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SILVER CORD MINISTRIES Volume 1, Issue 1 April 2008

“Remember your Creator...before the Silver Cord is severed...and the dust returns to the ground it came from…” Ecclesiastes 12

FOR WHOM DO YOU WEEP? The HARVEST is PAST; the summer is ended, and we are NOT SAVED. (Jeremiah 8:20) I find this to be one of the saddest verses in the Bible. In the past month, I have experienced SEVEN deaths of my residents to whom I presently minister! Some of them knew Christ as their Savior and some of them did not. There are many more like these precious souls, that are not receiving any kind of Spiritual Care, at all! Just look around at the communities around you. How many Senior Adult buildings have their own clergy, on-site, to minister to their residents? How many new buildings for Seniors have sprung up in the past five years, and how many are in the planning stages for the next five years? How many churches have enough funding to dedicate paid staff to reach out into these

buildings? How many volunteers are there that have the time to dedicate regular hours of visitation with the neighborhood Seniors?

Are we saddened by these thoughts? Nehemiah was looking over the city of Jerusalem, 150 years after the exile. Jerusalem was in distress and it affected Nehemiah greatly! He said, When I heard these things I sat down and wept. For some days, I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of Heaven. (Nehemiah 1:4) His heart was concerned about the things of

God. Psalm 137:5-6 says, If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill! If I do not remember, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth; if I do not exalt Jerusalem above my chief joy. If Jerusalem was special to God, then it was also special to Nehemiah. Psalm 71:9 says, Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.

God weeps over our isolated and forgotten Seniors! FOR WHOM DO YOU WEEP?

Inside this issue: THIS COULD BE YOUR NEIGHBOR...








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PLEASE PRAY FOR: Alice (not her real name) has been on hospice and recently suffered a stroke. She knows the Lord, but is anxious about the PROCESS of dying. Please pray that the Lord would give her peace in the “valley of the shadow of death.”


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THIS COULD BE YOUR NEIGHBOR! HOW WILL YOU RESPOND? I met this special lady, several years ago. She intrigued me! She was very friendly, from the start! As a matter of fact, after visiting with her a few times, I noticed a painting on her wall. Somehow, that painting looked vaguely familiar. That A very special lady! painting was a picture that her sister had Now enjoying Jesus! painted, many years ago, but, it was a picture of the lake that her family’s cabin is on. Come to find out, it is the same lake on which my sister and brotherin-law have their cabin! Small world! Barbara never married and never had any children. Her sisters were too ill to visit with her and her brother was very busy with his work and his family. Consequently,

she didn’t have very many visitors. She always enjoyed our visits and coming to my services. We would talk about eternity and she would always “hope” she would go to Heaven. Then, one day, she went to the hospital, very sick! I received a message that she wanted to see me. When I got there, she told me that it was time to “stop fooling around and get down to business.” She wanted to KNOW she was going to Heaven! After we prayed, she had the brightest smile on her face! Soon after that, her memory began to fail. She was moved to a MemoryCareFacility, and I continued to visit her there. At times, she would ask me the

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same question several times or not remember what she had for Breakfast. HOWEVER, when I asked her where she was going when she died, she KNEW she was going to Heaven! And, she had the biggest smile on her face, when we talked about Heaven! Even, recently, she was sitting all alone in her room, feeling lonely. But, when I came to the door, she smiled a big smile and asked me to tell her more about Heaven! Barbara is now enjoying her Mansion in Heaven! She is resting on Jesus’ lap and thanking Him for her salvation!

More details to come...

Volume 1, Issue 1

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HOW CAN YOU HELP? 1) First, and foremost, PRAY! Pray for this ministry; pray that God will use our feeble efforts for His glory! 2) Pray that God would provide the needed finances, as soon as possible. 3) Do you have any used cell phones or ink cartridges? SILVER CORD MINISTRIES is recycling them for donations to this

ministry. You can either drop them off in a Bag, labeled SCM, at 15363 Trillium Circle; Eden Prairie, MN, or call to arrange a pick-up time. (If you see anyone of us in church, you can give them to us there, too.) 4) Can you donate sermon tapes or CDs? You may donate these the same way you donate the cell

phones and ink cartridges. 5) Please pass this newsletter on to anyone you think might be interested in hearing about this ministry. 6) Can you give a tax-deductible financial gift? Secure online credit card donations: No internet? Send a check to: SILVER CORD MINISTRIES 15363 Trillium Circle Eden Prairie, MN 55344-1884

DO YOU KNOW ANY “AUDREYS”? Meet Audrey. She loves the Lord, and she has been homebound for several years. She lost her husband and her daughter within the same year, several years back. She has been “taking care” of her grandsons and their families, as if they were her children. She has recently moved into a Care Center.

Since she hasn’t been to her church in many years, her pastor doesn’t visit her. She has a sister nearby, in another Senior Residence. Only one or two of her friends still drive. Before moving to the Care Center, she was watching a pastor on TV. But, she can’t receive that Cable

Station, where she is now. I have been visiting with Audrey for the past several years. She thrives on our visits. We pray together. We share Communion together. We share our lives with each other. I am, in effect, Audrey’s pastor.

Please pray that she will continue to thrive, spiritually, in this new environment. Pray that she will discover God’s purposes for her, in this new home. Who knows? Maybe she is there to share God’s love with others who have never met the God who loves them!


SILVER CORD MINISTRIES 15363 Trillium Circle Eden Prairie, MN 55344-1884 Phone: 612-532-0308 Fax: 800-417-0934 E-mail:

Serving the Spiritual Needs of the Senior Adult Community


SILVER CORD MINISTRIES exists to care for the spiritual needs of Homebound Seniors, to train others in the ministry to Homebound Seniors, and to create and send teams to aid ministries in other countries to care for the spiritual needs of their own Homebound Seniors.

SERVICES AVAILABLE: Visiting with Homebound Seniors; Visiting Hospitalized Seniors; Anoint the Sick with Oil; Offer Holy Communion; Offer Senior-Specific Spiritual Resources; Offer End-of-Life Decision Counseling; Counsel/Encourage Families and Caregivers; Conduct Bible Studies; Officiate Worship Services in Senior Facilities; Officiate Funerals; Speak on the Importance of this Ministry to your Church Group or other Small Group.

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NEW BEGINNINGS HOW DID SILVER CORD MINISTRIES BEGIN? Silver Cord Ministries was formed, by God, in the heart of Rev. Judy Marks. While a student at Bethel Seminary, in St. Paul, MN, God used a required class Practicum in a Nursing Home to speak to Judy’s heart. Judy observed the

low ratio of spiritual caregivers for these special souls. This led to a part-time position as a Chaplain to Seniors and further study in Gerontology. In researching our Senior Adult culture and demographics, God showed her just how great this need is! After much prayer, experience,

and counsel, SILVER CORD MINISTRIES was incorporated in January 2008. Our Founding Leadership is as follows: Rev. Judy Marks, Executive Director; Tim Marks, Board Member, Linda Mosier, Board Member; Bev Speake, Board Member.

Silver Cord Connection 04-08  
Silver Cord Connection 04-08  

April 2008 Newsletter for Silver Cord Ministries