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Those Days Are Gone The rock musician is a mystical, whimsical creature… I often compare them to the components of a perfectly mixed drink. Probably okay to drink on its own, but add them together and you have a better product. In this case, a product that will take you on a wild ride and leave you with a burning sensation when you wake up the following morning… From a small town in the middle of nowhere (Grahamstown) five guys came together and started something that would potentially change the course of the world… With a solid platform from humble beginnings, this band is set for the big stage. Nothing about Those days are gone (TDAG) is conventional. A group 5 friends from a small town in the Eastern Cape bound by a love for beer, rum, tattoos, braais, and most importantly music! TDAG does not have a particular sound, the songs push and pull you in all kinds of directions from bouncy happy sing along pop punk to Nu Metal throwbacks to some of the most brutal breakdowns that Parkway Drive would be proud of and even some Afro safaya town thrown in the mix! The above is delivered with explosive energy and TDAG live is truly a sight to behold, it is rare to see a band with so much energy and enthusiasm that totally captivates an audience, while still delivering tight and precise instrumentation. The band is barely one year old and has already achieved so much, so expect big things in the future from these 5 guys. They recently signed with young label Silvercup Records in 2014 and will be entering the studio for their debut full length album this year. The album will be available before the year is out and will be tour the country extensively to promote the release and will be destroying stages countrywide. They add substantial beef to a fairly depleted and highly sought after market, and perhaps most importantly, freshly picked from our own back yard. With the backing of Silvercup Records the sky is the limit and world domination beckons. If you don’t know them, make sure you rectify this and join the TDAG family. The beers are always cold and the music is always loud! TDAG is – Colin Nass (Vocals) Craig Albers (Guitar / Vocals) Quintin Carnage (Guitar) Mark Bates (Bass) Jason Brits (Drums)