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Vasquez Grande Silvia


In our country more than half of all urban dwellings have earthen floors and adobe walls and many have straw roofs, and a lot of people live in that champas.

In the newspaper of September 6th I saw many advertisements about selling houses and apartments. The majority of apartments were located in Colonia Escalón, Lomas de San Francisco, San Benito, and near Hospital Militar. And many houses that were advertisements for selling were in Santa tecla, Lourdes, Antiguo Cuscatlán and other places. In now days for many people is too difficult to get a house or an apartment because the prices are too high so Salvadorians are gearing more towards renting homes, as buying real estate is becoming increasingly difficult, due to little credit and complicated paperwork. so they rent a house or an apartments and they share it with all the family and all of them give money to pay the rent. Differences that I saw between houses and apartments advertisements     

Some apartments aren´t as expensive as houses Apartments don´t have enough parking spaces Houses have enough rooms Apartments aren´t spacious enough for big families Some houses are too expensive that only rich people can buy it.

Some people that they study or work in San Salvador but they don´t have the family here they rent an apartment or a house.

 Some advantages about renting a house and buying in are:  The people can decide in what neighborhood rent and after some months they could move another place.  They could live near of their job o the university where they study.  Tried to find convenient price and place. But renting a house or an apartment is too hard and it isn´t the better option to live because the people are paying every month and they will never be the owners. So buy a house is too difficult but I think if the people have a job they could go to the F.S.V. and try to get a house or an apartment. Fondo Social para la Vivienda has a lot of options for different kind of people. They offer housings in too many places, some of them are cheaper but those are located in dangerous places but others are in security neighborhood and the prices are affordable. I think it depend of what kind of housing the people are finding. Here you have some options:

Housing in El Salvador