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Your Sheridan Student Union

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All of our services are provided to YOU free of charge! We are here to provide Sheridan students with the superior quality of services that you righteously deserve.

Your Student Union Services 1. Grade Appeals: - If you feel you are treated unfairly in a class the Student Vice President will advocate on your behalf and put their best efforts to rectify the situation. Contacts: 2. Clubs & Associations: - Find your place at Sheridan and join an existing club that you are passionate about. - Can’t find a club you like? Start your own club or association! - For more information of existing clubs please check our website! Contact: 3. Food Bank - Not enough to eat? Come up to Student Union Building and come to our food bank stocked with lots of food for your need. Contact: 4. Paralegal Consultation - Need help and some legal advice? Get free consultation, located at the Student Union upstairs office.

Hours of Operation: refer to our website! 5.Off Campus Housing - Looking for a place? We will help you find a place. For more information check: 6. The Fuse - The one stop shop information kiosk for you to find out about our services, events/concerts, jobs, student elections, and many exciting upcoming functions. Contact: 7. TRAVIS Magazine - A once a month student designed magazine coined with a clever name fusing Trafalgar and Davis names together creating TRAVIS. A hip modern magazine for students to keep informed with all the current events, student articles, events, etc… You can pick up your issue at The Fuse. Contact: 8. Photocopying and Faxing - Faxing is available upstairs at the office administrator’s office at the Student Union Building - Photocopying is located in The Fuse (max 10 copies daily/per student)

9. Health Plan - Ensure that you are covered! Student Union cares about the well being of the Sheridan students. - Any questions regarding the health plan we’d be happy to assist you. For more information: 10. Student Events and Special Functions - Have fun outside of class! SU provides the most unique events catered for you. Events that will make your Sheridan experience memorable! - Want to do your own event? Let us know. - Simply drop our Directors of Student Life a line about an idea of an event you would like to have. Contact: 11. Jobs - Have the best job on campus! We’re constantly looking for fun, exciting new people to join the team! Looks great as a resume item. - Sometimes we can’t do it on our own, and we need your volunteer help! Check our website for more details 12. Vendors - SU will bring in unique vendors that will benefit the students in some form from a service to products. Many vendors will be stationed in the Student Union Building atrium.

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Travis Magazine Vol.3 Issue1  
Travis Magazine Vol.3 Issue1  

Travis Magazine's "Frosh Issue" // Featuring Sam Roberts Band