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#1465-VMS5883L (HMC5883L) 3 Axis Compass Module


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Quick Overview VMS5883L (HMC5883L) 3 Axis Compass Module COMPARE PRODUCTS

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Description This is a tiny digital compass module designed with Honeywell's HMC5883L compass sensor

Features 3-Axis Magnetoresistive Sensors on Board 12-Bit ADC Coupled with Low Noise ARM Sensors Achieves 5 milli-gauss Resolution in ±8Gauss Fields Built-In Self Test Low Voltage Operations(2.16 to 3.6V) and Low Power Consumption Built-In Strap Drive Circuits I2C Digital Interface Wide Magnetic Field Range Softwave and Algorithm Support Available Fast 160Hz Maximum Output Rate Enables 1° to 2°  Degree Compass Heading Accuracy Enables Low-Cost Functionality Test after Assembly in Production

TESTIMONIALS IMHO Siliconray is the best online electronics store ever. I couldn’t finish my university project without their service. Before them I couldn’t find any supplier that has all the things I needed for my project within the budget. Siliconray not only sold me the components and tools at very good price but also gave me a lot of advice on my project. Thanks Siliconray!

Fabio Moris - Nigeria I searched a transistor on Siliconray one day, but found no result. Then I Sent an inquiry online and I got feedback from their customer service immediately. The transistor I needed was listed on the website the very next day. AMAZING!!

Jim Groove - USA

Compatible for Battery Powered Applications Set/Reset and Offset Strap Drivers for Degaussing, Self Test, and Offset Compensation Popular Two-Wire Serial Data Interface for Consumer Electronics RoHS Compliance Sensors Can Be Used in Strong Magnetic Field Environments with a 1° to 2° Degree Compass Heading Accuracy

Today I received my first order from SiliconRay. One word: EXCELENT! All the components were well packaged, and really liked the package-box. Thanks for the great service, will buy more in the future for sure!

Fausto Junior - Brazil

Compassing Heading, Hard Iron, Soft Iron, and Auto Calibration Libraries Available Enables Pedestrian Navigation and LBS Applications

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3-Axis Digital Compass VMS5883L Module - Boards | Kits | Components | Modules | Tools

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3-Axis Digital Compass VMS5883L Module - Boards | Kits | Components | Modules | Tools

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1465-VMS5883L (HMC5883L) 3 Axis Compass Module