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buffet luncheon for all attendees. Tickets are £25.00 each including lunch and can be obtained by emailing Nigel said “I am delighted that UK Youth has been selected as Motorexpo’s youth charity, and I am looking forward to working with the team to showcase our work and activities in this our centenary year. Motorexpo is the ideal venue for us to launch our Cycle Challenge and I am very grateful for the support of everyone involved”.

UK YOUTH ANNOUNCED AS OFFICIAL YOUTH CHARITY PARTNER OF THE 2010 CANARY WHARF LONDON MOTOREXPO Nigel Mansell OBE, President of UK Youth, launches extreme cycle challenge at the UK’s biggest free to visit motor show event Motorexpo organisers have today announced that UK Youth have been confirmed as the official youth charity partner of the 2010 Canary Wharf London Motorexpo. Although not a household name, UK Youth’s work with young people throughout the UK is recognized by experts as ‘second to none’, with their focus being to support young people – often from some of the most disadvantaged communities – and help them to raise their aspirations, realise their potential and have their many achievements recognized. UK Youth’s work currently supports over 750,000 young people aged 14 to 25, 40,000 volunteers and part-time youth workers and in excess of 7,000 youth clubs, Bike Clubs, youth groups and projects.

Graeme Carver, Motorexpo CEO added “We are delighted to welcome UK Youth as our dedicated youth charity partner for the 2010 Canary Wharf London Motorexpo and look forward to working with Nigel and the rest of his team to raise much needed awareness of the excellent work this charity undertakes. Our audience have always been great supporters of our charity partners and I am certain that in 2010, we will once again witness their superb generosity over the course of Motorexpo week”. To support Nigel and UK Youth please text YOUTH to 84025. Text




-ENDSEditor's notes: London Motorexpo

UK Youth President, Nigel Mansell OBE, decided that as 2010 marks the 100th year of the charity, he wanted to do something momentous to support the centenary campaign ‘Positive About Youth’,, which challenges the negative perception of young people that is all too prevalent across society and in the media. Having flown from practice for the 24hr Le Mans to attend the opening of Motorexpo on the7th June, after being given special dispensation to do so by the Le Mans stewards, Nigel will use Motorexpo as the platform to promote the launch of his extreme cycle challenge, which will see him, along with his sons Leo and Gregg, together with Magnus Backstedt, the former Tour de France racer, attempt a 1,200 mile ride around Britain in just 13 days from the 22nd July to the 3rd August this year. To put the challenge into perspective – the Tour de France combined is 2,200 miles, which the riders do in 21 days AND take a two day rest in the middle! This is therefore not your normal sponsored bike ride. This is a challenge Nigel has set himself to bring to the public’s attention the work of UK Youth and to launch their ‘Positive About Youth’ campaign and it is a challenge he has undertaken with familiar guile and determination - despite a back he has broken three times, numerous breaks to hands, feet and legs, and doctors advising him strongly not to undertake. To highlight the launch and UK Youth’s activities at Motorexpo, Nigel is inviting the public to attend a ‘Question time with Nigel Mansell’, along with a number of surprise guests, which will take place within the Clifford Chance auditorium at midday on the opening day of this year’s Canary Wharf London Motorexpo. During the session, Nigel will be open to questions from the audience on his racing career, preparing for Le Mans and why he is taking up the challenge to get us all to be more ‘Positive about Youth’. Immediately after there will be a 1/2

The 2010 Canary Wharf London Motorexpo will be open from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th June from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday 13th June from 11am to 5pm. The event is entirely free for the public to attend and copies of The Directory 2010, the official Motorexpo show guide, are available for free on arrival while stocks last.

Press accreditation is not required to visit the Motorexpo however all commercial filming and photography will need to be approved prior to commencement. Failure to do so could result in confiscation of equipment and film/images. Please email to arrange permissions and press passes.

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The Launch of the Challenge

Editorial within Show Programme From Thursday 22nd July - Tuesday 3rd August 2010, Nigel Mansell OBE will undertake what he has described as, ‘the hardest challenge of my life’ when he cycles a colossal 1,200 miles, navigating around Great Britain. In this exclusive article, Chris Coleman-Brown caught up with the motorsport living legend and the team he will be completing the extreme cycle challenge for UK Youth with, to discover more about the fantastic work that this charity undertakes and why, quite simply…

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION Nigel MaNsell is Britain’s most successful F1 driver of all-

time, with a career that spanned 15 seasons in Formula One and saw a total of 31 glorious race wins– a record that both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have a very long way to even get close to. An exceptional talent, in his championship winning year Nigel took a total of 14 out of a possible 16 pole positions and is the only driver in motorsport history to hold both the F1 Championship and Cart World Series title simultaneously (1992-1993). Yet it is now, at the young age of 57, and with a team that comprises his two sons Leo and Greg and former professional Tour de France racer Magnus Backstedt, that he marks he is about to undertake “one of the biggest challenges of my life”. The Mammoth 2 Wheel Challenge for UK Youth is, in simple terms, a 1,200 mile bike ride around Britain which, in these days of headline charitable pursuits, might be mistaken as just another celebrity turning out in support of a worthwhile cause. However, the reality could not be further from the truth, since Nigel and his team intend to travel the whole route in just 13 days, without a single days rest and while doing so attend a vast array of major events being organised throughout the country - both with sponsors and the UK Youth’s newly formed bike clubs. To give you some idea of perspective the Tour de France is a average 2,200 mile race, which the riders do over 21 days AND take a full two days off in the middle to recuperate. It is clear therefore, that what Nigel is undertaking is is not your normal sponsored bike ride by a ‘star’. This is a challenge worthy of an F1 Champion and one which Nigel has set himself to bring to the public’s attention the work of UK Youth in their centenary year. Added to this it is also a challenge that doctors have advised him strongly not to do, considering he has previously broken his back three times and his hands, legs and feet on more times than even he can remember. As President of UK Youth, Nigel is an impassioned ambassador of the charity, which takes an active involvement in helping young people in all

walks of life. As soon as our attention turns to this charitable work, there is an immediate shift from that of the F1 super star, normally interviewed for TV, to a dedicated campaigner who recognises the position he holds and the good he can do with it: “This is UK Youth’s centenary year and I want to do something really challenging to mark it,” said Nigel. “We are the largest youth charity in the UK and every day we challenge young people to do all sorts of new and exciting things so I wanted to do something demanding as well. Given Leo, Greg and I only started training in February, and the fact we are chasing a former Tour De France racer, I think its fair to say we’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us and a very long way to go to achieving our goal”. Leo and Greg are voluntarily joining their father in this challenge, and at 25 and 22 years old respectively, they have taken on the exhausting and intensive training programme to ensure they keep up the pace throughout the 13 days. Training is fitted around Greg’s contention for the World Renault Championship title, as well as a shot at the 2010 24hr Le Mans with both his brother and Dad as team mates, in the Beechdean Ginetta-Zytek Z09R. Their participation in the famous race marks a first for Le Mans, which has never seen a father and two sons compete in the same team before. At the end of another gruelling four hour training session, Greg comments: “This is an enormous feat for us all, but one we are immensely looking forward to taking up given the bad press that the young people of today get. The reality is that the bad publicity comes as a result of a very small minority and there are so many out there who never get to tell their story or who are offered a real chance to make a difference in their own lives. We are doing this for them and our hope is that many people will change their views and support UK Youth and the ‘Positive About Youth campaign”. Magnus Backstedt, who is affectionately known to his fans as Big Maggy, due to his Viking like frame, is as well known within the cycling community as Nigel is in motorsport. Maggy’s greatest achievement

broken his back three times and his hands, legs and feet on more times than even he can remember

was a win in the 2004 Paris-Roubaix race and having retired from professional racing, now concentrates on supporting young people to succeed in their cycling careers. Indeed it was Maggy who suggested that if the guys wanted a real challenge, then this was the one, and it is he who will be taking the lead role at the point of the Peloton formation throughout the whole of the 13 days. Magnus comments: “This will be a true test for me as well, as I will have to not only keep up the pace for 13 days for myself, but also monitor on my bike’s onboard computer how well the others are doing - so I can maximise the best from them and ensure we make the whole 13 days in time”. To help the Peloton succeed in their goal, Nigel and the guys will be riding state of the art hand made racing bikes from Villiers-Velo. Featuring lightweight carbon fibre monocoque frames and electronic gearing, these bikes are the pinnacle of cycles, in the same way that an F1 car is at the pinnacle of motorsport technology. The challenge is officially launched at this summer’s Canary Wharf London Motorexpo, with Nigel flying in between Le Mans’ practise sessions on the 7th June to hold a press conference and spend time in the morning walking through the UK’s biggest free to visit motor show. The teams bikes will be on the UK Youth stand throughout the event, situated outside the Clifford Chance building, where Maggy, members of the Peloton and various ambassadors of UK Youth will be on hand to discuss the challenge and how you can get involved in the ‘Positive About Youth’ campaign. To discover more information, and to support Nigel and the team in their extreme cycle challenge for UK Youth, please visit UK Youth is the official youth charity partner of the 2010 Canary Wharf London Motorexpo. To discover more about their fantastic work, and how you can get involved in making a difference in young people’s lives, please visit and All race images kindly supplied by Sutton Images ©





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nigel Mansell sWaPs his fasT Car for a PUsh BiKe

his year marks the charity UK Youth’s 100th anniversary and it has launched the theme ‘Positive About Youth’ for 2010 to promote a positive message about young people, to empower youth to increase their opportunities in life and to give a wider recognition to their achievements. Through its fundraising

activities, UK Youth is able to run innovative projects and programmes across Great Britain. British Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell has been President of UK Youth for eight years, and has been involved with the charity for over twenty years. To mark the centenary year, Nigel, along with his sons Greg and Leo (who are both racing drivers like their father) and Tour de France stage winner Magnus Backstedt embarked on an extraordinary fundraising challenge to cycle 1200 miles around Britain in just 13 days, visiting projects and youth centres along the way. ReCoGNise caught up with the team and representatives from UK Youth as they were waved off on the first morning of the cycle challenge by HRH Prince Michael of Kent at Kensington Palace in London. They told us about the work of UK Youth and the 1200 mile task ahead, which saw them take a route via Cirencester, Cardiff, Worcester, Chester, Blackpool, Carlisle, Glasgow, edinburgh, Hexham, Harrogate, Lincoln and silverstone before passing their finish line at Canary Wharf on 3rd August.

The PresidenT of UK YoUTh: nigel Mansell “i’m really excited about the challenge; it’s an almost magical start at Kensington. We’re totally amateur bike riders and we know it’s an audacious attempt and it’s going to be very tough, but we will do it and we want to inspire youth and be positive. if someone my age can do 1200 miles in 13 days i hope that it inspires a lot of young people to do things for themselves. We also aim to raise a lot of money to put towards education and opportunities through UK Youth.



This issue of ReCoGNise is all about the next generation, and the charity UK Youth is doing all it can to help the children of Britain realise their potential. We caught up with Formula 1 legend Nigel Mansell to find out more... words: ReBeCCA BANKs photography: NeiL RAJA


i’ve been involved with charities for 25 years, i’ve been president of UK Youth for eight years, i’ve been running golf tournaments with them for 15 years and i’ve been involved with this particular charity for over twenty years. i was inspired back in the early eighties when i was in Formula 1. i was very grateful for the opportunity i had in the sport thanks to the chance that i was given by the late, great Colin Chapman [of Lotus] and sir Frank Williams and i wanted to put something back into society. UK Youth is a conglomerate of 7,000 youth clubs and we have nearly 45,000 volunteers that reach up to 750,000 kids in this country each year. That’s a statistic that is unparalleled and we are up there as one of the largest charities. We are, if you like, one of the best-kept secrets so we really want to create a visibility in this centenary year. We will visit a lot of these youth clubs during the 13-day ride to create awareness and fundraising. Children are the future of this country and the world and i think our slogan for the centenary year ‘Positive About Youth’ is just so apt because without being positive about youth, we can’t be positive about life. i asked myself how to inspire people to give to charity in these tough times and i think it’s by doing something out of the ordinary and this cycle challenge is something


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Children are The fUTUre of This CoUnTrY. oUr slogan, ‘PosiTiVe aBoUT YoUTh’ is jUsT so aPT BeCaUse WiThoUT Being PosiTiVe aBoUT YoUTh, We Can’T Be PosiTiVe aBoUT life

The inCoMing Ceo of UK YoUTh: CharloTTe hill “i’ll be taking over in November from John Bateman, who has been the Ceo for 36 years, and i am passionately committed to continuing the excellent work he has undertaken. The charity has never been in a stronger position, rolling out many exciting programmes, and we have a big responsibility to support young people who need organisations such as UK Youth more than ever before.

MagnUs BaCKsTedT, greg Mansell, nigel Mansell, leo Mansell

that people can relate to. everyone can jump on a bike and ride for an hour and have fun. We’re doing this on an extreme level and it’s getting attention, even

i’m a racing driver in the World series by Renault and Le Mans series and my brother races as well so we’re as fit as you can get, but the preparation for this

from the pro-riders. stephen Roche (Tour de France and World Championships winner) said we were mad and that it’s a second-to-none undertaking. so to have that recognition from professional riders is a great feeling. We’ve also got Magnus on the team and he is absolutely fantastic.

has been tough. We’ve been out every day for the last six months building up to this. This is a big challenge and a lot of miles. Leo and i are going to be tired so

it is very special to be able to do this with my sons. everyone is proud of their children but for them to put several weeks aside for this and to have done the months of preparation beforehand, i am so exceedingly proud of them. They believe in UK Youth, they’ve grown up seeing what it can do and they’ve donated lots of times. They’ve been to every golf tournament we’ve done over the last fifteen years. We’ve raised seven figures from those tournaments and we hope to raise over a million on this cycle ride. it’s the publicity for the charity as well as the fundraising that is important for us because the work that UK Youth does is absolutely vital.”

who knows how dad is going to feel! i think the first six days will be difficult and we’ll be in pieces by the end but it’s all for a great charity. Mental preparation is just as important and we can’t think about it as a 13-day event, we’ve got to take every day as it comes and take it stage by stage so you shorten what your mental aim is.

We started out as an organisation for young factory girls who weren’t getting any education. The charity has always been about inclusion and about making sure that young people get all that they need because education doesn’t just

“We’ve been preparing for this for a long time and i’ve been training in earnest since February so it’s good to finally get on the road. i’ve not had as much adjusting as the other guys as for me it’s been a case of getting back into preparing for an event like this whereas it is an enormous challenge for Nigel, Greg and Leo. i met Nigel one day in Jersey and all of a sudden we were doing this charity ride! it’s special to be doing it for UK Youth as it’s such a brilliant charity and at the same time i have the opportunity to ride with Nigel.

We’re helping about 750,000 children every year and we do that through a huge network of youth clubs all around the UK. And we also have breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and we run small independent schools ourselves called Youth Achievement Foundations. By september we will have 12 of these schools across

This is ultimately a test of endurance and it will be a very different mentality for the guys rather than when they are preparing for a motor race. We will keep

england for children that have been excluded from mainstream education. our programmes are about empowering youth and giving them skills that employers want them to have but that unfortunately lots of young people don’t have.

all on to succeed.

The ToUr de franCe sTage Winner: MagnUs BaCKsTedT

happen in schools and not everyone is academic. We have so many projects and programmes for young people that really help them to realise their potential and to recognise the achievements they make.

it’s nice at the moment to be thinking of doing this with my dad and my brother, but there’s definitely going to be some fallings out when tempers get a little bit short! But that’s the great thing about family, and it’s going to be a hell of a bonding experience. We’re definitely looking forward to tackling the challenge together. We’re all very competitive so i think that’s really going to help drive us

nigel Mansell WiTh his grandson jai

from corporate companies who are joining us for legs of the challenge. it’s a brilliant way to raise the profile of UK Youth and promote our positive message.”

it’s been fantastic to come over to UK Youth in the centenary year. We’ve had a really fantastic response to the centenary and the Positive About Youth campaign. We’ve had a lot going on and it’s absolutely amazing that Nigel and his sons are doing this incredible challenge. one programme we run is a bike club, which is connected to the Nigel Mansell challenge as we’re trying to get people to think of

it nice and steady and pace ourselves. What we can’t predict is how they will react after the first few days when we go into the unknown as this is a big challenge by any standards. We’ve been speaking to guys like stephen Roche, who won the Tour de France and the World Championships in the same year and he has said this is massive. The biggest challenge is going to be the recovery each day and getting up and starting again but we’ll just need to spend as much time as possible with our feet up when we’re not on the bike and eat and sleep well. Hopefully the British weather will stay nice!”

cycling as more than just transport, but as a route to healthy living.

The son: greg Mansell

There’s a lot of tactics you can do in cycling to help a rider, and Leo and i are

“i’ve grown up seeing the work of UK Youth. The biggest difference today is that i’ve always been involved going to the functions and golf events and seeing the enjoyable side of it but, now that i’m older, i can contribute more and help fundraising with things like this cycling event. i’m putting a huge amount of effort into this and i’m really enjoying getting to see the benefits of where the money

really going to be the workhorses. Having Magnus with us has been invaluable; he’s done absolutely everything. We started cycling less than a year ago and he has brought us up to a really high level already. Having someone with us that has so much experience is like having my dad help me out with my racing.”

goes along the way.


This cycle challenge is absolutely immense. Nigel has been a fantastic President for us for eight years now and this is a huge challenge for him. He’s broken his back three times and every doctor has told him not to do this. it’s hard enough to do London to Paris, which is three days of hard cycling, but this is 13 days of intense work. During the challenge he’s also doing a huge amount of events and visits to the projects. it’s fantastic and we’ve also had a huge amount of support

To find out more and pledge your support, visit or You can donate to UK Youth by texting YOUTH to 84025 from your mobile. Text donations cost £1.50 plus your standard operator charge for one text. A minimum of 81p from each text will be donated to UK Youth.


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The Gazette, Wednesday, August 11, 2010

in brief Market event in The Square BUY local produce at Poulton Farmers’ Market in the Market Square on Saturday August 21. The event, which will feature a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, locally reared meats as well as homemade pies and cakes, will take place between 9am and 1pm. For information call (01253) 883470.

Antique fair

AN antique and collectors fair will be held at the Marine Hall between 10am and 4pm on August 22. Tickets cost £1.50 for adults, senior citizens pay £1 and children under 14 go free. For more details call (01253) 702292 or 07702998091.

Music session JOIN in free music and percussion workshops on the next two Sundays to learn how to play an instrument. Then demonstrate your new found skills with the Bay Beat Carnival Band at the Wyre Estuary Country Park open day. Both workshops and performance take place at the Thornton park from 10.30am until 4.30pm. They are aimed at anyone aged 11 to 25. To sign up call (01253) 863100.

Couch potato who turned to fitness set for cycling tribute to his mum

Mansell steps in to back charity effort By HELEN STEEL

A COUCH potatoturned-fitness-fanatic is preparing to tackle his fourth cycling challenge this year in memory of his mother. Robert Parker of Bispham, was devastated when his mother was diagnosed with cancer last year.

When Alice, a prolific fundraiser, died in Trinity Hospice nine months later, after being given a prognosis of just four to six weeks, Mr Parker made a pledge he would do everything he could to raise money for Trinity in her memory. So on August 25, which would have been his mum’s birthday, he will embark on a gruelling charity bike ride, his fourth. The 40-year-old will ride from Saltcoats in Scotland, to Blackpool. And to help him on his way he has been presented with a brand new bike from motor racing legend Nigel Mansell. Mr Parker, who has already com-

MEMORIAL RUN: Robert Parker (top) with Nigel Mansell who gave him a bicycle and (top right) his mother Alice Parker. Below: Before and after his five-stone weight loss pleted a sponsored weight loss with his uncle Chris Hull, losing a whopping five stone, said: “My mum was a lady who devoted her whole life for the care of others, including her six siblings after losing her own mother at the age of 16. “I have a sister, Jennifer,

who is disabled, and mum campaigned to bring better lives for so many disabled people and their families around the Fylde coast. “She was one of the founder members of the Blackpool Action Group and a long-standing member of the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Cerebral Pal-

sy Association. “When she was diagnosed last March, I had never seen my mum so scared in all my life. “I made a special pledge that I would be with her “Shoulder to Shoulder”, through whatever we were to face, and that’s what I called

my series of challenges and my fundraising website.” Mr Parker has already completed the 45 mile Beaverbrook’s Ride, the 60 mile Manchester to Blackpool ride, and the 140 mile Coast to Coast ride this year. And he was presented with his bike after luckily winning the cycle at a Crimestoppers charity event in the resort, by Nigel Mansell, who is discovering his love of cycling during a 1,200 charity ride for UK Youth. Mr Parker, a technician at BAE systems in Warton, said: “Nigel was absolutely lovely, and it really spurred me on. “I aim to raise £1,000 and I already have £635, so I would be grateful for anything else.” To donate, visit http:// helen.steel@

Threat to burn down health centre Great heights for good cause A FATHER took out his desperation on the staff at a medical centre after he was told there was no doctor on duty to see his sick child. Thomas Monaghan of Horsebridge Road, admitted threats to cause criminal damage to the Grange Park Health Centre by saying he would burn the place down. Jim Mowbray, prosecuting, said Monaghan had made a series of abusive and threatening calls on his mobile phone. The calls started after he asked for an appointment for his son. But he was told there were none available. Monaghan was then told to attend a walk-in medical centre or another surgery in Staining. “Staff were intimidated and upset by what he told them,” said the prosecutor. “When he said he was going to burn the place down they contacted the police because they were in fear of their own safety.” When arrested Monaghan told police officers:

“I only said I would do it but I actually did nothing.” Allan Cobain, defending, added that Monaghan had worried about his son because of the boy’s previous medical history. Mr Cobain said: “After the baby was born he and his mother were discharged from hospital. “But the couple were told to go to their own doctor’s surgery as the then five-day-old baby might have meningitis – I don’t know why the childrens’ unit should do such a thing.” “The boy had been ill all night and my client was getting worried. “Imagine his fears when he rang his local medical centre to be told there was no medically qualified staff to see the child. “Apparently the doctor was off and only had a locum covering in the mornings.” My client has a short temper and took it out on the centre staff and now wishes to apologise to them. Magistrates adjourned sentence for reports.

THE British Heart Foundation is calling on Fylde coast fundraisers to go to great heights to help raise vital funds for heart patients. A 100ft abseil will take place on October 9 at Harbour House, Portway, Preston Docks, and all money raised will go towards the British Heart Foundation’s Royal Preston Hospital Heart Scanner Appeal. The appeal aims to raise £67,200 to buy a 3D Echocardiograph for the Cardio Respiratory Department at Royal Preston Hospital. Registration is free and is open to anyone. For more information about the abseil, contact Barbara on 01772 455147 or email

From: <> Date: 5 August 2010 22:10:27 GMT+01:00 To: hotchilliee <> Subject: Latest Sportive News - Welcome from Nigel Mansell, Etape Hibernia Preview, A Race for Madmen and More

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Latest News Welcome to, from Nigel Mansell Dear reader,

Last year I started cycling after my two sons Leo and Greg got into the sport. It did not take long for me to become totally passionate about the sport. It is one that, despite some of my past injuries (such as a broken back) I can enjoy and compete with my boys - perhaps not on the same level! I have been amazed at the strength and depth of the sport and particularly the concept of sportives and fondos all around the world. Here I have met new people who share the cycling passion. Watching and following the Tour de France this year has become another addictive past time. Read the full letter from Nigel >> PREVIEW: SkyRide Etape Hibernia - 22nd August Wherever there’s beautiful scenery and cycling-friendly roads, there appear to be Sportives to accompany them. One of the few places in Europe I hadn’t ever visited was Ireland. I was pleasantly surprised. I had arrived in Shannon from Heathrow to take part in a press preview ride of the upcoming Etape Hibernia (Sunday 22nd August). Despite a little rush to get on my flight, thanks to an incompetent alarm clock, door-to-door travel time was delightful and flights seem to be cheap, even with bikes, explains Adam Tranter. OFFER: Sportstest for Success! Sportstest has received some excellent feedback after working with readers following this year’s Étape du Tour, and are now able to offer readers an exclusive offer. Sportstest are offering readers a massive 20% discount on a Cycling Sportstest. During your assessment with Dr Garry Palmer, you will be assessed for the performance indicators of VO2max, peak cycling power, physiological characteristics, measures of endurance capacity and fuel utilisation rates.

The Burgess Hill "Rumble" Sportive Takes Place on 29th August 2010 Now in its third year the Burgess Hill Rumble has proved very popular with those that have taken part in previous running of this event. The Rumble is run by SRS Events who are raising funds for the Sussex Heart Charity based in Brighton. With the HQ set in Burgess Hill, Sussex, riders get to enjoy the wonderful cycling areas of the Weald and areas such as Ashdown Forest.

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CONDOR FERRIES BACKING F1 CHAMP’S CHARITY CYCLE CHALLENGE Former Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell paid a flying visit to the bridge of Condor Ferries’ fast cat ferry recently. While on board the high speed wave piercing catamaran, which has a service speed of close to 40 knots, the race ace visited the bridge met Condor Ferries Captain Peter Aldous and spent a short time at the helm. The Jersey-based motor-racing legend was returning from the London to Paris 2010 Cycling event as part of their training for the ‘Nigel Mansell UK Youth Cycle Challenge” accompanied by his two sons Leo, 25, and Greg, 23, Condor Ferries are supporting The ‘Positive About Youth’ campaign, which will see Mansell ride 1,200 miles around Britain in 13 days to help the charity. Condor Ferries’ Head of Sales, Marketing and Retail, Alicia Andrews, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support Nigel’s charity bike challenge and wish him every success. “As an active community-based company Condor Ferries is always looking at opportunities to work with and support local organisations, sports and charities,” she added. The Nigel Mansell UK Youth Cycle Challenge starts in London on July 22. The riders, who will be joined by former Tour de France rider Magnus Backstedt, will travel as far afield as Cardiff and Glasgow before finishing in Canary Wharf on August 3. With no scheduled rest days - plus some big hills to tackle on route - it promises to be a gruelling undertaking, but one Mansell, 56, is keen to tackle. Nigel is UK Youth's president and is doing the challenge to celebrate its centenary year, raising both money and awareness and is determined to complete the course. He said: "We needed to do something special for the centenary year. Climbing Mount Everest seemed too far removed, so what's better than riding a bike, which is something everyone can do. "At around half the distance of the Tour de France and in about half the time too, it will be an epic ride and it will be stunning. UK Youth is the largest youth charity in Britain

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