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Read the Eye care tips from Professional Optician Eyes are organ of vision for every human. It has a highest majority among all organs. In each and every activity we are using eyes. Healthy eyes give a healthy vision. So you always should take care on your vision. Eyes are very sensitive; the followings are some useful tips from professional optician for eye care. Basic Tips from Optician:  Do not rub your eyes hardly.  Do not strain your eyes for long time because it affects your eye muscles. For example, reading in dim light results in eye strain.  Avoid direct contact on sun, it may cause eye pain.  Do not use computer for long time it may cause blurred vision. It can be cured by eye glasses. Take a gap for every 20 min for example; focus on object far away from you.  Use anti-reflective glass when work with computer.  Avoid using high brightness on computers. It also leads to eye fatigue like eye strain, watery eyes, headache and more.  Go for regular eye test.  Sleep is a perfect medicine so have sufficient sleep at night. Healthy Tips:  For healthy eat more fruits and vegetables like tomato, corn, grapes, blueberries, guava, apple etc.,  Take more vitamin A food because retina needs vitamin A which increases your eye vision and protects eye surface.  Vitamin D prevents aging and also helps for eye vision.  Do regular eye exercise. It keeps eye healthy and prevents from myopia. (i.e.) nearsightedness.  Quit smoking else it may cause eye disorders like macular degeneration, dry eye problem and more which leads to Blindness.  Use protective wears while playing and riding. It keeps you away from getting hurt.  Often blink your eyes which may prevent from eye fatigue.  Maintain 3 to 4 feet distance far from computer screen and maintain proper distances while watching TV.  Always use cleaned contact lenses and replace them frequently. Dirty lenses may cause painful infections.  Do not use old eye makeup kit because it may cause heavy eye infections. Tips for preventing eye damage from UV rays: Wear proper eye protecting sunglasses to prevent from UV rays. UV-A rays will affect your back part of your eye and UV-B rays will affect front part of your eye it may cause eye disorder like cataracts, which leads to vision loss. Pterygium eye damage may cause eye skin cancer. Polarized sunglasses are very effective in preventing UV rays and avoids glare headache. Eyeglasses are used to improve the in-correct vision of a people. If you are in need of getting proper eye care treatment from professional opticians, you can walk in to Oscar Wylee Eyewear

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Read the Eye care tips from Professional Optician