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SILVERA TIMES Silvera’s Community Newsletter - Spring 2016

QUESTION PERIOD In Question Period, we answer questions from our residents.

This issue, we focus on questions about the Active Aging Model. What is the Active Aging Model?

on the entertainment value of activities, activities meet your cognitive, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical needs. We want to make sure our programming is inspiring, dynamic and purposeful.

In the new model, each Supportive Living Community will have an Active Aging Assistant, whose focus will be on spending time with you and leading activities that are focused on the your skills and interests.

What does it mean for me?

The Active Aging Model is founded on Silvera’s values and supports aging in community, quality living, wellbeing and person-centred support.

Why has the name changed?

Over the past two years, Silvera for Seniors has evaluated our approach to activities and our activity programming. The new name of the model reflects the focus on active aging where, rather than focusing

Besides these enhancements, you will also see new exciting programs introduced, and we will continue to evaluate new and existing programs to make sure we offer activities that you want to participate in and that are relevant for you. If you have feedback about activity programs in your community, you can talk to your Active Aging Assistant or fill out a Comment Card.


Silvera Times is happy to receive your questions. Use the Comment Cards in your community or send an email to: (attention: Silvera Times)

Our new building with 61 Independent Living suites is opening in March 2016 next to the existing Gilchrist Manor Community in Calgary’s northeast. The building is Phase 1 of a larger community development named Gilchrist Gardens that will link together the two Independent Living communities with an additional Supportive Living community. Silvera is now accepting applications for the new Independent Living Community at Gilchrist Gardens, which offers a mix of low-income, near-market and market rents. Call 403.276.5541 for more information.

THE HISTORY OF GILCHRIST GARDENS: 2009: Gilchrist Manor and Gilchrist Gardens comes into Silvera for Seniors’ portfolio of properties. 2010: Gilchrist Gardens, 20 cottage suites that served as media residences for the 1988 Winter Olympics, are decommissioned. 2012: The province announces funding for expansion of the Gilchrist site. 2014: The general contractor breaks ground on Phase 1 (Independent Living) of Gilchrist Gardens. 2015: The Province announces funding for Phase 2 (Supportive Living) of Gilchrist Gardens. 2016: Doors open to Phase 1 of Gilchrist Gardens. | 403.276.5541

Silvera Times Spring 2016  
Silvera Times Spring 2016  

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