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Hey!! So this is our little “pet project” and we are very keen to launch the first edition of Silk Stitches magazine. We wanted a way we could communicate with you more, let you into our world and meet the interesting people we do by being blessed enough to be in this industry. This world, “Our World” of Photography and Design is home and we have a HUGE welcome sign up! So come on in! Firstly for the support we have recieved so far, THANK YOU! We appreciate every single one of you! Your critisim, praise and suggestion’s help us grow! This is also an oppertunity for us to give back, so in the following pages you will be exposed to models, artists, causes, Bands and even some sneak peaks and tutorials on how we do things! So this is where we will share with you the blessing we have recieved! The talents we are mastering and the work we produce. This is Silk Stitches Magazine, so make yourself at home. Rei & Hendri





one life make it count

pin up set by rei stitches









t’ruska labuschagne

needle in a ‘heystek’

fws graphic artist/illustrator

from black and white to color






Model: MUA: Hair: Styling:

Betty Ghoul Aimee du Preez Rei Stitches Rei Stitches

Tattoo Artist: Models Own 8

Model: MUA: Hair: Styling:

Anny Japann Chantelle Pienaar Rei Stitches Rei Stitches

Tattoo Artist: Stefan Draak 9

Model: MUA: Hair: Styling:

Betty Ghoul Aimee du Preez Rei Stitches Rei Stitches

Tattoo Artist: Models Own


Model: MUA: Hair: Styling: 11

Anny Japann Chantelle Pienaar Rei Stitches Rei Stitches

Tattoo Artist: Stefan Draak

Model: MUA: Hair: Styling:

Betty Ghoul Aimee du Preez Rei Stitches Rei Stitches

Tattoo Artist: Models Own




FACE OF SILK STITCHES Truska Labuschagne

As the entries for the “Face of Silk Stitches 2013” competition started rolling in there was a certain degree of anxiety between Hendri and myself about finding the perfect person. You see the face of our business is about a lot more than a pretty face. We strongly believe that within our business we carry a kind of family, and adding to that family is always carefully thought through. T’ruska continued to prove herself as the competition went through it’s stages, not only by her energy and determination but her humble character and love for animals.

felt reflected her personality and challenged my creative ability.

As we embarked on brain storming for our first official shoot T’ruska always seemed up for practically anything. Upon telling her that her first shoot would require her to get wet and I couldn’t promise the conditions to be very desirable, she kept her eye on the prize. From Suffering through getting permission to shoot on location in a public area, to surviving the bitter cold. We shared laughter through blue lips and warded off the attack of leeches to create a set that we

We are looking forward to some challenging and unique sets to come and are planning a trip to Drakensburg to capture her deep love for nature in a more challenging setting.

We have the utmost faith in our upcoming journey with this unique and strong minded woman. We feel that as much as we can help her, she will add to our Family dynamic. T’ruska is in many ways a whole different side to Silk Stitches and we are keen to embrace it. I would use the common expression; “Dynamite comes in small packages.” but when it comes down to it. She is more than the expression allows. And we love her already.

T’ruska has just started her studies as a apprentice chef and we would personally like to wish her the best on this journey.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MODELING? I’m an aspiring model, that started doing photo shoots for friends and photography students for their portfolio’s for about four years now, a lot of awesome times. HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN SILK STITCHES ANNOUNCED YOU TO BE THE OFFICIAL FACE OF SILK STITCHES FOR 2013? I felt nervous and excited at the same time, its a huge honour to be the face of Silk Stitches. I never imagined something like this would happen. APART FROM MODELING WHAT ARE YOUR ASPIRATIONS IN LIFE? I have a 10 year plan; Finish my studies at becoming a chef,to work my way up in the industry that in itself will be very hard and challenging. IF YOU COULD SUPPORT ANY LOCAL CHARITY WHICH WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I choose to support the charities “Liefde Wen” and “the wolmer pet shelter”. Bouwer Bosch (the founder of liefde wen) created such an amazing cause and the fact that he help children in need makes it more worthy. The Wolmer Pet Shelter, because they really need the help and I love animals because all they need and want is for someone to love and care for them. a Dog is the only being on Earth that loves you more than it loves itself. WHEN DID YOU START MOVING OVER INTO THE ‘ALTERNATIVE’ SCENE? At the age of 15, I grew bored with the stereotipycal “poppy” look of almost every girl in high school. Something inside me needed to break free and I started to rebel against “the system”. I got my very first facial piercing at the age of fifteen and it hasn’t stopped since. WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL? My parents are only a few of the people I consider as role models,but you should never see a role model as someone you want to be, rather someone that you admire for their strength and courage. As photography is also a passion I admire the work of Rei (of course) and Annie Leibovitz. And the chef I see as a sort of role model is definitely Gordon Ramsay, and without a question God.


IF THERE WAS ONE THING YOU COULD IRREVERSIBLY FIX ABOUT OUR WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Abuse in any form but without a second thought, animal abuse. It disgusts, and upsets me to my core. IF THERE WAS ANY ADVICE YOU COULD GIVE TO YOUNGER GIRLS, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Here’s a quote that comes to mind - “if you end up with a boring, miserable life because you listen to your mom, your dad , your teacher or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit , or believing someone when they try to break you or your dreams down,then you deserve being miserable.” Point is, stay strong, do what makes YOU happy.

“stay strong, do what makes YOU happy.”


Photography By Reegan Busby

Mercia Heystek

up & comming tattoo artist


Needle in a ‘Heystek ’ From an artist, to a vocalist for one of Pretoria’s most prominant post hardcore/metalcore bands to an apprentice Tattoo Artist it is obvious that great things are expected from this local beauty. We take a closer look at what brought her to where she is now and exactly who Miss Heystek is behind the scenes of her already accomplished life. Why are you apprenticing to be a tattoo artist?

How many people have you tattooed?

What got you into it?

What are your other art mediums?

It’s my dream job! I’m working towards becoming a great South African artist Well, I got the idea from school friends, I used to draw on everything (and everyone) Someone once mentioned that I should get into tattooing, the idea stuck

Is this your passion?

Yes, one of many, and how lucky I am to be doing it for a living

How many years have they been at it?

(not sure about this question ?? How many years have I been at it? or the people I work for? lol) I’ve been apprenticing for around 2 years, I started out part time and went full time in 2012 Cathy (my mentor) has been tattooing for around 17/18 years now - She’s brilliant

I think around 8? Not all were pieces of my own, some were touch ups and practice shading I love painting, though I don’t do it very often at all I paint shoes sometimes, as gifts or for myself, and I often do drawings as gifts as well I also make music and I love it, I play piano and guitar and I sing (or try to)

How long would you say you’ve been an artist? I think I was born one? My family is amazing, I have a cousin in fashion, and one who teaches art Most of my family play instruments or sing and my mother was a music teacher .. My grandpa was an amazing painter and musician. I’m blessed with arty genes

Where do you apprentice?

I apprentice at Jaded Ink Centurion - Home of Cathy’s Tattoos

What were you doing before you decided to apprentice?

I was working in an office! I was working at an IT help desk for almost two years before I started apprenticing

Significant others tattooed?

My boyfriend is tattooed. He’s one of the main reasons I kept on trying to get in to the industry when stuff got really tough, he made me believe I could be great when I felt like I would never make it. I also recently did my very first colour tattoo on him

What do your parents think of your occupation?

They got used to the idea I think, I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time so I’ve been talking about it since high school at first it must have been a shock but I think anyone who gets to know the tattoo industry realizes it’s not what you think at first

What style would you say is your favourite?

For now I’m a chameleon artist, I must learn to do all styles before I can pick one to specialize in I really do love traditional/neo-traditional and realism also really colorful girly stuff



GRAPHIC ARTIST: Simeon Ferreira It isn’t often that we find someone with this level of talent who also has such a passion to pass on a striking message. Simeon’s Illustrations are striking, vibrant and powerful. We can go on about the artist but instead we’ll let his work speak for itself. Simeon Ferreira Age: 20 Bio: If you do something do something with meaning ...My designs are mostly based on today’s issues and about how I feel about the world and its people. I freely express myself through art as many others do its a place where you can escape to and I escape to FWSdesigns...I started with designs in 2011 mostly with illustrations and digital art. I have work mostly with international brands such as Different Values,Victorious Conflict Clothing, Pins and Knuckles and also with local bands and events such as Heart of Music, Voxtropolis and etc, I have gained a lot of experience through these brands each has taught me something new about the industry. I design anything from alternative to corporate, but I like to stick to concepts such as T shirts and Skateboards I hope to start my own brand soon called “Free Will”. You can see most of my work on my facebook page I prefer this page over a website for the reason it enables me to actually communicate with people



Tutorial by Michal Plazinski

From Black and White to Color

EVER WATCHED A DIGITALLY REMASTERED FILM AND WONDERED HOW THEY COLORED IN THE BLACK AND WHITE FRAMES? I think we all have at some stage and the answer is simple: they painted it frame by frame. Now I’m not sure to the techniques used in painting film frame by frame, but I can sure help you out with your black and white photographs! Ever had a photograph you wished was in color? Read on and find out how to color it in using nothing more than the Brush Tool and Curve Adjustments. Step 1 - Scan your Image and Open up in Photoshop Scan in your black and white image and open it up in photoshop, or if you’re going to be following along with this tutorial (which I assume you are) then you can download yourself a black and white image just for the sake of this tutorial.


Step 2 - Create your First Curves Adjustment With our black and white image on our canvas we’re going to go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves. Name this layer Skin. Now, on the curves Panel (If you can’t see it, go to Window>Adjustments) Click the dropdown menu and instead of RGB, Select Red. To create the skin color we’re going to Push the slider for Red up slightly, then use the dropdown menu to navigate to Blue, and push the slider down.

Now Click on the Mask contained in the Skin Adjustment Layer and hit CTRL/CMD+I to invert the mask, this will mask the color we just created. 26

Step 3 - Start to paint The way masks work is simple, Anything that’s painted white on the mask, will show the content of the layer, while anything painted black will hide it. Press X to reset your color palatte to black and white and use a soft brush with 0% Hardness and 100% Opacity to Start painting the skin color onto the figure. Hit X to swap between black and white if you need to erase parts that you’ve accidentally colored in.

Color in all parts of the skin, making sure to avoid, eyes, lips, hair and clothing. Change the size of the brush as needed (Use hotkeys [ and ] to make the brush larger or smaller). Make sure to use a small brush when painting in detailed areas. 27

When working close to the hair, try not to paint over too much of it, otherwise it will get tedious when it’s time to paint the hair in.

Once you’ve filled in all of the skin, you’ll have something like below, don’t worry if the skin colors not spot on, we’ll tweak it later.


Step 4 - The Lips Create a new Curves Layer (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves) and name it Lips. Now, like before we’re going to push the Red curve up, and push the Green and Blue curves down.

Click on the Lips Mask, and Press CTRL/CMD + I to invert it, use the same technique to paint the lips, adjusting the size of the brush as needed.

Step 4 - Hair By now you should be getting the hang of this process. Create a new Curves Layer (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves) and name it Hair. Adjust the Red, Green and Blue like below to get the desired color (or you can experiment with your own color!).

Again, select the hair mask, and press CTRL/CMD + I to invert the hair mask and begin painting the hair, adjusting the brush size as needed.

When painting the stray and thin hairs, simply use a tiny brush and set it’s Opacity to 50%.


Once you’ve finish the hair you should have something like this

Step 5 - Eyes Now We’ll color in the eyes, Create a new Curves Layer, name it Eyes. Push up the blue a lot, and push down the Red and Green a little, make sure the blue is over the top.

Invert the Mask and paint over the eyes.


Simply lower the Opacity of the Eyes layer until you have an eye color that looks natural. Step 6 - Fill in the Details Now use the steps you’ve learned above to color in the remainder of the image. I used the red Lips layer to color in the figures nails, bow on her bra and the center of her cross.

Create a new Curves layer and Name it Gold, play around with the Red, Green and Gold curves until you get a golden color, use it to color in the chain.


Create a new Curves layer, make it a pink color and use it to color in the bra

We’re nearly done! All we need to do is tweak a few of the Curves layers. Select the skin layer, and if you want to give the figure a tan, simply push down the RGB curve a bit. If you want the figure to be a bit paler, simply push the RGB curve up.


Play with all the other RGB curves to finish up your image. I’ve lightened the figures skin tone and darkened her hair, I’ve also applied some Opacity to the Gold layer to make it less extreme.




A big thanks to:


Without you this issue would not possible

Silk Stitches - Deliciously Different  

So this is our little “pet project” and we are very keen to launch the first edition of Silk Stitches magazine. We wanted a way we could com...

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