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0,5 meter

Storage cushion covers: size 75 ø

Storage cushion covers: size 100 ø

Cushion: size 35x90 cm

Floor cushion: size 70x100 cm

Floor cushion: size 70x150 cm

Bean-bag: aprox size 95 cm. x 130 cm

Foam Plateau: size 20x90x130 cm

2-seater: size 70x150 cm & 110x150 cm

2-seater with corner: size 70x100, 70x150 cm & 110x150 cm

Day-bed: size 70x100 cm & 110x150 cm

Co-corner: size 70x100 cm, 2 units 70x150 cm & 2 units 110x150 cm

Floor cushion: size 110x150 cm

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