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October 3, 2013

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Soapbox B4

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280 people visit National Parks every year There are 3.3 billion Google searches per day

Do you think the increased security at Blair was necessary?

see page A2

“I think Blair’s increased security is a good precaution, because at Blair, something always happens.”-sophomore Tsion Bizuayehu @tbizzy_ “I do not believe increased security is necessary. I feel like there is too much security as it is.” -freshman Johnny Pietanza

The Nationals’ win percentage is currently 0.536 There are 1,090 bus drivers in Montomery County

994 Blair students are part of the FARMS program 406 Blazers play fall sports There are 4,560 videos on Khan Academy Chips Index compiled by Aditi Subramaniam with help from Michelle Hao, Keana Hutton, Mariam Jiffar, Winne Luo, Sasha Tidwell, Kalin Vassilev, and Jesse Webber

Have SAT prep classes been helpful to you? see page B1 “Yes, although they are expensive and time consuming.” - junior Paul Lathrop “My scores went up by 10 points but that’s it.” -sophomore Evan Gresser

Do you think the cafeteria has healthy food options for vegetarians?

see page B3

“No. Even if they did it would still be fake food.” -junior Margaret Crosson “No, not really. Only fries are available from what I can see.” -freshman Ben Daggett

Do you think the dress code is too strict for girls? see page B1 “Yes, way too strict. There are no shorts you can buy at stores that fit the dress code.” -sophomore Amalia Chiapparino “Nah it’s fine. Guys can hardly focus already.” -senior Wynston Reed @WynstonReed “Definitely! It makes a shoulder seem like a ‘private part’ that shouldn’t be exposed.” -senior Selam Kubrom @slmkbrm “No, because some girls would take advantage if there weren’t any rules and girls still expose their belly buttons.” - freshman Allison Fortis

“As a vegetarian, there definitely are not enough options altogether, not just healthy ones.” - senior Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96

What do you think of iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5s? see page D5 “I think the 5C is actually really smart and innovative. People are always complaining about how iPhones are so vulnerable so a plastic case is really smart to invent.” -sophomore Maris Medina “The 5S is cool because it has a fingerprint scanner and has the A7 chip so it has more features, whereas, although the 5C is at a lower price which will appeal to more customers, the only thing changing is the appearance.” -junior Julia Audet

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