEIGHTS JUNIOR COLLEGE

MHJC Board of Trustees 2017 has been another exemplary year for MHJC. As Chair, I am extremely proud of our school community and I know I speak on behalf of the whole Board. Our school continues to uphold its establishment ethos and vision of Growing Greatness, not only in the students but the entire school. MHJC continues to be a leading example nationwide of a modern 21st century school of engaged students. This century's modern learning pedagogy (style) ensures that MHJC remains at the forefront of teaching in New Zealand. Coupled with the huge range of opportunities available, this allows all our students the ability to demonstrate a vast array of skills and to be the best they can be.


1. Mr Morrison and Ms Clansey, enjoying delicious Chinese dumplings during Chinese language week. 2. Mr Morrison and MHJC students travelled to the 23rd Student Leaders’ Convention in Singapore this year. 3. Mr Morrison with staff leaders from Albany Junior High School, Ormiston Junior College and Hamilton’s Rototuna Junior High School for the MHJC Student Executive Council Leadership conference. 4.

4. Mr Morrison joining students in the 2017 Cross Country event.

We should all be proud of our school and the achievements gained both nationally and internationally. I look forward to 2018 with much anticipation, confident in the knowledge we're in for another great year for MHJC! I trust you will enjoy your Christmas break and share some great family time. Blair Telfor CHAIRPERSON

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Farewell and Thank you 2017 Student Executive Council Leaders “Great leaders have vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze cooperation amongst their team.” – Brian Tracy Our 2017 Student Executive Council judged on these qualities performed very well. The inaugural Student Leaders’ Convention they organised was the highlight of the year. The students worked as a team and successfully organised this event which was attended by Albany Junior High, Rototuna Junior High and Ormiston Junior College. We were impressed by their maturity in dealing with logistical problems and the manner in which they resolved these and other challenges. They delegated tasks and carried them out efficiently and with enthusiasm. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done…” We can now confidently say we chose well and every member of the Executive Team executed their responsibilities in a manner that is in keeping with our values of Growing Greatness. Mr Morrison and Mr Naidoo

The Executive Council of 2017 are extremely grateful and privileged for the opportunities we had this year. We were able to implement programmes, attend conferences and organise school and wider community events. We have all developed as leaders and individuals, and have made many memories we will never forget. We have participated in various projects throughout the year. We held our own Student Leaders Convention with three other schools, branded each whanau with Te Reo and English labels, represented our school by attending and laying a wreath at the local ANZAC parade and some delegates attended the Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore for a Student Leaders Convention. Organising the school disco was one of the main highlights for our council this year. We required time management, creativity and financial literacy to ensure that the three discos all ran smoothly and efficiently. Each member of our council came with a different set of skills and developed them throughout the year. We all had our strengths and weaknesses which we worked on throughout our projects and events. Overall, none of this would have been possible without the endless support, guidance and management from Principal Morrison and Associate Principal Naidoo. At our weekly meetings we developed a strong relationship of trust and we thank and appreciate them immensely and hope we have lived up to their expectations. We wish next years Executive Council an exciting and a fun-filled year of many opportunities. We hope you all enjoy your journey and develop exceptional leadership skills. Being a part of this council is a privilege and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours. – Camryn Chetty and Jamini Patel, on behalf of the 2017 Student Executive Council.

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– Cultural preservation – why is it dying? – Technological restraints – robots, jobs. – Humanising mental health. – Youth contribution and involvement. “It was extremely rewarding to take our learning from the global perspective [Singapore conference] to our own nation and develop thinking on relevant themes that some students may have never considered before. Everyone in the group contributed and everyone’s ideas were valued. I found it easier to work with focus having gained this broader experience. It gave me a greater appreciation for the perspective of others.” – Duncan Lane, Year 10. “It felt like the youth of New Zealand were all coming together, sharing ideas and collaborating on what it means to be a teen in this country. I felt very proud seeing my group presenting and knowing they had moved from thinking ‘surface level’ to thinking more critically about the topics.” – Leanne Te Boekhorst, Year 10.

Inspired by an international experience, our student leaders organised an event to get their peers talking about big issues. A recent international conference lit a spark for our young Mission Heights Junior College leaders. Members of the school’s student executive council travelled to Singapore earlier in the year to attend the 23rd Student Leaders Convention. They returned buzzing with ideas after exploring various topics ranging from cyber wellness, elitism and racial discrimination. The overarching theme of the conference was Amity – achieve as one. Students from Albany Junior High School, Ormiston Junior College in Flat Bush and Rototuna Junior High School from Hamilton, travelled to MHJC to work their way through five themes: – Education – critical thinking, relying on digital devices. • Cultural preservation – why is it dying? Page 5

INSPIRING OUR YOUNG WOMEN MHJC hosted the schools’ first Women’s Change Makers Breakfast in Term 3. The event was a sell-out and Assistant Principal and organiser, Kate Lambert, believes this is the first of many to come. “Our female students came away with many inspirational messages about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers.” Alexia Hilbertidou is the 18 year old CEO of Girl Boss and is passionate in encouraging girls to consider the opportunities the STEM courses offer in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. Her key concerns are the lack of women in CEO roles globally and how the future of females in the workplace needs to ensure more women make it into growth areas. During the breakfast students were seated alongside invited table guests – all successful young women in careers of Publishing, Marketing, Agriculture, Design, Engineering, Infrastructure, Electronics and Bio Medicine.

Dr Pralene Maharaj’s story was very moving, when as a 26 year-old, part way through her medical studies, she contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare and debilitating disease. Her journey to many achievements and her recovery was truly inspirational.

Christine Archer is a twotime Olympian, former New Zealand hockey player and coach, and an entertaining speaker. She shared her strong mantra of the four C’s: Courage, Commitment, Choice and Confidence – helping young women be the best they can be.

“This event was an amazing way to celebrate not only these inspiring women, but also our very own MHJC girls’ successes in STEM and other areas. Alexis told us there are more males named ‘John’ than there were females in high leadership positions – upsetting to hear. However, the positive energy and encouragement for women in the room, made me see that this statistic and the gender inequality in STEM, will no longer be a problem in the near future.” LIA ARROYO 10C2

“Thankyou for the great event. Helping with behind-the-scenes set up and catering made me realise this is the kind of career I would love to get into! “ MORGAN VALENTIN, 9M2

“The breakfast was so inspiring listening to women who accomplished so much by overcoming big challenges. It made me more aware of what can be done in my future life, that I too can accomplish and achieve my goals with drive and determination.” DANICA LIM CHONG 7M1



Richie Barnett The Lads and Dads Breakfast, held in Term 2, was a huge success. Guest speaker and Rugby League star Richie Barnett, shared some heartfelt messages encouraging our young men to overcome adversity and succeed in life. The events’ concept was very inclusive so that grandads, uncles, sports coaches, teachers or any significant male person in the students life were invited along if Dad wasn’t able to attend. This new MHJC initiative allowed a quality bonding time between students, teachers, family members and mentors. With an overall sporting theme, students and their guests were encouraged to wear their favourite team shirts, coinciding with the June/July Lions Tour of New Zealand.

“Listening to the informative talk from the guest speaker Richie Barnett, I learned how important it is to keep trying and never give up.” – Devon Murdoch.


2017 was a year filled with triumph, resilience, hard work and dedication for Coast.

Term 1 was all about getting to know each other and ensuring that the new juniors fitted in comfortably. Camp was a chance to get to know the older students for Year 7s and bonding over similarities. Swimming sports was the first inter-whanau competition and with excellent participation, hard work and effort we were able to come second! We represented Oceania in our very own Mission Heights Cultural and food Festival! The day was filled with a large variety of food, fun activities and talented performers, many of whom were from Coast Whanau. As the main context for term one, students were all in involved with the outcome of the actual day in one way or another. Page 10

Safe School Week the whole whanau was actively involved in pink shirt day, spreading awareness about the importance of keeping the school community safe with many activities to get the students engaged. Another inter-whanau competition this year was the Can Drive for the Salvation Army. Our whanau collected a whopping 790 cans to donate! Around the World in 80 Days was the context for Term 2 with juniors focussing on digital citizenship and travelling around the world, celebrating their learning by a visit to Motat. The seniors looked deeper into human rights violations culminating in a NCEA social action project for Year 10 students. Term 3 was all about sports. AIMS is a major annual sporting event and many Coast Whanau students took part. They had the amazing chance to spend a week watching and playing the sports they enjoy. Students achieved some amazing things in Term 3 across all cornerstones.

Cross country, one of the biggest sporting events at our school, took place during this term. Although we didn’t win, we learnt more about resilience, perseverance and determination. Me, myself and I was the context for Term 3, and this is when we looked more into career pathways.

Overall, this year was very successful in terms of achievements and growth as individuals. We all progressed and participated actively in Coast Whanau. A highlight for Coast was coming second in Athletics – showing dedication, hard work and team effort to bring us back from previous competitions. Coast would like to thank all the teachers, parents and students for an awesome, fun-filled year where we learned a lot. We look forward to an even better year in 2018! – Joanne, Camryn, Lia & Jamini

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2017 has been an electric year in Forest Whanau! Students and teachers have worked together to create lots of special memories and successes for the Whanau. From swimming sports to the Salvation Army can drive, Forest has remained positive, resilient and supportive! Here are some of the highlights across the year groups: Unforgettable Camping Trips We reached Sonshine Ranch on a beautiful sunny day. It was a great bonding time for the Year 7s as our Year 10 leaders had accompanied us. For many, there was a lot of first time experiences and we worked as a team with the support of our leaders and teachers. We got to zipline through the trees; swing high into the sky on the rope swing and adventure with a friendly horse. The day was filled with laughter and fun! A few weeks later we visited Woodhill Tree Adventures. As we entered the driveway everyone stared in amazement – this place had exceeded our expectations. Up high into the trees were different obstacles and we got to climb all day long. It was an awesome opportunity to go on these trips and something we will not forget! – Rishita Rasela Y7

Visit to Mangere Marae In Term 3, Year 8s embarked on a trip to a local marae. As part of our visit, we tried out a variety of activities around the marae and see how the marae worked. This trip was part of our culture and it is important for us to learn more about our heritage. During the day we got to learn a Maori song as well as learning Maori games. We have been able to use the knowledge that we learnt on the day to create our own Maori games during Global Studies after our return from the marae. It was great to have this time together. It was a wonderful experience as a year group outside of the classroom! – Michaela Rohm Y8

Cultural Food Festival The Cultural Food Festival day at MHJC was a real blast. We celebrated different cultures from around the world – Indian, Maori, Japanese and more. Forest Whanau represented Asia and prior to the day, the whanau teachers and student helpers got together and started making food to sell and designing posters promoting our tasty treats. We made and sold money bags from Thailand, mango lassi and samosas from India and sushi from Japan. We saw many performances: the school’s Bollywood dance group, Chinese fan dancing, Irish dancing and hip hop. The best part of the day was seeing so many different cultures coming together, and Forest Whanau was able to celebrate at the end of the day when all our food sold out! We all worked well together as a team and built some long-lasting memories as a Whānau. – Pahul Kaur Y9 Gannet Colony and Surf’s Up! In Term 1 Year 10 Forest went to Muriwai Beach to surf and to visit the gannet colony. This trip was part of Global Studies and the trip opened our eyes to the scale of human impact on the environment, with rubbish scattered all throughout the gannet colony. The day helped us to form our own personal connections with the environment and for many this was a first time experience. The most exciting part of the day was heading out into the water for our surfing lesson. It was an experience we will never forget. In the water everyone had a blast with a shared goal of properly riding a wave. We all supported each other in the water, celebrating success together and congratulating those who were able to catch a wave. This trip gave us a great start to our last year at MHJC, strengthening friendships as well as sparking new friendships that have continued to blossom throughout the year. It was most definitely an experience we can all reminiscence about for years to come! –Samantha Aspden Y10

2017 WHANAU Year 7: We had several activities this year: a beach clean up and a visit to Sonshine Ranch. We also went white water rafting and it was great going down a strong current of water. What an adrenaline rush and so much fun! We also got to paddleboard or kayak and both were exciting. At the end of the day we were exhausted and were ready to go home and fall asleep. Year 8: This year we have achieved the GREAT learner qualities and been good citizens by not putting others down. We showed resilience by not giving up in cross-country and we are good enterprisers, aspirational and good thinkers by thinking of ways to bring our whanau closer. On the Spanish trip we learned how to dance, ate delicious burritos then competed in the Tough Guy Tough Gal course. Term one context was the cultural food festival – learning about different cultures and their food. Our trip to Mangere Mountain was to learn about volcanoes and how they were formed and how they play a role in New Zealand tourism. We’re looking forward to the surprises next year may hold. Year 9: A trip to a high ropes course and then on to the Parakai Hot Pools to bond with your class and do something you wouldn’t often get a chance to do, just like our context ”80 days around the world” sounds fun. Thin ropes, shaky platforms and tall trees. Battling mental barriers and facing our fears to end with a feeling of accomplishment.

It was all thrills and joy as M92 bonded by helping each other throughout the high ropes course but then relaxed at the Parakai hot pools helping the accelerte class to be comfortable with each other whilst facing our fears. Our term two context was “war and refugees”, 9M1 and 9M2 were put through their paces against a military course at Action Matakana. The goal of the course was to give every obstacle a go regardless of the difficulty. After swimming in icy cold water, drenched in mud we came out mentally stronger knowing you are only confined by the walls you build yourself. The day also consisted of leadership and team bonding activities. A lengthy rope spread across the shoulders of students fighting their way through obstacles showed how the use of communication and leadership can have drastic effects.

Duntion ne eossit aut es essitia quas dolore eos rerchil ilita volorunt litianiate omnis adia sed molorpos qui rem que nusae la voluptature

And of course there was a tug of war. At Matakana we were exposed to activities which we would never experience around Botany. Year 10: Year 10 have had many challenges and opportunities this year and it’s interesting to see how we’ve each dealt differently with these. Sir Edmund Hillary summed this up as “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves’’. A guest to the school, David Williams, spoke about his mental and physical challenge to climb from the sea to the highest mountain peak on each continent, which has involved him running a marathon every day for weeks at a time.One of our challenges was learning to support and encourage each other in activities that not everyone enjoys. By getting everyone to participate and to do their best, we managed to win the

school cross-country and quiz competitions. We’re beginning to think about our futures and have had opportunities to find out about the real world outside school. On our trip to Mindlab, we used technology to solve problems and work in teams - never an easy thing! We’re about to go on work experience for three days, which will get us thinking about tertiary courses, careers and what our individual strengths and skills are. It feels like we’ve come a long way from being little, timid Year 7s and we’re probably ready to be not so little, not so timid Year 11s at senior college.


2017 in Water has been an explosion of fun, hard work and opportunity – our Whanau excelled in sporting, cultural, academic and leadership through service activities. Water Whanu won the Cone Ball, Minute to Win It and Inter Whanau Athletics competitions. Year 7: Throughout the year we attended many EOTC trips – Piha Mill Camp, Maraetai Beach, Water Safety at Massey Pools, the Fo Guang Shan Temple and the Auckland War Memorial Museum for NZ Music Month. Our camp to Piha Beach was fantabulous as our Year 10 leaders stepped up to the challenge by supporting our beach games, Master Chef pancake competition, archery contest, bubble-dome soccer challenge and the hike to the Kitekite falls to search for longfin eels. On the final day of camp we visited ‘Vector Wero’ for White Water Rafting. We were split into groups and teamwork was the key to negotiating our rafts down the rapids. It wasn’t all hard work, as we also got to have lots of fun by jumping off our rafts into the manmade river! - Catherine Shipway & Jasmine Strong Year 8: In preparation for our Cultural Food Festival learning context we Page 16

travelled to Rotorua for an overnight experience where we enjoyed the Tamaki Maori Village encounter. We feasted at a traditional hangi buffet then visited the Skyline Luge and Gondola, followed by a visit to see the amazing animals at the Agrodome Centre. Inspired by our research, Water Whanau made a number of delicious traditional European dishes for the Festival, including Italian spaghetti bolognese and Spanish churros. The Mission Heights Science Fair saw some amazing Year 8 projects advance to the NIWA South Eastern Zone Science Fair competition. Two of our entries even won prize money! Anmol Singh Dhillon won a Travelwise award for creating a helmet to be worn with turbans. Aadi Golchha and Ricky Bassano won first place in the Year 7 to 13 ‘Technology and Innovations’ category.

As we near the conclusion of 2017 we are busy with preparations for our ‘Market Day’ where a range of quality handmade products will be on sale to the school. - Ricky Bassano & Jasper Carpenter Year 9 Water Whanau have had the privilege of engaging in many memorable, and educational adventures this year. Our Around the World in 80 Days context saw us travel to the beautiful Goat Island Marine Reserve for snorkelling. For the Your Voice, Your Choice - Elections context 11 students travelled to Wellington for guided tours of the parliamentary buildings and the Te Papa museum. The Get2Go event was another highlight, as we challenged other schools in a Brains and Brawn competition in events such as problem solving, kayaking, mountain biking and orienteering. Ashton Narayan and Aulia Suryo also volunteered at the NZ Breakers basketball events at Vector Arena (seen bottom right, with captain Mika Vukona). - Tanna Clegg & Chantelle Reynolds Year 10 Water feels fortunate to have enjoyed an unforgettable year. Piha Camp and White Water Rafting provided a GREAT kickstart to the year as we strengthened friendships and gained confidence to lead our junior buddies. In Term 3 we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to visit Rotorua as a part of our Careers Expo context (followed by a career’s OutBreak Family Evening and Year 10 Work

Experience). We rode the Skyline gondola and the Luge, the Zorb as well as a soak in the Polynesian Spa. Water Whanau believes in team spirit and doing the best you can - this has been our legacy as we have led the way to three inter-whanau titles this year. As sad as it is to be leaving MHJC, we look forward to observing other year levels from our Whanau sustain and achieve higher than we have already accomplished this year in our GREAT Whanau! - Maddison Taylor, Harneet Dhami & Bianca Langi

You are the longfin eel, endemic to Wai Whanau, your home. Your ta moko shows your mana, strength and perserverance; A warrior questing into the unkown. courageous and confident you navigate unchartered waters on your lifelong journey of learning‌

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Kiran Sandhu

Kiana Smith

Ranvir Singh

Divya Kumar

Lucy Liu

Joecell Cabase

Karishma Gounder Designed and constructed by: Sharon Zheng, Kelly Kong, (model), Stella Ng, Kaiyu Zeng.

Bonnie Ye

Lyonne Abad

Rishab Lal


Year 10

Ethan Valentine

Georgia Hall

Eugene Chua

Rippen Kaur

Cassie Wu

Designed and constructed by: Preeti Gounder, Aarthi Ramkumar, Jeanny Do (model)

Marlon Bolivar Lulu Shi

Aditya Nair

Catherine Shipway


William Chen

Hailey Ward Esther Cao

YEAR 9 WOVEN PORTRAITS YEAR 10 WEARABLE ARTS Designed and constructed by: Rippen Kaur, Kirin Swann, Jasmina Lohi (model)

Kristy Kanal Year 10

MÄ ori kite - manu tukutuku

Designed and constructed by: Holly Simpson, Millie Chen and Pinder Singh. Modelled by Nick Ngo

Marlon Bolivar Year 9 Holly Simpson Year 10

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Mission Heights JUNIOR COLLEGE


For the second year running, MHJC has taken two top placings in the world for the 2017 Education Perfect online learning challenge.

This year we came second globally overall and first in social sciences and Year 9 student Amanda Lee scored 10th in the world after completing the five competitions in this year’s global challenge. MHJC students attained elite and gold levels and are engaging in learning outside of the normal school day.

Twelve of our student authors had their stories published during Chinese Week, in the book ‘Flying Kiwis’. The stories told of NZ sports, school and family life, the natural environment, as well as local myths and legends. MHJC young authors Back row: Ezekiel Ng Shiu, Mrs Gao, Principal Morrison, Willie Lan, John Kenneth Astadan Front Row (from left): Elsa McCormick, Siya Kumar, Ruby Tasmania, Gursimran Kaur Randhawa, Crystal Su (Absent) Megan Strydom, Kabir Sikh, Jordan Wandsworth and Andrew Ma.

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Over $10,000 was raised by MHJC students for the 40 hour Famine to go to Syrian Refugees. Students gave up food, technology or even furniture (sitting) and Maddison Taylor’s personal effort of raising $1,000 was acknowledged at the ceremony, Students (from left) Maddison Taylor and Georgia Hall accepting the award on behalf of our school.

Cathy Shipway is now a published artist, with her digital artwork published in Toitoi magazine. She created the 4 illustrations digitally using a simple drawing tablet to illustrate Bent Luck’ - a story about a disastrous skiing trip in Queenstown.

Tra Mi Nguyen designed the winning MHJC picket to represent the school at this year’s KoangaFestival. The picket reflects our voices characterising aroha (love) kotahitanga (oneness) and kia mana ake (growing greatness).

Nathan Zheng (8C2) placed first in the Kelston Deaf Education Centre Year 7 & 8 Speech Competition. His presentation was decribed as outstanding!

MHJC students excelled in the recent NIWA Science Fair with an outstanding high level of awards.

Double winner Joanne Ting won Highly Commended in Years 9 to 13 Secondary Consumer Science as well as First Prize in the Award for Best Project Using Flour. First Place Winners in the category Years 9 and 10 Living World – Leane Te Boekhorst and Solana Carpenter

After just three terms our MHJC Chinese NCEA students, all Year 10 students, have completed the writing and spoken speech part in the NCEA Chinese Level One exams. They have received excellence so far and have already achieved their 9 NCEA credits. Teacher, Jenny Wang, is a parent volunteer and we thank her for producing excellent results. This is a great head-start for these students who are heading into Year 11 next year. (Back row: Iris Luo, Sharon Zheng, Sherry Chen, Ivy Xiao, Mrs Wang. (Front row:) Kelly Kong, Bruce Li, William Dam, Kaiyu Zeng.

Second Prize Winner in the Travelwise Award – Anmol Singh Dhillon Highly Commended in Myth and Go project in the category Years 9 to 13 Secondary Consumer Science, Rajbir Sandhu Highly Commended contestants in the category Years 9 and 10 Living World – Ariel Kim, Caitlyn Pillay and Trishika Nand First Place Winners in the category Years 7 to 10 Technology and Innovations – Ricky Bassano and Aadi Golcha

Second Place Winners in the category Years 9 and 10 Living World – Jamini Patel and Camryn Chetty

Dr Fu, National Advisor for Chinese, presented awards to Elsa McCormack and Aadi Singh, the winners of this years Chinese Bridge Speech Competition.

MHJC student Aadi Golcha’s speech took out first prize in this years APPA Inter-School Hindi Speech Competition Finals out of 11 schools from Auckland. Judges said they enjoyed his speech – excellent content, contemporary ideas and wit. Ryan Iglesia debates equally strongly for or against, placing 3rd top speaker in the Auckland Regional Junior Open Debate category recently out of a field of 400 speakers.

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Education Outside The Classroom

New experiences, challenges, discovery and leadership skills. Students at Mission Heights Junior College are problem solvers who innovate to respond to real world issues.



EOTC connects the learning with the context, enabling students to roll up their sleeves to explore areas of concern (or opportunity) more deeply within local, national and international communities.




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The William Pike Challenge Award



The William Pike Challenge Award has had its’ inaugural year at Mission Heights Junior College. The Award is a leadership development programme for our Year 9 students, along with thousands of other students across New Zealand. Named after amputee and adventure seeker William Pike, he set up the programme after surviving the eruption of Mt Ruapehu in 2007.



The Award was open to all Year 9 students at the beginning of the year, with 60 students choosing to take on the challenge. Throughout the year, these students have had to complete five Outdoor Activities, including skiing, tramping, snorkelling, camping, caving, and many more challenging outdoor tasks. William Pike students also worked towards completing 20 hours of Community Service and 20 hours of Passion Projects. We congratulate our students who have been successful with their completion of the William Pike Challenge Award!


Outdoor Education on Whatipu Beach, West Coast


MHJC teachers aspired to greatness during 2017, gaining additional qualifications, participating in seminars and presenting at global forums.

Talented Teams Juliet Gao travelled to Beijing Language and Culture University after winning a 2017 study scholarship. She has also completed TPLT -Transforming Practice in Language Teaching this year, learning about language teaching pedagogies and how to implement Task Based Language Teaching into her classroom.

SWIFT Conference

Schools with an Interest in Future Technologies In November, Deputy Principal Naddy Naidoo and Alex Jackman travelled to Shenton College, Perth to join Teachers from around the world for a technology conference themed: Digital Disruption. The forum was seen as a positive process, emphasising that digital devices are just one of the tools used to enhance learning. Schools experienced similar challenges using the same lexicon: collaboration, authentic, personalised and differentiated learning with all focussing more recently on STEM. The forum addressed key issues: – Harnessing Disruption via collaborative problem solving and challenge-based learning, hence the name Artificial Intelligence Revolution. – Cloud-based learning where global collaboration teams engage in problem solving; – Implementation of STEM into the curriculum; – Preparing students for the future with VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous; – The SAMR Model enabling us to determine the effectiveness of technology; – Technology forces shaping Ed-Tech tools: Accessing, Sharing, Filtering and Tracking; Both Alex and Naddy agreed the forum was intensive and rewarding and found a strong sense all schools were moving in the same direction.

Aly Grant completed her first Marathon running the Auckland Full on October 29th (and has run 9 half marathons!). An amazing role model to her Physical Education and Health classes.

MATHS WEEK 2017 Mr Raj Sharma and Mrs Chandana Premdeep attended the biannual NZAMT Math conference, themed Back to the Future held in Christchurch. They took part in workshops and presentations by mathematicians from around the world. One of the highlights was the Sphero Robot workshop showcasing the use of coding and digital technology to teach abstract units, for example Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry.

Mrs Lal was awarded a Masters of Educational Leadership earlier this year. She has also gained a Graduate Diploma in TESSOL (Teaching English in Schools to Speakers of Other Languages.

The majority of MHJC’s teaching staff are now fully Google accredited. E-pedagogy Coordinator Mr Alex Jackman and Music Specialist (+ fast adaptor) Mr Ezra Bartlett have guided staff through the training modules, so that they may fully integrate Google tools into their innovative, collaborative, engaging and future focused learning programmes.

Staff recently enjoyed the opportunity to recognise three Mission Heights Junior College teachers who advanced from the ‘provisional’ to ‘fully registered’ teaching status. Pictured here are our talented graduates Ezra Bartlett, Sonia Lovemore and Rajesh Joshi, with Principal Ian Morrison.

What’s in Store for 2018? Year 7 and 8 students will have three sessions a week for a term where they can develop their coding skills. This is part of our new digital technology focus which will also include gaming for learning. Another three sessions will be allocated to technology where students will be able to apply their design skills in practical classes using food, plastic or wood materials. The exciting William Pike Challenge will be offered to our Year 9 students to test their resilience and develop a love for the outdoors.

Ms Catherine Hunter has been awarded the 2017 TravelWise Schools Lead Teacher of the Year award. Ms Hunter leads a host of TravelWise activities at the school to promote walking or wheeling to school, including annual Road Safety Week initiatives to increase safety in and around our school community.

We will be offering Year 10 students the opportunity to develop their “inquiry” skills during DEEP. These extension classes will enable students within the accelerate classes and any other students to compete in IPENZ and other external competitions.• The school is providing many opportunities for students to participate in the performing arts next year. Students in Year 7 & 8 will develop their musical skills by playing an instrument, as instrumental music becomes compulsory for junior students from 2018. Ms Abbi Shields and Mr Ezra Bartlett have already started preparations for MHJC’s 2018 Musical entitled, “Back to the 80’s!” The production celebrates the colourful 1980’s era of breakdancing, leg warmers, crop tops, mullets and pop music and features classic sing-along songs such as Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, Kenny Loggins’ Footloose and Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.



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CRICKET: This year has been a breakthrough year for cricket at Mission Heights Junior College. We have entered our first girls’ cricket team into a local competition. Our Year 7 & 8 boys cricket team competed in the Auckland wide Active Post cup. The boys really made the school proud by reaching the top 8 in Auckland. Our Year 9 & 10 boys Colts team where invited by Auckland cricket to enter into the Colts 2 competition. Taking part in this Saturday competition is by invite only from Auckland Cricket. We are competing against some of the top cricket schools in Auckland and with one game to go are currently second on the points table. Throughout the season there have been great performances from some individual players: Benson Ireland - has scored a century (109*) against Kings. He is the top wicket taker and third highest run scorer in the competition. He has also taken the second most catches in the competition (7). Devon Murdoch - is the fourth highest run scorer in the competition with a highest score of 72. Tannin Khurana- has also scored a century (106) against King’s College. He is the sixth highest run scorer in the competition. Atif Asif - had a great match with the ball against King’s College and finished the match with bowling figures of 5/17.

NETBALL: In 2017 we entered 8 netball teams in the different competitions. Our Premier and Year 7 & 8A teams both competed in the Auckland netball competition. The other teams competed in the Howick Pakuranga netball competition as well as the South Eastern Zone tournament.

BASKETBALL: Another strong year for MHJC basketball. With 25 teams competing in different competitions it was our U/15 boys who qualified for the Auckland Championships and finished 8th in Auckland. Our Dream Team came 2nd in Grade B for the 3 x 3 Summer Hoops comp: Kris Lal, Ashwin Singh Conan Reddy, Radesh Muhunthan and Safee Aziznishikaji.

Athletics: We experienced some great successes in athletics this year. We have sent 55 athletes to the interschool events. Here are some of the standout performances: Jayshant Kumar qualified for the Auckland championships for U/15 boys in the 100m and long jump and he made the top eight in the 100m sprint. Janke Martiz qualified for the Auckland Championships by placing 2nd and 3rd in Shot Put and Discus for Year 8 girls during the South Eastern Zone athletics. Jasmine Strong qualified for the Auckland Championships by placing 2nd in both the 800m and 1500m races for Year 7 girls during the South Eastern Zone athletics. Lachlan Henry qualified for the Auckland Championships by placing 2nd in the 400m race for Year 7 boys during the South Eastern Zone athletics. Algin Fondling qualified for the Auckland Championships by placing 3rd in the 100m race for Year 7 boys during the South Eastern Zone athletics.

Football: 2017 was a great year for football at Mission Heights Junior College. With our Premier boys team playing in the U/14A2 competition for the first time and playing against schools from around greater Auckland. Competing against the traditional top football schools in Auckland we placed an encouraging 4th at the end of the season. Our Y8 boys football team also placed 3rd in the South Eastern Zone Tournament.

Cross Country: We took 30 Year 7 & 8 runners to the South Eastern Zone Cross Country and they all did really well. Lachlan Henry and Jasmine Strong both qualified for the Auckland Championships.

2017 AIMS Games: In September we travelled with a squad of 50 students to Tauranga to compete at the Annual Anchor AIMS Games. This year over 10,000 athletes took part in 21 sporting codes with MCJC participating in Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Netball and Swimming. We had some good results across all codes and the standout performance went to our netball team, winning the B grade section of the 2017 tournament. Our school placed 32nd overall out of the 120 sports teams in our divisions, representing 275 schools throughout New Zealand, Tonga and the Cook Islands.

These are just some of the many highlights that happened this year. We would like to thank all the participants, as well as all the coaches, for making 2017 a GREAT sporting year at Mission Heights Junior College. Yours in sport,

Helgard Groenewald, Sports Co-ordinator and Laetitia Jansen Van Rensburg, Sports Assistant.

Maori & Pasifika Celebration -

30 NOVEMBER 2017


A celebration of Maori & Pasifika cultures within our community with dance, music, song and special awards.

Jason Tuhaka: Maori & Pasifika Co-ordinator

Special Guest: actor Te Kohe Tuhaka - born in Gisborne, inspired by his English teacher to try acting, hasn’t looked back since. He has starred in many movies including ‘The Deadlands’, ‘Mahana’ and ‘Sione’s Wedding’ (to name a few). He has also featured in stage productions, TV shows, and is now also involved in Producing and Directing.

A wonderful variety of contemporary and traditional performances showcased the beauty and pride of our Maori and Pasifika cultures. Mrs Reed led a team of very enthusiastic students and teachers and they all did an amazing job beautifying the theatre and hall.

Māori & Pasifika students were acknowledged for the following achievements: - Year 10 NCEA credits - Two (or more) years progress in Reading and Maths - Top 4 Māori and Pasifika students from each Whānau - Māori & Pasifika Council

The Māori & Pasifika Council extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in the MHJC Celebration evening. It was amazing! Our students represented their whānau/aiga with such pride. Te Kohes’ words struck a chord in many of our students and their family to be BRAVE! Ngā mihi nui, Jason Tuhaka - Te Reo Māori kaiako Mission Heights Junior College.

7C1 Back Row: Daniel Alekperov, Austin Law, Leo Cao, Kevin Leng 3rd Row: Varchasva Sehdev, Kota Kitson, Melinda Pender, Sandra Nguyen, Guransh Singh, Kun Chen, Shawn Lee 2nd Row: Sean Leary, Sunaina Sharma, Meera Naidu, Keargn Tito, Naina Sharma, Maia Murray Front Row: Gracy Mahajan, Fateh Bhular, Nishika Jain, Jennifer Liou, Mehar Kaur, Ruhaan Saiyed, Rebecca Ma Absent: Edwin Chew, Isabella Haugh, Julie Jin, Lucy Knight

7C2 Back Row: Halle Tang, Bradie MacFadyen, Rian Arora, Marcus Josh Canlas 3rd Row: Joshua Wei, Caleb Jurgens, Khris Patel, Darlene Cooper, Cooper Stewart, Bryan Lal, Miyaka Ortiz 2nd Row: Hannah Gillespie, Anshu Suneel, Dontay Letalatala, Fj Lavea, Lulu Shi, Risha Prasad Front Row: Lina Kang, Kordaeza Wihongi, Melika Zeyni, Ishika Gounder, Katrina Pham, Saurav Chand, Meena H Mukalef Absent: Lachlan Hendry, Aleiya Key, Cruz Porter

7F1 Back Row: Jameel Din, Mantej Singh, Anshveer Maan, Bhavisha Ram, Neil Singh, Thirushen Govender 3rd Row: Troy Korewha, Manveer Grewal, Ishaan Shukla, Caden Govender, Honey Cashay Tuhura-Herkt, Nixon Kwan, Adrian Lal 2nd Row: Wei Xiang Yong, Cody Diffey, Brooklyn-Rose Timu, Kaylin Strydom, Sophia Lafaiali’i, Marion Aimee Petelo, Katie Naylor Front Row: Jessica Wong, Rishita Rasela, Samerah Amarasinghe, Kyla Murdoch, Shanaya Prasad, Ashwina Krishnakumar, Navini Ariyasinghe Absent: Gumaan Mahindra, Andy Wang

7F2 Back Row: Matthew Ren, Aniketh Goundar, Tony Dang Tran, Harman Brar, Maisarah Madawi, Suhina Karangalpady 3rd Row: Tanveer Ummat, Yav Ram, Joanna Phou, Rooshan Cheema, Barleen Sandhu, Amrit Dhillon, Alejandro Borges 2nd Row: Cong Cong Ma, Zhi Qi Ma, Harsahil Basra, Sophia Chen, Basheerah Loubscher, Keanen Mancer, Heera Suryadevara Front Row: Ria Goundar, Japleen Kaur, Gurleen Brar, Chrezylhyn Ortega, Kiran Sandhu, Angel Alontave, Katelin Chan Absent: Jennifer Liou

7M1 Back Row: Yang Yang Zheng, Maaz Bari, Ethan Chen, Diya Singh, Mohit Lal, Rachana Rajeev 3rd Row: Ricky Ma, Gina Martin, Brenan Naidu, Nazanin Akbary, Steven Le, Harry Nguyen, Daivik Naidu 2nd Row: Khushdeep Kaur, Xiao Rui Lin, Randall Baker, Michael Peacock, Daniel Wei, Ishrit Khangura Front Row: Nelly Mistry, Divshay Sharma, Jennifer Zeng, Madisyn Hohua-Tata, Preeta Kadam, Krishan Chand, Danica Lim Chong Absent: Lucca Sherlock

7M2 Back Row: Akash Prasad, Ruth Madoka, Raghuram Veerla, Sharon Ng 3rd Row: Veeral Patel, Neksha Juneja, Martin Bergh, Kiana Smith, Connor Ghezzi, Ava Steele, Irene Wu 2nd Row: Kashvi Kumar, Gabriael Al-Chalabi, Linus Pang, Nikhil Deo, Angelina Ear, Aditi Kumar Front Row: Alexa Davis, Javed Khan, Sameia Alladad, Aisha Bochu, Shella Bakhsh, Daniel Gin, Clarissa Chan Absent: Kamuta Luafutu, Yvanna Seiuli

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7W1 Back Row: Tanshil Kumar, Pia Arroyo, Yash Gulani, Jessica Kang, Shivraj Singh-Randhawa, Bill Liu 3rd Row: AJ Bassano, Yuki Li, Talia Govender, Zain Ismail, Damanvir Saran, Divjot Kaur, Frances Hunt 2nd Row: Shreya Patel, Matthew Pan, Karmanjeet Sandhu, Adarshpreet Bhullar, Jayden Revell, Paige French, Donny Aiono Front Row: Tia Abel, Ruben Bharot, Karina Hira, Krishah Kaileshan, Danna Liu, Deni Zaman, Sehej Waraich Absent: Jainish Kumar, Gabriel Narayan

7W2 Back Row: Frank Lin, Algin Fondling, Tra Mi Nguyen, Tanisha Rao, Jiya Patel, Catherine Shipway 3rd Row: Maytham Majeed, Marcus Kupkovic, Raymond Wang, Frank Chen, Ramsha Khan, Zachariah Tapuai, Juanye Silva-Hoani 2nd Row: Jasmine Strong, Israeel Kannemeyer, Abby McGarva, Kenny Zhong, Joachim Temu, Shams Al Adhami, Daniel Hawes Front Row: Rani Sharma, Xayvion Michael, Shalyn Prasad, Samantha Pham, Aliyaah Mohammed, Andre Kowanjko, Rawasi Dhalli

8C1 Back Row: Alex Ha, Shuaib Boomgaard, Cody Chea 3rd Row: Mackenzie Pritchard, Ivan Yang, Riyah Goundar, Tayla Suka, Siaan Mathura, Max Holland, Ivan Baker 2nd Row: Khushie Juneja, Zahir Azad, Caleb Ioane, Cyrus Tuhaka, Sonique Jacobs, Liana Cassi Front Row: Paris Narayan, Joshua Saunders, Bettina Labnotin, Mila Veljkovic, Rebecca Solomons, Ether Gray-Lefale, Prisha Reddy Absent: Hugo Lai, Joash Narayan

8C2 Back Row: Andy Soryath, Hanan Naidu, Rishab Lal, Leon Lei 3rd Row: Harold Carunungan, Jatinder Ubhi, Lucy Liu, Joshua Naylor, Harry Pham, Jed Benedict Kun Yeo, Nathan Zheng 2nd Row: Joecell Cabase, Lusche Singh, Nikita Maisuria, Gurmehar Bajwa, Cilina Ho, Anneliese Parker, Kenn Lai Front Row: Noor Diwan, Gio Hanns Turtal, Keira Fennessy, Jennifer Guo, Alicia Steele, Sahishnn Baskar, Bonnie Ye

8F1 Back Row: Nikhilesh Prasad, Jordan Hemopo, Dhiryl Bhikha, Avezha Rizvi, Aryan Kumar, Yolisha Naidoo 3rd Row: Drishti Ratna, Harsher Sandhu, Tong Chan, Kevin Jin, Grace Hazell, Allan Wang, Avantikha Mudaliar 2nd Row: Johnathan Aviet, Jingjing Wang, Leon Li, Zohaib Syed, Hannah Grant, Janke Maritz Front Row: Ally Lin, Rohan Mathur, Aaliyah Dass, Tino Madondo, Diyana Hayat Khan, David Shen, Faatimah Nisa Absent: Sunny Singh

8F2 Back Row: Liam Ramasami, Mujahid Isaacs, Margi Kaushik, Douglas Gould 3rd Row: Himanshi Bala, Dylan Reuben-Menzies, Andre Boshoff, Ethan Jones, Simone Riekert, Karishma Gounder, Lyonne Abad 2nd Row: Niskil Nair, Amelia Singh, Rita Guo, Denzel Pereira, Trevor Werahiko, Michaela Rohm, Kavya Mohindru Front Row: Celina San, Aditya Kala, Marissa Dodd, Anje Te Boekhorst, Emily Pretorius, Kevin Feng, Betty He

Page 32

8M1 Back Row: Redd Kwok, Farhan Ahmad, Ivan Koundratas, Kabir Sikh 3rd Row: Gursimran Kaur Randhawa, Jo’res Taramai-Remo, Jacky Lin, Andrew Ma, Ramiyah Feterika, Matthew Whelan, Jason Singh 2nd Row: Jordan Wadsworth, Trent Hellesoe-Whaanga, Ezekiel Ng Shiu, John Kenneth Astadan, Ruby Tasmania, Te Ariki Tuhi, Ivan Ng Front Row: Erin-Leigh Pye, Cyvan Sharma, Navyaa Mehta, Shalom Toilalo, Simrat Deol, Damian Shen, Bhavleen Kaur Absent: Ivan Feng, Justine Otieco

8M2 Back Row: Willie Lan, Cong Yao Ma, Thahaseen Mobin Basha, Varish Nair, Ken Li, Elsa McCormick 3rd Row: Shaariq Khan, Kiesya Liew, Saniya Sajwan, Harrison Shao, Isha Rah’mani, Daniel Yan, Dylan Aspden 2nd Row: Farhaan Mohammed, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Michael Bachiri, Prabhjot Sodhi, Yuvraj Sandhu, Alyssa Ushaw, Raiyan Khan Front Row: Devanshi Mani, Leandro Arabelo, Bhavjeet Kaur, Crystal Su, Avishna Sharma, Jason Wong, Keryn Chong

8W1 Back Row: Jackson Smith, Aimee Creighton, Ghaith Aldouri 3rd Row: Aadi Golchha, Diya Nambiar, Anmol Singh Dhillon, Lucy Zhao, Mustafa Kamish, Jujhar Singh, Kelly Ma 2nd Row: Kenny Long, Ricky Bassano, Dilpreet Singh, Caleb Dowling, John Nguyen, Muhabbat Hossein-Zadeh Front Row: Rand Jan, Jasper Carpenter, Cordelia Shi, Aliza Azba, Alisha Govind, Max Herbert, Mavis Chin Absent: William Kouch, Leo Li

8W2 Back Row: Ranvir Singh, Ayesha Ali, Chelsea Ou Yang, Grace Sampson, Gezamae Tuhura-Herkt, Divya Kumar, Alex Xue 2nd Row: Kris Lal, Sam Martin, Ashwin Singh, Sokopeti Lavemai, Harshitha Surendran, Anjli Shinmar Front Row: Neha Joseph, Radesh Muhunthan, Johanna Fan, Anchal Dodani, Jessica Fan, Yash Kanji, Jahnavi Shah Absent: Safee Aziznishikaji, Ashiv Govind, Conan Reddy

9C1 Back Row: Aadi Singh, Krish Arora, Ali Zeyni 3rd Row: Arushi Suneel, Seth Riley Soriano, Henrik Hout, Shivahiel Gounder, Aditya Nair, Ekin Liu, Kim Huynh 2nd Row: Colin Ng, Roman Key, Sahjeet Anttal, Zubair Ali, Dawn Yang, Armaan Lohi Front Row: Jiyeong Park, Aiden Asre, Lexi Samuels, Maggie Chan, Manisha Pratap, Kevashan Moodley, Carol Joseph

9C2 Back Row: Laura Blanco, Byrin Knox, Vanja Pretorius, Judayah Wadsworth, Piper Korner, Jun Yi Ng, Harshanieya Kaur 2nd Row: Steven Lin, Jasleen Kaur, Tanveer Virk, Glazcious Phares Vaega, Jashiel Prasad, Bradley Perino, Kirill Griffen Front Row: Dorothy Huang, Yilan Tan, Mellisa Zhou, Helen Ruan, Brianna Yeung, Caitlin Beattie, Ankita Chauhan

Page 33

9F1 Back Row: Humayra Azam, Aathif Mobin Basha, William Chen, Karan Singh, Renee Singh, Liam Gin, Hebe He 2nd Row: Harshil Parmar, Paikea Aerenga, Flynn Adams, Tuor Chan, Marlon Bolivar, Chloe Lee Front Row: Kristine Marzan, Rogen Jr Chigwende, Nehalika Sahay, Chelsey Choy, Amelia Locke, Wei Zheng Yong, Neha Prasad Absent: Raunak Matharu, Nazar Ukraychenko

9F2 Back Row: Desmond Wu, Kaea Totorewa-Tauranga, Makayla Galloway, Rajbir Sandhu, Isabel Kumar, Sovanndara Hann, Francine Cutillon 2nd Row: Krish Goyal, Hao Wen Ni, Shivneel Rajan, Caleb Rhodes, Zoey Marsters, Tannin Khurana Front Row: Saineha Desu, Farhan Ali, Pahul Kaur, Eve Hee, Tania Kumar, Leo Champion, Niamh Beattie Absent: Howard Li, Caleb Nair, Kaea Hudson

9M1 Back Row: Zainab Khan, Harshveer Dhaliwal, Pritpaal Sokhi, Ali Tawfeeq 3rd Row: Annie Lu, Kaylene Govender, Leo Liu, Jia Jun Tan, Christian Lintag, Khang Nguyen, Tariq Mahomed 2nd Row: Prina Patel, Jayden Singh, Ocean Jiang, Jerusalem Toilalo, Vishant Chand, Sunny Lau Front Row: Esther Cao, Justin Ho, Sofia Lois Alontave, Wasan Abu Nada, Helen Man, Alex Leng, Isabelle Lim Absent: Steven Dao, Sanford Lu, Yovia Rou Ruan

9M2 Back Row: Kathleen Tieu, Payal Dowlath, Jasmine Sidhu, Kashvi Vij, Yuan Tsai, Tisha Krishna, Ayushi Narayan 2nd Row: Sami Casares Hussein, Keani Pereira, Harjot Singh Dharni, Jason Tuhaka, Ethan Kidd, Kyle Anderson, Alexis Tofilau, Victoria Kree Front Row: Morgan Valentin, Ronak Lal, Sima Jafar, Olivia McSaveney, Annie Man, Paul Chan, Brooklyn Camage Absent: Amanda Lee, Colin Li

9W1 Back Row: Mia Makatoa, Georgia Wright, Amanda Johnson 3rd Row: Tihann Bergh, Zaina Ali, Aulia Suryo, Apryl Trego, Simran Sami, Nehal Deo, Hamizan Hasny 2nd Row: Kayan Kermani, Ashton Narayan, Toka Hetaraka, Efatullah Husain Baksh, Ayush Sudhakar, Loisi Koyamaisoso Front Row: Jennifer Keh, Khary Khammy, Chantelle Renolds, Tanna Clegg, Anahera Mason-Wells, Derek Sue, Devarnya Govender Absent: Ritik Chand, Javan Janse Van Rensburg

9W2 Back Row: Lofi Lavemai, Veron Sharma, Winson Veng, Ranish Dev 2nd Row: Anav Ramsing, Aodhan MacFadyen, James Zeng, Mu-aath Kannemeyer, Hailey Ward, Yashkant Rattan Front Row: Denell Hann, Danny Vu, Hamish Bali, Saurav Singh, Kush Killa, Zaynab Dhalli Absent: CJ Lupena-Baker

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10C1 Back Row: Gullrupan Turke, Laiba Batool, Urvi Dhanji 3rd Row: Sarah Ho, William Dam, Ronald Kristoff Ondoy, Rishik Sami, Kaed Charman, Emily Pearson, Rippen Kaur 2nd Row: Robert Cecil, Yousuf Mohammed, Joachim Aw, Carlos Tarawhiti, Yasir Sahib, Kajal Patel Front Row: TeRina Uitime, James Duong, Aimee Young, Lui Baker, Kirin Swann, John Phan, Jasmina Lohi Absent: Neil Inmathong, Jayden Reddy

10C2 Back Row: Akira Maharaj, Solana Carpenter, Ariel Kim, Lia Arroyo 3rd Row: Amisha Singh, Ruthwik Nallapaneni, Chetan Dev, Campbell Strong, Benson Ireland, Joanne Ting, Trishika Nand 2nd Row: Caitlin Pillay, Dilshadpreet Singh, Megan Strydom, Kalvin Huynh, Devon Murdoch, Vanisha Rajan, Eugene Chua Front Row: Jamini Patel, Ryan Iglesia, Siya Kumar, Shaniya Kumar, Yaashna Prasad, Anthony Zhu, Camryn Chetty Absent: Joshua Christmas

10F1 Back Row: Sahana Narain, Helaman Lavea, Chenae Korewha, Ashleigh Riekert, Jordan Fester 2nd Row: Lucy Strawbridge, Jak Jensen, Timothy Rheeder, Henry Ma, Alston Chong, Warren Tout, Amy Moore Front Row: Kaiyu Zeng, Zach Dylan Naling, Kelly Kong, Sharon Zheng, Wendy Liou, Pinder Singh, Kathy Feng Absent: Ryan Meiring, Eden Naera

10F2 Back Row: Chloe Malanyaon, Polly Mason-Wells, Cruize Chetty, Harman Sandhu, Sadhika Singh, Joshua Jeftha 2nd Row: Divya Chand, Deepit Chawla, Shail Sharma, Bradley Kuyk, Yash Ram, Daley Taimataora Front Row: Simone Chan, Samantha Aspden, Preeti Gounder, Annemeik Vaha’akolo-Ngaika, Jaanvi Chand, Georgia Hall Absent: Sherry Chen, Joshua Setefano, Ivy Xiao

10M1 Back Row: Raymond Ma, Neo Jessa, Alisha Khan, Wilson Lan 3rd Row: Sharmin Memon, Millie Chen, Cong Han Ma, Shevelle Sharma, Nevile Kwan Jun Hao, Codee Hollick-O’Connor, Kylie Wu, Nicole Fraser 2nd Row: Joshua Pretorius, Zafar Khan, Gautham Gunasheelan, Harman Singh, Joshua Rao, Mantaj Singh, Kavi Chand Front Row: Nikita Raj, Derick Dela Cruz, Gurleen Kaur, Dane Djajana, Jayshant Kumar, Kristy Kanal, Daren Ritchie, Aarthi Ramkumar Absent: Bailey Camage, Makayla Tuiloma

10M2 Back Row: Holly Simpson, Katherine Chen, Timothy Chong, Dilan Patel, Luis Gabriel Morrow, Caitlin Smith 3rd Row: Manraj Gill, Simran Sharma, Meeral Mistry, Yan Chen, Tiana Herewini, Avneet Biln, Daniel Tran 2nd Row: Brooklyn Toleafoa, Arashdip Parmar, Jasmeet Singh, Ethan Fenning, Gurjas Sandhu, Ibrahim Ismaeil Front Row: Jasmeen Virk, David Ha, Stella Xin, Pranya Kala, Esther Thuo, Steven Lam, Sukhman Khosa Absent: Bruce Li, Stephanie Phan

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10W1 Back Row: Mei Guan, Reece Abel, Darian Chetty, Salah Mohammed, Toby Ko, Harneet Dhami 3rd Row: Nick Ngo, Mansimran Kaur, Gurmeet Singh, Divek Nadan, Prabhleen Kaur, Aasim Issa, Joel Goundar 2nd Row: Maddison Taylor, Callum Benson, Bianca Langi, Tommy Tran, Charlie Turoa, Ahmed Jan Front Row: Iris Luo, Ethan Valentine, Nishita Sahay, Ishveer Maan, Athena Dayne Ysobelle Abad, Dan Dao, Shahad Ldouri Absent: Paula Pirangi

10W2 Back Row: Atif Asif, Emaan Dass, Upashana Sen, Leane Te Boekhorst, Richelle Prasad, Kenya Lugo 3rd Row: Pulkit Bahal, Shelvin Gounder, Michael Drugan, Sahil Prakash, Billgatesun Seang, Muriahua Pahi, Bailey Williams 2nd Row: Caleb Jones, Sharaheel Saheel, Duncan Lane, Madison Valentin, Caleb Prasad, Kelvin Chen Front Row: Jenny Lim, David Tran, Jeanny Do, Jessica Luong, Cassie Wu, Yu-hui Cao, Eden Baard

BADMINTON AIMS GAMES Fateh Bhular, Anje Te Boekhorst, Nishika Jain

BADMINTON SQUAD Back Row: James Duong, Yuan Tsai, Kashvi Vij, Christian Lintag Front Row: Justin Ho, Alex Leng, Leo Liu

BASKETBALL ABSL ACES Back Row: Ashwin Singh, Te Ariki Tuhi, Caleb Dowling, Denzel Pereira, Michael Peacock Front Row: Leandro Arabelo, Harrison Shao, Kris Lal, Varish Nair, Ranvir Singh

BASKETBALL ABSL DREAM TEAM Back Row: Ricky Ma, Ashiv Govind, Safee Aziznishikaji Front Row: Jasper Carpenter, Conan Reddy, Radesh Muhunthan

Page 36

BASKETBALL ABSL FEEZYS Back Row: Donny Aiono, Marcus Kupkovic, Adarshpreet Bhullar, Maytham Majeed Front Row: Andre Kowanjko, Algin Fondling, Kordaeza Wihongi, Xiao Rui Lin, Jainish Kumar

BASKETBALL ABSL GLADIATORS Back Row: Sam Martin, Hannah Grant, Gumaan Mahindra, Gina Martin, Himanshi Bala Front Row: Avantikha Mudaliar, Harman Brar, Aryan Kumar, Rooshan Cheema, Diyana Hayat Khan

BASKETBALL ABSL SUPERSTARS Back Row: Kabir Sikh, Farhan Ahmad, Ezekiel Ng Shiu, Trent HellesoeWhaanga, Sunaina Sharma Front Row: Nathan Zheng, Jatinder Ubhi, Gio Hanns Turtal, Harold Carunungan, Max Herbert

BASKETBALL ABSL SWISHERS Back Row: Keryn Chong, Guransh Singh, Raiyan Khan, Jason Wong Front Row: Yash Gulani, Alyssa Ushaw, Prabhjot Sodhi

BASKETBALL ABSL TROOPERS Back Row: Tanveer Ummat, Steven Le, Harsahil Basra, Amrit Dhillon Front Row: Aniketh Goundar, Alejandro Borges, Tony Dang Tran

BASKETBALL ABSL GOLD-BANKS Back Row: Sean Leary, Aadi Golchha, Matthew Pan, Ricky Ma Front Row: Jackson Smith, Michael Peacock, Radesh Muhunthan

Page 37

BASKETBALL ABSL HOUNDS Back Row: Farhaan Mohammed, Bhavjeet Kaur, Yuvraj Sandhu, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Avishna Sharma Front Row: Keryn Chong, Alyssa Ushaw, Devanshi Mani

BASKETBALL ABSL SUPA STARS Back Row: Maytham Majeed, Zain Ismail, Yash Gulani, Zachariah Tapuai Front Row: Kordaeza Wihongi, Gabriel Narayan, Marcus Kupkovic, Amrit Dhillon, Andre Kowanjko

BASKETBALL U15 BOYS A TEAM Back Row: Roman Key, Javan Janse Van Rensburg 2nd Row: Jerusalem Toilalo, Mantaj Singh, Jason Tuhaka, Daymon Adams (Coach) Front Row: Tuor Chan, Ashton Narayan, Marlon Bolivar, Ayush Sudhakar, Kayan Kermani

Page 38

BASKETBALL ABSL POUNCERS Back Row: Jatinder Ubhi, Ezekiel Ng Shiu, Trent Hellesoe-Whaanga, Sunaina Sharma Front Row: Harold Carunungan, Gio Hanns Turtal, Jason Wong

BASKETBALL SEZ AIMS GAMES Back Row: Ashwin Singh, Te Ariki Tuhi, Caleb Dowling, Denzel Pereira, Michael Peacock Front Row: Leandro Arabelo, Harrison Shao, Kris Lal, Varish Nair, Ranvir Singh

BASKETBALL U15 BOYS B TEAM Back Row: Shivneel Rajan, Leo Champion, Raunak Matharu Front Row: Aulia Suryo, Sharaheel Saheel, Reece Abel

BASKETBALL U15 GIRLS Back Row: Amanda Lee 2nd Row: Simran Sami, Zaina Ali Front Row: Apryl Trego, Amelia Locke, Sofia Lois Alontave

BASKETBALL U17 BOYS Back Row: Devon Murdoch 2nd Row: Joshua Pretorius, Zafar Khan, Jasmeet Singh, Mr Leo Arabelo (Coach) Front Row: Jayshant Kumar, Caleb Prasad, Nick Ngo, Lui Baker, Luis Gabriel Morrow

BASKETBALL U17 GIRLS Back Row: Annemeik Vaha’akolo-Ngaika 2nd Row: Esther Thuo, Simran Sharma, Amy Moore, Polly Mason-Wells Front Row: Anahera Mason-Wells, Eden Naera, Divya Chand

ACTIVE CUP CRICKET BOYS YEAR 7 & 8 Back Row: Ashwina Krishnakumar, Ruhaan Saiyed, Jainish Kumar, Mantej Singh, Fateh Bhular 2nd Row: Rohan Mathur, Kabir Sikh, Ranvir Singh, Max Herbert, Mr Neil Penfold (Assistant Coach) Front Row: Rooshan Cheema, Harsher Sandhu, Sunny Singh, Adarshpreet Bhullar, Johnathan Aviet

CRICKET BLITZ BOYS YEAR 9 & 10 Back Row: Helgard Groenewald 2nd Row: Ian Morrison, Krish Arora, Daren Ritchie, Veron Sharma, Saurav Singh, Naddy Naidoo Front Row: Manraj Gill, Gurjas Sandhu, Harman Singh, Arashdip Parmar, Shail Sharma Absent: Pritpaal Sokhi

CRICKET BLITZ GIRLS YEAR 7 & 8 Back Row: Laetitia Jansen Van Rensburg, Kate Lambert 2nd Row: Kiesya Liew, Saniya Sajwan, Abby McGarva, Risha Prasad Front Row: Gina Martin, Avezha Rizvi, Ashwina Krishnakumar

Page 39

CRICKET BLITZ GIRLS YEAR 9 & 10 Back Row: Makayla Tuiloma, Millie Chen, Mansimran Kaur, Laetitia Jansen Van Rensburg Front Row: Camryn Chetty, Amy Moore, Megan Strydom, Sukhman Khosa, Jamini Patel

CRICKET COLTS YEAR 9 & 10 Back Row: Campbell Strong, Atif Asif, Gurmeet Singh 2nd Row: Meeral Mistry, Kayan Kermani, Harjot Singh Dharni, Duncan Lane, Helgard Groenewald (Coach) Front Row: Ruthwik Nallapaneni, Tannin Khurana, Devon Murdoch, Benson Ireland, Tihann Bergh. Absent: Dilan Patel

SEZ CROSS COUNTRY Back Row: Lachlan Hendry, Marissa Dodd, Dylan Reuben-Menzies, Jessica Kang, Caleb Jurgens 2nd Row: Kiesya Liew, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Paige French, Ashwin Singh, Risha Prasad, Aimee Creighton Front Row: Jasmine Strong, Leandro Arabelo, Melika Zeyni, Saurav Chand, Shanaya Prasad l

EASTERN TOUCH RUGBY BOYS Back Row: Bailey Williams, Jerusalem Toilalo, Caleb Prasad, Lofi Lavemai Front Row: Mu-aath Kannemeyer, Jason Tuhaka, Lui Baker, Benson Ireland, Sharheel Saheel

EASTERN TOUCH RUGBY GIRLS Back Row: Polly Mason-Wells, Amy Moore, Tiana Herewini, Amanda Johnson, Sonia Lovemore (Coach) Front Row: Zoey Marsters, Annemeik Vaha’akolo-Ngaika, Denell Hann

FOOTBALL AIMS GAMES Back Row: Joecell Cabase, Tino Madondo, Lachlan Hendry, Hanan Naidu, Joash Narayan, Mr D Nutt (Coach) Front Row: Ethan Jones, Dylan Reuben-Menzies, Xiao Rui Lin, Conan Reddy, Max Herbert

Page 40

FOOTBALL ASB BOYS Back Row: Chetan Dev, Manraj Gill, Harshil Parmar, Joel Goundar, Rogen Jr Chigwende. 2nd Row: Shail Sharma, Harjot Singh Dharni, Arashdip Parmar, Mr A Jackman (Coach) Front Row: CJ Lupena-Baker, Jashiel Prasad, Caleb Prasad, Veron Sharma, Joshua Jeftha

FOOTBALL ASB GIRLS Back Row: Caitlin Pillay, Lia Arroyo, Amanda Johnson, Emaan Dass, Shahad Ldouri. 2nd Row: Prabhleen Kaur, Lucy Strawbridge, Amy Moore, Joanne Ting, Ms K Lambert (Coach) Front Row: Niamh Beattie, Tania Kumar, Pahul Kaur, Akira Maharaj, Camryn Chetty

FOOTBALL YEAR 7 & 8 BOYS Back Row: Denzel Pereira 2nd Row: Kenny Long, Ethan Jones, Gurmehar Bajwa, Tino Madondo, Mr D Nutt (Coach) Front Row: Max Herbert, Liam Ramasami, Dhiryl Bhikha, Hanan Naidu, Joecell Cabase

FOOTBALL YEAR 7 BOYS Back Row: Gabriel Narayan, Juanye Silva-Hoani, Brenan Naidu 2nd Row: Daivik Naidu, Michael Peacock, Xiao Rui Lin, Mr Neil Penfold (Coach) Front Row: Xayvion Michael, Caleb Jurgens, Lachlan Hendry, Zain Ismail, Saurav Chand

FOOTBALL YEAR 7 GIRLS Back Row: Jasmine Strong, Pia Arroyo, Sehej Waraich 2nd Row: Kashvi Kumar, Hannah Gillespie, Naina Sharma, Ms S Lovemore (Coach) Front Row: Ruth Madoka, Yvanna Seiuli, Melika Zeyni, Kiran Sandhu, Suhina Karangalpady

FOOTBALL YEAR 8 GIRLS Back Row: Karishma Gounder 2nd Row: Devanshi Mani, Cilina Ho, Alyssa Ushaw, Ms S Lovemore (Coach) Front Row: Avishna Sharma, Ruby Tasmania, Bhavjeet Kaur

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FUTSAL YEAR 7 & 8 BOYS Back Row: Dylan Reuben-Menzies, David Nutt, Lachlan Hendry Front Row: Max Herbert, Hanan Naidu, Xiao Rui Lin, Juanye Silva-Hoani, Liam Ramasami Absent: Tino Madondo, Conan Reddy

FUTSAL YEAR 7 & 8 GIRLS Back Row: Sehej Waraich, Kiran Sandhu, Melika Zeyni, Jasmine Strong, Sonia Lovemore Front Row: Suhina Karangalpady, Kashvi Kumar, Justine Otieco, Angelina Ear, Ruth Madoka Absent: Sokopeti Lavemai

NETBALL SEZ BOYS Back Row: Troy Korewha, Zain Ismail, Cyrus Tuhaka, AJ Bassano, lsraeel Kannemeyer Front Row: Lachlan Hendry, Algin Fondling, Ricky Bassano

NETBALL AIMS GAMES Back Row: Cyrus Tuhaka, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Marion Aimee Petelo, Sophia Lafaiali’i, Brooklyn-Rose Timu, Olivia Young (Coach) Front Row: Kyla Murdoch, Ricky Bassano, Janke Maritz, Zain Ismail, Jo’res Taramai-Remo

NETBALL JUNIOR A Back Row: Sophia Lafaiali’i 2nd Row: Zain Ismail, Cyrus Tuhaka, Ricky Bassano, O Young (Coach) Front Row: Jo’res Taramai-Remo, Brooklyn-Rose Timu, Janke Maritz, Shalom Toilalo, Kyla Murdoch

NETBALL JUNIOR B Back Row: Troy Korewha, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Karishma Gounder, J Clansey (Coach) Front Row: Kaylin Strydom, Alyssa Ushaw, Harshitha Surendran, Meera Naidu, Maia Murray

Page 42

NETBALL JUNIOR C Back Row: AJ Bassano, Keargn Tito, Grace Hazell, Paige French Front Row: Shanaya Prasad, Frances Hunt, Aliza Azba, Talia Govender, Drishti Ratna

NETBALL JUNIOR D Back Row: Divjot Kaur, Naina Sharma, Khushdeep Kaur, Kirin Swann (Coach) Front Row: Ria Goundar, Hannah Gillespie, Kiran Sandhu, Jiya Patel, Nelly Mistry

NETBALL PREMIER GIRLS Back Row: Polly Mason-Wells 2nd Row: Apryl Trego, Kaea Totorewa-Tauranga, Kirin Swann, Laetitia (Coach) Front Row: Lucy Strawbridge, Tiana Herewini, Annemeik Vaha’akolo-Ngaika

NETBALL SENIOR A GIRLS Back Row: Avneet Biln, Chloe Lee, Apryl Trego, Abbbi Shields (Coach) Front Row: Jamini Patel, Polly Mason-Wells, Georgia Hall, Pulkit Bahal, Anahera Mason-Wells

NETBALL SENIOR B GIRLS Back Row: Amelia Locke 2nd Row: Laiba Batool, Denell Hann, Sadhika Singh, Karen Wells (Coach) Front Row: Humayra Azam, Nehalika Sahay, Holly Simpson, Payal Dowlath, Neha Prasad

ORIENTEERING TEAM Back Row: Dino Gardi, Jasper Carpenter, Annie Man, Yaashna Prasad, Jamini Patel, Caleb Jurgens 2nd Row: Victoria Kree, Henrik Hout, Dilshadpreet Singh, Kyle Anderson, Ronak Lal, Catherine Hunter Front Row: Shalyn Prasad, Helen Man, Laiba Batool, Hannah Gillespie, Bradie MacFadyen

Page 43

SWIMMING AIMS GAMES Michaela Rohm, Marissa Dodd

SEZ CROSS COUNTRY Back Row: Lachlan Hendry, Marissa Dodd, Dylan Reuben-Menzies, Jessica Kang, Caleb Jurgens 2nd Row: Kiesya Liew, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Paige French, Ashwin Singh, Risha Prasad, Aimee Creighton Front Row: Jasmine Strong, Leandro Arabelo, Melika Zeyni, Sauav Chand, Shanaya Prasad

SEZ GYMNASTICS Back Row: Pia Arroyo, Talia Govender, Paige French, Melika Zeyni Front Row: Ruth Madoka, Ishika Gounder, Sehej Waraich

SEZ HOCKEY BOYS Back Row: Jasper Carpenter, Jackson Smith, Lachlan Hendry 2nd Row: Harman Brar, Harsher Sandhu, Donny Aiono, Ricky Bassano, AJ Bassano, Chantelle French (Coach) Front Row: Krishan Chand, Rohan Mathur, Mantej Singh, Shivraj Singh-Randhawa, Jason Wong

SEZ HOCKEY GIRLS Back Row: Kelly Ma, Divjot Kaur, Anshu Suneel, Abby McGarva, Suhina Karangalpady 2nd Row: Gurleen Brar, Maia Murray, Alicia Steele, Keargn Tito, Gursimran Kaur Randhawa, Chantelle French (Coach) Front Row: Kiran Sandhu, Frances Hunt, Risha Prasad, Paige French, Sehej Waraich

SEZ ORIENTEERING Hannah Gillespie, Jasper Carpenter, Bradie MacFadyen, Catherine Hunter

Page 44

SEZ SWIMMING Back Row: Andy Soryath, Douglas Gould, Jasper Carpenter, Ethan Chen, Laetitia Jansen Van Rensburg Front Row: Marissa Dodd, Ezekiel Ng Shiu, Michaela Rohm, Safee Aziznishikaji, Melika Zeyni

SEZ TENNIS Back Row: Leon Li, Satendra Lal Front Row: Karishma Gounder, Diyana Hayat Khan, Ethan Chen

VOLLEYBALL A BOYS Back Row: Joel Goundar, Devon Murdoch, Tommy Tran, Jerusalem Toilalo, Roman Key Front Row: Caleb Prasad, Salah Mohammed, Benson Ireland

VOLLEYBALL A GIRLS Back Row: Eden Naera, Keani Pereira, Megan Strydom, Chloe Malanyaon, Polly Mason-Wells Front Row: Loisi Koyamaisoso, Apryl Trego, Amy Moore, Bianca Langi, Jamini Patel

VOLLEYBALL B BOYS Back Row: Leo Champion, Chetan Dev, Armaan Lohi, Ethyn Ikihele Front Row: Joachim Aw, Gurmeet Singh, Veron Sharma

VOLLEYBALL B GIRLS Back Row: Chantelle Reynolds, Sofia Lois Alontve 2nd Row: Joanne Ting, Chloe Lee, Prina Patel, Tanna Clegg Front Row: Anahera Mason-Wells, Lia Arroyo, Maddison Taylor, Camryn Chetty, Niamh Beattie

Page 45

COAST WHANAU COUNCIL Back Row: Jamini Patel, Laiba Batool, Risha Prasad 2nd Row: Hannah Gillespie, Ryan Iglesia, Meera Naidu, Campbell Strong, Kirill Griffen, Alex Jackman Front Row: Mila Veljkovic, Joanne Ting, Zubair Ali, Vanisha Rajan, Camryn Chetty Absent: Kajal Patel

FOREST WHANAU COUNCIL Back Row: Wei Zheng Yong, Karishma Gounder, Amelia Locke, Neha Prasad, Nikhilesh Prasad 2nd Row: Emily Pretorius, Preeti Gounder, Kavya Mohindru, Pahul Kaur, Chandana Premdeep Front Row: Shanaya Prasad, Diyana Hayat Khan, Georgia Hall, Maisarah Madawi, Faatimah Nisa

MOUNTAINS WHANAU COUNCIL Back Row: Wasan Abu Nada, Raiyan Khan, Codee Hollick-O’Connor, Paul Chan, Olivia McSaveney 2nd Row: Tiana Herewini, Keani Pereira, Ibrahim Ismaeil, Avneet Biln, Miriam Martin Front Row: Devanshi Mani, Gursimran Kaur Randhawa, Victoria Kree, Justine Otieco, Yvanna Seiuli

WATER WHANAU COUNCIL Back Row: Pia Arroyo, Jasper Carpenter, Aadi Golchha, Jackson Smith, Juanye Silva-Hoani, Olivia Young 2nd Row: Nick Ngo, Salah Mohammed, Bianca Langi, Duncan Lane, Caleb Prasad, Reece Abel, Andre Kowanjko Front Row: Denell Hann, Tanna Clegg, Maddison Taylor, Tommy Tran, Leane Te Boekhorst, Jahnavi Shah, Zaina Ali

SPORTS COUNCIL Back Row: Campbell Strong, Tannin Khurana, Yuan Tsai, Mansimran Kaur 2nd Row: Laetitia Jansen Van Rensburg, Eugene Chua, Duncan Lane, Harjot Singh Dharni, Jason Tuhaka, Devon Murdoch, Jerusalem Toilalo, Helgard Groenewald Front Row: Olivia McSaveney, Tihann Bergh, Lucy Strawbridge, Emaan Dass, Tiana Herewini, Benson Ireland, Emily Pretorius

Page 46

AUCKLAND MATHEX Back Row: Matthew Ren, Aryan Kumar, Raymond Wang, Paul Chan, Johanna Fan, Nikhilesh Prasad, Catherine Shipway 2nd Row: Joanna Phou, Eugene Chua, Devon Murdoch, Kalvin Huynh, Zohaib Syed, Campbell Strong, Yuan Tsai Front Row: Jessica Wong, Jasper Carpenter, Annie Man, Tony Dang Tran, Rishita Rasela, Radesh Muhunthan, Navini Ariyasinghe

MATHEX WINNERS YEAR 10 Campbell Strong, Kalvin Huynh, Devon Murdoch, Eugene Chua

MATHEX WINNERS YEAR 7 Navini Ariyasinghe, Rishita Rasela, Ashwina Krishnakumar, Jessica Wong

MATHEX WINNERS YEAR 9 Paul Chan, Yuan Tsai, Victoria Kree

MATHEX WINNERS YEAR 8 Aryan Kumar, Zohaib Syed, Dhiryl Bhikha, Nikhilesh Prasad

MHJC DEBATING Back Row: Reshmika Lal 2nd Row: Solana Carpenter, Ibrahim Ismaeil, Megan Strydom, Harjot Singh Dharni, James Zeng, Avneet Biln Front Row: Victoria Kree, Ryan Iglesia, Laiba Batool, Paul Chan, Akira Maharaj

MUSIC COUNCIL Back Row: Jessica Kang, Desmond Wu, Aadi Singh, Yuki Li, Aadi Golchha, Ethan Chen, Ezra Bartlett 2nd Row: Kathy Feng, Avantikha Mudaliar, Annie Lu, Keira Fennessy, Lucy Liu, Pahul Kaur Front Row: Danna Liu, James Zeng, Megan Strydom, Anneliese Parker, Jason Tuhaka, Ally Lin Absent: Sofia Lois Alontave

Page 47

ENVIRO COUNCIL Back Row: Jasper Carpenter, Georgia Hall, Frances Hunt, Jessica Kang, Devanshi Mani 2nd Row: Kiesya Liew, Risha Prasad, Victoria Kree, Yaashna Prasad, Catherine Hunter Front Row: Hannah Gillespie, Solana Carpenter, Alexis Tofilau, Joanne Ting, Justine Otieco

EPRO8 Year 8 Radesh Muhunthan, Alex Xue, Sam Martin, Jasper Carpenter

EPRO8 Year 9 Back Row: Ronak Lal, Harjot Singh Dharni, Ethan Kidd, Kyle Anderson Front Row: James Zeng, Amanda Lee, Paul Chan

EPRO8 Year 10 Back Row: Campbell Strong, Anthony Zhu, Devon Murdoch, Benson Ireland, Joanne Ting Front Row: Camryn Chetty, Lia Arroyo, Jamini Patel

GROUP ICT COUNCIL Back Row: Eugene Chua, Tannin Khurana, Billgatesun Seang, Razak Shukor Front Row: Atif Asif, Aadi Singh, Danica Lim Chong, Leo Liu, Wei Zheng Yong

KAPA HAKA Back Row: Leane Te Boekhorst, Katie Naylor, Kordaeza Wihongi, Lofi Lavemai, Isabella Haugh, Amelia Locke 2nd Row: Justine Tuhaka (Teacher), Hannah Gillespie, Sokopeti Lavemai, Holly Simpson, Frances Hunt, Jason Tuhaka (Teacher) Front Row: Solana Carpenter, Chenae Korewha, Tiana Herewini, Jason Tuhaka, Cyrus Tuhaka, Troy Korewha

Page 48

KIDS LITERATURE QUIZZ Back Row: Winson Veng 2nd Row: Ms K Reed (Teacher), James Zeng, Michaela Rohm, Ms R Joshi (Teacher) Front Row: Margi Kaushik, Chelsey Choy, Avezha Rizvi, Jessica Kang, Danna Liu

LIBRARIANS Back Row: Devarnya Govender, Kevashan Moodley, Nikhilesh Prasad, Rebecca Solomons, Prisha Reddy 2nd Row: Jasper Carpenter, Saineha Desu, Justine Otieco, Dane Djajana, Heera Suryadevara, Tra Mi Nguyen, Sibylle Townsend Front Row: Danica Lim Chong, Krishah Kaileshan, Margi Kaushik, Nishika Jain, Clarissa Chan Absent: Kavi Chand

MAORI & PASIFIKA COUNCIL Back Row: Polly Mason-Wells, Makayla Tuiloma, Kirin Swann, Annemeik Vaha’akolo-Ngaika, Tatiana Mason-Wells 2nd Row: Maddison Taylor, Bianca Langi, Brooklyn Toleafoa, Jason Tuhaka, Lui Baker, Tiana Herewini, Jason Tuhaka Front Row: Amelia Locke, Holly Simpson, Chenae Korewha, Kaea Totorewa-Tauranga, Yvanna Seiuli Absent: Kajal Patel

WEARABLE ARTS Back Row: Jeanny Do, Sarah Ho, Stella Ng, Emily Pearson, Rippen Kaur 2nd Row: Holly Simpson, Kelly Kong, Tiana Herewini, Kirin Swann, Millie Chen Front Row: Jasmina Lohi, Preeti Gounder, Nick Ngo, Sharon Zheng, Kaiyu Zeng

WEARABLE ARTS EYE OF NATURE Ally Lin, Diyana Hayat Khan, Faatimah Nisa

Page 49

ROAD PATROL Back Row: Krishah Kaileshan, Gursimran Kaur Randhawa, Keira Fennessy, Avantikha Mudaliar, Laiba Batool, Frances Hunt 3rd Row: Lucy Liu, William Dam, Dilshadpreet Singh, Harjot Singh Dharni, Chetan Dev, Henrik Hout 2nd Row: Faatimah Nisa, Ally Lin, Diyana Hayat Khan, Jainish Kumar, Sehej Waraich, Aly Grant Front Row: Sarah Cowper, Kavya Mohindru, Anneliese Parker, Grace Hazell, Amanda Johnson Absent: Shahad Ldouri, Jun Lan San, Kathleen Tieu, Jerusalem Toilalo

SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS YEAR 10 Back Row: Anthony Zhu 2nd Row: Caitlin Pillay, Trishika Nand, Devon Murdoch, Benson Ireland, Joanne Ting, Catherine Hunter (Teacher) Front Row: Solana Carpenter, Jamini Patel, Leane Te Boekhorst, Camryn Chetty, Ariel Kim

SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS YEAR 8 Back Row: Yash Kanji, Faatimah Nisa, Alex Xue, Anmol Singh Dhillon, Kevin Feng, Ally Lin 2nd Row: Drishti Ratna, Chelsea Ou Yang, Harshitha Surendran, Ashiv Govind, Ethan Jones, Harsher Sandhu, Mr D Cowley (Teacher) Front Row: Avantikha Mudaliar, Leo Li, Lucy Zhao, Jingjing Wang, Cordelia Shi, Ricky Bassano, Diyana Hayat Khan

Page 50

CULTURAL COUNCIL Back Row: Mila Veljkovic, Raiyan Khan, Jamini Patel 2nd Row: Makayla Tuiloma, Solana Carpenter, Maddison Taylor, Ayushi Narayan, Abbi Shields Front Row: Camryn Chetty, Leane Te Boekhorst, Megan Strydom, Lia Arroyo, Neha Prasad

SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS YEAR 9 Back Row: Amelia Locke, Niamh Beattie 2nd Row: Saineha Desu, Eve Hee, Chloe Lee, Makayla Galloway, Chelsey Choy, Catherine Hunter (Teacher) Front Row: Pahul Kaur, Hao Wen Ni, Isabel Kumar, Rajbir Sandhu, Tania Kumar

SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS YEAR 7 Katrina Pham, Lulu Shi, Miyaka Ortiz, Catherine Hunter (Teacher)

SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY WINNERS Back Row: Ronald Kristoff Ondoy, Paul Chan, Lachlan Hendry, Dylan ReubenMenzies Front Row: Jasmine Strong, Tatiana Mason-Wells, Niamh Beattie

TRAVEL WISE Back Row: Avneet Biln, Meera Naidu, Dilshadpreet Singh, Prina Patel, Ronak Lal, Catherine Hunter Front Row: Jasmine Strong, Lucy Knight, Keira Fennessy, Wasan Abu Nada, Faatimah Nisa

GROUP EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Back Row: Leane Te Boekhorst, Ryan Iglesia, Solana Carpenter 2nd Row: Mr N Naidoo, Joanne Ting, Eugene Chua, Chenae Korewha, Avneet Biln, Mr I Morrison Front Row: Jamini Patel, Ibrahim Ismaeil, Megan Strydom, Duncan Lane, Camryn Chetty

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