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DISCOVER Candidate Evaluation Form

For CxO, Senior Management and Professional Positions

Interview date Interviewee

For the position of

Interviewer #1

Interviewer #2

1. DISCOVER Behaviour Be agreeable

Be cooperative

When dealing with or influencing other people, the candidate should:

Be reserved

Be Be reflective Be charming persuasive

Be optimistic

When dealing with changes in the environment, the candidate should:

Be flexible

Be dynamic

Be steady

Be supportive

Be consistent

Be opinionated

Be independent

Be objective Be accurate

When approaching problems and making decisions, the candidate should:

When conforming to rules and procedures, the candidate should

Be selfassured

Be direct

Like challenges

Be precise

Behavioural match A- A AA TOP

Behavioural match A- A AA TOP

Behavioural match A- A AA TOP

Behavioural match A- A AA TOP

Other comments or observations

2. DISCOVER Motivators (values) In the diagram to the right, Step 1: Assess and plot the organisation’s culture “”. Step 2: Assess and plot the team’s culture “” Step 3: Assess and plot the candidate’s top 2 motivators Other comments or observations

Cultural fit with the organisation and/or team A-



Right drive for the position A-

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3. DISCOVER Talents Positions 2 and 4 indicate an “in between” position 1 2 3 4 5 Analytical thinking required for the position and your candidate assessment

Basic analytical problem solving

Systematic problem approach

Decision making required for the position and your candidate assessment

Practical (using common sense)

Ability to focus required for the position and your assessment

Strong personal focus on actions

Sees and anticipate situations

Analytical thinking A-

Fast and intuitive decision making

Balanced, multi angle/perspective

Persistent focus on end results

Practical self organising ability

Managing and leading ability required for the position and your candidate assessment

Manage team with people focus

Listening & communicating ability required for the position and your candidate

Basic listening & communication

Organise self, team and projects


ACharismatic, convincing others





Managing and leading

Commit and lead other managers

Reading and adapting to others


Organising and planning

Long term complex planning

Manage team with result focus


Building focus A-

Organising and planning required for the position and your assessment


Decision making A-

Focus for self, team and projects




Listening and communication A-



Other comments or observations

4. Overall evaluation and next actions Compared to other candidates, how would you rank this candidate overall?

Do you recommended an online DISCOVER assessment?

Currently not suitable

Yes / No

Lower 50%

Top 50%

Top 25%

Do you recommend a DISCOVER assessment centre check?

Top 10%

Yes /No

If yes, why? What specifically more would you like to know?

Your tips and suggestions for the next interviewers

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From the DISCOVER Application Book: Define search criteria to recruit top performers A good interviewer is able to look behind the mask of a well prepared candidate. Are you looking for good to average performers that just have the right skills and that fit nicely with the culture of the organisation or team? Or are you looking for top performers that also possess a strong drive and unique talents to make a change-shift contribution to the performance of a specific team in your organisation? Leveraging your insights in the DISCOVER language and using the DISCOVER Candidate Evaluation Form allows you to define the search criteria for a top performer in less then 60 minutes by following the next 5 steps. .. continue reading in the DISCOVER Application Book …

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From the DISCOVER Application Book: Match candidates using the DISCOVER interview structure The questions below will help you not only to assess the skills and cultural fit of a candidate, but also the natural drive and the unique capabilities of a candidate.

Born and bred 1. 2. 3.


Where were you born? Where were you raised? Did you move around or stayed in the same city?

Siblings and their current profession 1. 2. 3.


Do you have any brothers or sisters? Were you the eldest, middle or youngest? (or a variation) What are their professions?

Upbringing and environmental influences 1.


2. 3.

Can you describe 3 character or personality traits of: a. Your father? b. Your mother? Who is your role model? What top 3 qualities/traits do you like of your role model? What are 2 most important values you learnt from your parents (or environment while growing up)?



1. 2.

Describe 1 personality trait you admire most in yourself What does it (personality trait) mean for your work? (or what effect does it have on your work?)

CV / Resume 1.


2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Looking at your education, what special talents have you discovered (or benefitted from)? (What actions or tasks did you find effortless?) How did these talents helped you in your work? Looking at your career, how did you start your professional career? What choices or options did you have on … (Look at specific job roles)? How did you choose this role over the other options? How did you experience this role? What did you like (or not like) about it?

Looking ahead


1. 2.

What do you like most about this job role? Why is that? What would your ideal career or profession look like?

More available in the application book …

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DISCOVER Candidate Evaluation Form  
DISCOVER Candidate Evaluation Form  

This is a template used best in combination with the "DISCOVER Application Book" that will be available in the Apple Store in July 2012.