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Silvair is a high-tech start-up company 
 operating within the IoT and smart lighting sectors. We focus on delivering a cuttingedge lighting control solution to industry’s professionals to redefine lighting experience in modern commercial spaces.

We are also a major contributor to the development of, now officially adopted as 
 a standard, Bluetooth mesh networking technology – the most powerful low-energy wireless communication protocol for the Internet of Things.

Silvair was established in 2013 and since its conception the company’s main focus was to create intelligent lighting systems later to become used in buildings all over the world. We currently operate using two offices; one in Cracow, Poland and the other one in San Francisco, USA.

Kraków, PL Headquater

San Francisco, USA Office

The name of our company comes from a latin phrase SILVA RERUM, which translates as a forest of things. The meaning corresponds both to our concept of integrating 
 our smart lighting technology into the Internet of Things and 
 to us building the biggest forest-like high-tech open ecosystem of connected devices.

Our financial support of $12.7M provided by private and institutional VCs from all over 
 the world lays the foundation for designing and developing lighting control solutions
 in the years to come.

Our mission is to create a world where the technology will benefit us all.

We believe that our lighting solution will improve on life standards in personal and working environments making them healthier, friendlier, more efficient and more inspiring. Our team of lion-hearted and talented specialists is absolutely committed to helping those involved in shaping our future become part of an entirely interconnected ecosystem where light always reaches its required destination.

Our values

Team Work




Our crew works together just like a pack of wolves-constantly supporting each other in our high-tech natural environment.

As we are a fast growing company operating in a dynamic high-tech environment, we want 
 you to be curious and knowledge desiring when expanding on projects that are currently in progress.

We all have our lion’s share of commitments at Silvair and it is our job to give our best when resolving these tasks.

We have our eagleeye constantly focused on the future while heading for greatness in whatever we do.

Project Manager We are looking for a Project Manager who will hold the overall accountability for a number of long and short-term highly technical projects in the Internet of Things domain, including software releases, electronic prototypes development, and research activities. If you are a fantastic arranger with loads of energy, flexibility, and an open mind, you'll feel great working with us.

Your tasks and duties: • lead product releases (release planning and execution, monitor cross-product dependencies as well as dependencies between product versions and other ongoing activities); • lead electronics prototypes development projects (support team members in planning and execution, monitoring and cross-team communication); • lead Bluetooth mesh research project activities (cross-team communication, schedule management, progress reporting)

We are also a major contributor to the development of, now support ProductasOwners in planning and stakeholders •officially adopted 
 communication a standard, Bluetooth networking prepare information needed to monitor project goals (KPIs •mesh technology – the mostthe whole organization, risks, and issues transparency across powerful low-energy reporting, lessons learnt documentation) wireless communication review the quality of completed work with the project team on •protocol for the Internet a regular basis to ensure that it meets expected standards of Things. • work on R&D projects (e.g. patent application process, being up to date with market trends)

Your essential background and skills:

Your extra qualifications:

• •

• • • • •

solid knowledge of project management principles several years working experience in project management previous experience in a fast-paced start-up environment effective communication (speak, listen and write in a clear and appropriate way) work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve issues and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness excellent organizational skills: set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals and track details/data/information/activities advanced English

• • •

hands-on experience with agile processes (e.g. Scrum, Kanban) experience in Jira, Confluence and Slack administration knowledge in the field of Continuous Integration and DevOps interest in IoT/wireless/smart solutions


flexible working hours

company lunches

free parking space

PC or Mac as you wish

fast-paced startup environment

individual budget for a personal growth

trending technology, Bluetooth Mesh, IoT

medical care package

B2B contract or permanent agreement

functional working space with a chillout room

Your way to Silvair

30 minutes phone call / Skype with Tomek – our Recruiter

face to face technical interview with your future team

face to face meeting with your future manager

Contact details

Tomek Romańczyk Recruitment&EB Specialist +48 505 894 926

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We are also a major contributor to the development of, now officially adopted as 
 a standard, Bluetooth mesh networking technology – the most powerful low-energy wireless communication protocol for the Internet of Things.

Project Manager  
Project Manager