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Capital Campaign



Update #1 May, 2018 www.silverdaleba.org/if

for The Silverdale Center

GOAL: $7.5 Million

TO-DATE: $4,044,936.18

We are thrilled to report that the If Campaign for The Silverdale Center has received gifts, pledges, and other contributions that total $4,044,936.18. Your generosity has put us within striking distance of transitioning into the construction phase! We have entered the preliminary scale-down design phase of The Silverdale Center. Based on drawings and cost estimates from the architect, we have not quite reached the necessary level of fundraising to be able to fully realize the original plan for this building. We plan to begin construction before the end of 2018 with the available funding. The current amount we have raised will result in a scaled-down version of the original plan. Please join us in prayer as we continue to hold meetings with the architects to determine final plans. As progress continues, we will keep you informed. It has been an exciting journey throughout this campaign. You have already made a tremendous impact on our community through your support of this campaign, and we are forever grateful! You will be so very proud of your new Silverdale Center and the lives that will change because of your generosity. We are working hard to meet this fundraising challenge, and we want to extend to you an invitation to add to your gift or on-going pledge to help us cross the finish line! You can help us meet the challenge requirement by making a pledge that can be paid over the next three years. This can be a new pledge or can be added to an existing payment plan. Your total pledge counts toward the challenge as soon as we receive your signed pledge form, so please don’t delay. You can find everything related to the If Campaign on our website at silverdaleba.org/if. Silverdale Development Team development@silverdaleba.org

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Watch for more groundbreaking news this summer!

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Silverdale Capital Campaign Newsletter - May 2018  

Silverdale Capital Campaign Newsletter - May 2018