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COUPLE HAPPY WITH SILVERA JOURNEY After living at Willow Park on the Bow Community for five years, Denyse and Arthur Stephenson started to consider moving because Denyse was having trouble standing while cooking. The couple was referred to Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) Scott Grace, who suggested it would be less stressful for them to transfer to a Supportive Living community.

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Arthur and Denyse felt reluctant to move because they thought this would take away from their independence to come in and out of the building. However, Scott convinced them to take a tour of Shawnessy Community and see how Supportive Living could be a good fit given Denyse’s declining mobility. “We had to make the move. Two days before we moved into here [Shawnessy], she went into the wheelchair, and she couldn’t walk,” says Arthur. However, at first there were no suites available for both Arthur and Denyse at Shawnessy. Says Denyse: “At first, Silvera said that they only had a room for me, and not for Arthur, so I told myself, ‘I didn’t want to move without him.’ The last two days [before we moved], they found a suite for Arthur. We have been together for 62 years and we didn’t want to be apart.” Now Arthur and Denyse spend their time playing cards, eating and talking. They are an inseparable couple and they spend every waking minute together. Denyse says she feels safer living at Shawnessy because of its Mobility Support program that offers round-the-clock care from Home Care for residents in wheelchairs, such as Denyse. In the mobility wing, she gets help transferring in and out of a wheelchair for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for other tasks like bathing.

Arthur and Denyse Stephenson enjoying their new home at Shawnessy Community. Now, neither Arthur nor Denyse have to worry about cooking, laundry or mobility in their new home at Silvera. “I can’t complain because I feel safe,” says Denyse. Thinking of making the move from Independent to Supportive Living? Silvera’s Community Resource Coordinators (CRCs) can meet with you and provide information, support and help you connect with resources available to make your transition as smooth as possible. Call 403.390.3988.

The partnership with Accessible Housing is the first of its kind for Silvera, and Sarah Price, Silvera’s Director of Service, says it was made possible because the organizations have shared values. “The conversations happened a year ago, and the positives of the partnership far outstripped what some of the challenges were going to be,” says Sarah.

Accessible Housing resident Jason Nicholson shares a smile with Westview resident Doreen Buffam. The new residents from Accessible Housing — another Calgary non-profit organization with the mission of opening doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility — were offered a temporary home at Westview Community as of July 1 while their current home is being rebuilt. A brand-new, 45-unit accessible home will be constructed on the existing residential property in the inner-city community of Capitol Hill. This home will provide supported living for adults with physical mobility barriers, such as spinal cord injuries.

One of the Accessible Housing residents who will be calling Westview Community home for the next 14 to 20 months is Jason Nicholson. Though not a senior, he says Silvera residents and staff have helped him feel comfortable and have accommodated his limited mobility due to multiple sclerosis. Jason has already formed new friendships at Westview Community.

OUR VISION Silvera will be the leading advocate and caring provider of affordable homes and services for seniors to live in place with dignity.

Silvera’s Community Newsletter - Fall 2016


This August, I went on my annual CEO Sleepover, which was held this year at our Shawnessy Community. By spending some time as a resident in our communities, I hope to get a better understanding of your experience. It’s also an opportunity for me to have deeper conversations with you in order to better understand what is important to you. As I always do when I visit our communities, I had some wonderful conversations with residents and staff. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, but let’s not end the conversation here!

Why your feedback matters

These are your homes — our buildings, yes, but your homes — and we want your input and insights. For example, one Shawnessy resident brought up that one of the eaves isn’t working properly; this is something he saw this summer in the pouring rain. That feedback is invaluable and, because he brought it to our attention, we can now work to address it.

“It’s a nice building, with nice people and staff,” says Jason. “I like to meet new people and talk to them — that’s how I make new friends, and it has been great because there is more space here. I like my room and the public transit system is easily accessible.”

Our goal is always to improve, in all areas, but we can’t do that alone. We need to work together, so please don’t assume that we know about every issue. I encourage you to offer your constructive feedback.

Recently, Jason, a doctor of mathematics, completed his PhD at the University of Calgary where he also teaches mathematics and statistics during the winter semester.

Silvera is your advocate, and we make every effort to understand, observe and share your needs with the broader community and funders. But we’re not doing it instead of you; we hope you never stop advocating for yourselves.

Jason is writing a book on math troubleshooting in his spare time that he intends to get published while living at Silvera.

SILVERA’S VALUES OUR PURPOSE To give seniors the respect they deserve and make it great to be a senior.

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NEW FACES AT SILVERA’S WESTVIEW COMMUNITY This summer, Westview residents welcomed 10 new neighbours from Accessible Housing into their community.

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OUR VALUES Service: Supporting residents’ wellbeing and quality of life. Respect: Honouring each other. Teamwork: Working proudly to become better together. Safety: Committing to the safety of our residents and colleagues. Creating Homes… By helping residents feel welcomed and connected. Making a Difference… In a caring way.

4 | If you know someone who needs a Silvera home, please contact us at 403.276.5541

How to be your own advocate

Within Silvera’s communities, the way to do that is by using the Resident Comment Cards, participating in resident meetings or by asking for a conversation with community management. If these methods don’t work and if you need other ways to communicate with us — let us know! Please help us improve by giving us clear feedback and sharing your ideas for solutions. It’s hard to improve if the feedback isn’t specific or if you don’t offer your name, so we can ask for more details in order to come up with the right solution. Outside of your Silvera community, I encourage you to do the same: you are 1,600 people with relevant

Silvera’s CEO, Arlene Adamson, chats with Vera Kalmakoff at Shawnessy Community. and important life experiences to share individually. You are 1,600 strong voices to communicate with your city councillor, your MLA and your MP. Write letters, make phone calls or bring up your concerns when your elected officials visit throughout the year. During my sleepover, you asked if we could offer an orientation about how to advocate with our political leaders, so we’re now planning to prepare a workshop to get you started next year.

Respectful communication is key

At Silvera, we will continue to strive to improve our communication with you. We will work to be clearer on what we can address right away, what will take time to address and, because of restrictions, what we might not be able to do at all. Some things will take longer to change than others, but know that we’re working on them. But, please, keep giving us feedback. One of Silvera’s values is Respect and, in a world that moves so quickly, we all need to be careful not to make assumptions before gathering the facts. We hope that if you have questions, you ask us, and we will do the same. We hope you will feel comfortable asking for more information and coming to us directly when you have concerns or acknowledgments. Give us the opportunity to improve before you take your concerns to social media or — worse — you don’t give us feedback for fear of consequences. We want Silvera to be the best place for you to live, where you have pride of home. We want our employees to work here because it’s noble work, and because they take great pride in creating a home where you can live with independence, dignity and joy. So, let’s keep talking! | 403.276.5541

SilveraTimes Fall 2016  
SilveraTimes Fall 2016