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Exactly how LED modern technology has improved pool lamps Assuming you have ever considered replacing your current swimming pool lights, not that long ago your primary choice would have been to buy another halogen swimming pool light. Luckily for us, halogen designed swimming pool lights are quickly being phased out. Even though they generally do a satisfactory job at supplying illumination for your pool, there are currently better products that you should consider. Pool lighting is promptly shifting in the direction of LED technology. There is absolutely no arguing the fact that this is certainly as a result of LED lighting being a significantly superior technology. When you make the switch to LED pool lights, you truly are making the better choice. LED lights are much more beneficial to our environment for the reason that they use much less energy, they will last considerably longer, they do not need to be regularly serviced and in general, they’re more reliable. Almost certainly the coolest function of LED swimming pool lights is that you can get a multicolored color changing light, as well as your common static white colored or blue color variations. Halogen bulbs are outdated technology, and use lots of electricity. Typically in a swimming pool light application, they go from 100W and up. Throughout their time, halogen light bulbs may have been a good choice. Nonetheless, far more efficient technologies exist and there is virtually no justification for a swimming pool light to consume so much power. Did you know that LED light bulbs only use a small fraction of the energy that halogen light bulbs use, yet they continue to provide the same degree of light? This is possible since LED’s are much more efficient than older halogen lights. Since LED technology is far more efficient than halogen systems, we are able to save three quarters of our electricity usage by swapping over to LED pool lights. A 150W halogen globe could be substituted by about a 40W LED light. Another significant improvement over halogen lights is the life duration of LED powered pool lights. Halogen bulbs tend to blow relatively frequently. I personally found it extremely annoying when the light bulbs would blow in my worn-out halogen lights. I loathed being forced to purchase new bulbs as well as then fit them. Although replacing your blown halogen swimming pool light globe isn’t the end of the world, it is certainly an inconvenience by any kind of measure. Particularly whenever they manage to blow immediately, or much too often. Not only are LED lights far more efficient and not only will they use less power, in addition they have a very long life time. Do you know that LED lights normally last around 30,000 hours, and many last much longer! Considering that normally the pool lights are not left on the whole day and night, a lifespan this long translates to many, many years of worry free pool lighting.

Owing to the exceptional lifespan of LED lights, any upkeep of your pool light is done away with. LED swimming pool lights need no maintenance to be done by you whatsoever. Disregard buying and replacing globes. You won’t ever have to do that again. You are going to be very happy to know that as soon as you do the hard work of having the new LED light set up, there will be nothing at all else left to do. The new light will comfortably keep working for many years to come, without upkeep in any respect. The extended lifespan of LED lights makes it possible for manufacturers to come up with new designs that were never before practical. With LED swimming pool lights, as there are no bulbs which will need replacing, a number of manufacturers are encasing the entire internals of the light with a solid plastic resin material. This is certainly the first time in many years that there has genuinely been real innovation in the basic design of swimming pool lights. These changes to try to make swimming pool lights leak proof are a marked improvement in comparison with existing, old style halogen pool lights. However, the most interesting feature of LED technology is that you can get automatically color changing lights. With LED lights, several manufacturers include various built-in programs with your light, and all you need to do is flick the pool light off for a moment, and back on. This cycles through to the next available program. If you are likely to be updating to LED lights any time soon, you probably should pay attention to this new feature! Hopefully you will have appreciated reviewing our short introduction to LED swimming pool lights. If you want to find out more, or perhaps if you want to buy some LED swimming pool lights for your own pool, you can see us at

Exactly how LED modern technology has improved pool lamps  

Assuming you have ever contemplated upgrading your...

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