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December 2011  

GLASS MAIL Peter S'llman’s  case  has  been   taken  once  again.  The   detec've  Paul  Auster  has   taken  charge  in  helping  Peter   S'llman  jr  find  his  long-­‐lost   father  and  protec'ng  him   from  his  father.  It  all  started   when  several  years  ago,  Peter   S'llman  locked  his  son  in  a   dark  room  to  prove  he’d  learn   the  language  of  god.  The  only   thing  he  managed  was  to   trauma'ze  him  physically  and   mentally…  (more  on  page  3)   Feral  children  are  those  humans  who  are  isolated  from  the  human   society  from  a  very  young  age,  they  have  no  idea  of  the  human   social  behavior,  and  some'mes  they  don´t  know  the  human   language,  because  they  have  been  raised  with  a  lack  for  human   skills.  Parents  have  moved  most  of  the  feral  children  apart,  because   of  child  rejec'on.  Some'mes,  feral  children  claim  being  raised  by   animals,  or  being  raised  in  the  wild  by  their  own.   All  children  who  have  been  isolated  since  bird  will  have  its  problems   in  the  future,  because  since  we  are  born  we  start  learning  from  our   parents  how  to  act,  talk,  walk,  and  many  other  ac'ons  as  a  human.              (More  on  page  4)  

Are you  in  New  York  and  you  s'll  don’t  know  what  to  do?  In  this  sec'on   we  will  be  giving  you  some  sugges'ons  to  do  in  your  everyday  life,   always  remember  that  we  GlassNews  will  always  give  you  our  best   ideas.  If  you  don’t  live  in  New  York  and  s'll  want  some  ideas  to  do  at   your  day,  you  can  do  them  in  your  hometown.  

LETS TAKE  A  WALK  IN  NEW   YORK  CITY  STREETS!   It  doesn't  maRer  how  the  weather  might  be    


in the  City  of  lights,  its  always  good  to  take  a   walk  in  the  sunny,  rainy,  or  cold  streets  of   New  York.  Here  are  some  comments  of   people  we  have  seen  walking  in  this  streets.   The  ques'on  for  them  was:  “What  do  you  like   of  walking  in  the  streets?”       “I  like  to  walk  every  morning  in  the  streets  of   New  York  because  I  get  some  'me  to  think   about  me  and  just  my  life,  its  my  'me  to   reflect  about  my  acts  and  thoughts  and  put  it   all  in  order.”  Daniel  Quinn    

If you  feel  inspired  and   you  have  not  that  much   to  do  you  should   definitely  start  wri'ng   following  address   your  own  novels,  of   422  Fulton  Street   science  fic'on  or   Brooklyn,         NY  11201     mystery.     If  you  are  interested   718/875-­‐7200 you  should  go  to  the      .  (Next  to  Macys.)

GLASSNEWS was  just  informed  Peter  S'llman  Sr.  is   going  out  of  jail,  and  his  son’s  wife  Virginia  is  doing   everything  she  can  to  stop  him  from  finding  her   husband  and  seeking  revenge,  even  killing  him.  Rumor   has  it  she  was  even  the  one  who  hired  the  detec've.   We  all  know  their  love  story,  he  was  in  a  mental   hospital  and  she  fell  in  love  nursing  him.  That’s  love!     On  recent  reports  we’ve  been  told  that  this  Paul   Auster  is  really  the  author  William  Wilson,  who’s  real   name  is  Daniel  Quinn.     We  know  he  changed  his   name  aler  his  wife  and   son  suspiciously  passed   away,  and  he  did  so  to   start  a  new  life  without   his  past  haun'ng  him.   We’ve  heard  he’s  met   with  the  real  Paul  Auster   to  discuss  the  case.     We’ll  keep  you  posted  on   Detec've  Paul  Auster/William   any  updates!!   Wilson/Daniel  Quinn      

Feral children  are  those  

humans who  are  isolated  from   the  human  society  from  a  very   young  age,  they  have  no  idea   of  the  human  social  behavior,   and  some'mes  they  don´t   know  the  human  language,   because  they  have  been  raised   with  a  lack  for  human  skills.     Parents  have  moved  most  of  the  feral  children  apart,   because  of  child  rejec'on.  Some'mes,  feral  children   claim  being  raised  by  animals,  or  being  raised  in  the  wild   by  their  own.     All  children  who  have  been  isolated  since  birth  will  have   its  problems  in  the  future,  because  since  we  are  born  we   start  learning  from  our  parents  how  to  act,  talk,  walk,  and   many  other  ac'ons  as  a  human.  For  example,  they  might   be  having  trouble  in  learning  to  walk  right,  or  in  learning   to  use  a  toilet.  Also,  as  they  keep  growing  they  might   develop  a  kind  of  psychological  trauma.    (con'nued  next  page…)    

There is  not  much  that  can  be  done  to  help  feral  children,   they  have  been  raised  differently  than  normal  people,  but   they  are  s'll  being  part  of  the  human  race,  even  if  some   of  them  have  been  raised  as  animals.  There  have  been   cases  that  feral  children  who  were  raised  by  animals  that   will  have  problems  later  by  learning  how  to  act  like  a   human;  this  is  because  their  bodies  are  already   developed  and  accustomed  being  treated  as  animal   bodies,  so  in  some  cases,  feral  children  die  younger  than   normal  people,     and  in  others  they   live  learning  how  to   act  like  a  human  in   clinics  for  mental   disabled  people.   There  is  a  case  study   of  a  feral  child  named   Oxana  Malaya,  she   was  found  at  the  age   of  8  in  Ukraine,   studies  have  found   that  Oxana  have   been  raised  in   company  of  dogs.  

Bad news   The  stock  market  inflates  so  the  dollar  is  $15.13.   There  are  more  feral  children  cases  today  than  in  2008   There  is  a  manifesta'on  on  the  5th  av.  On  New  York  asking  more  wages.       Good  news   The  president  put  50  schools  to  people  that  don’t  have  an  educa'on.   Peter  S'llma’s  case  solve  he  was  found  on  Atlanta.   The  goverment  créate  a  new  Project  called  NO  MORE  HOMELESS           Aware   There  are  thousands  of  people  kidnapping  around  the  U.S  he  tryed  to  kidnap   the  state  governor  of  Chicago  so  be  careful  they  are  normally  looking  for   famous  persons  but  s'll  be  careful.       Medicines   The  group  of  foruna  labs,  create  a  new  pill  that  controls  all  of  pressure   effects  and  also  it  makes  you  to  like  exercise.       Sports   Mets  make  a  record  by  winning  14  games  on  a  row  and  now  they  won  the   world  series.  At  the  final  game  there  were  to  amateurs  from  Mets  team  one   of  them  was  called  Peter  S'llman.       Games        

Jokes Q.  How  do  crazy  people  go  through  the  forest?   A.  They  take  the  psycho  path.       Q.  How  do  you  get  holy  water?   A.  You  boil  the  hell  out  of  it.       Q.  Why  do  gorillas  have  big  nostrils?   A.  Because  They  Have  Big  Fingers.                                    

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