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Play the CleanTech card What is CleanTech? Clean Technology – CleanTech – involves using technology and new business models to deliver products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, reduce waste and cut or eliminate emissions.

About Apateq Apateq engineers and manufactures custom designed oil-water separation systems for oilfield operators, compact wastewater treatment plants for demanding applications and pre-treatment systems for industrial wastewaters. The company’s goals are focused on environmental protection, water conservation and client satisfaction.

From the French Riviera, where he is Honorary Consul of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the Alpes Maritimes and Hautes Alpes, Cyril Dary promotes the development of business based on eco-technologies. In his view, Luxembourg has many assets to enable startups active in this area to make a sustainable impact.


hat is your role for Team Côte d’Azur?

My role is to promote the French Riviera abroad as a center for businesses in the eco-technologies or “CleanTech” sector, as well as in the services sector in a more broad sense, and to support innovative businesses in the territory. Our services help companies set up R&D centers, engineering offices – for example, in the smart grid and renewable energy sector – headquarters, training centers or customer support centers, which are also called “call centers.” I also put a lot of energy into organizing the international Innovative City forum, which is held annually in Nice every June and is dedicated to topics concerning sustainable, intelligent and connected cities. I also had the honor and the pleasure to welcome a significant delegation of business leaders from Luxembourg led by the Secretary of State for the Economy and S.E.M. Ambassador.


nd how would you describe your role for Luxembourg in the area?

I am the Honorary Consul to the eastern part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. In this context, my primary mission is to offer assistance to citizens of Luxembourg who are in my district. This also helps strengthen and develop economic relations, as well as tourism and culture exchange, between the Grand Duchy and the PACA region. In recent years, Luxembourg has

moved from being the 6th largest investor on the French Riviera to being the 4th, especially in the high-tech field of health and environment. I am currently working to help implement new Luxembourg projects in this region.


ou are an expert in CleanTech. Could you tell us what is behind this concept?

This is a very broad concept, which includes all technological innovations and services aimed at preserving the environment. This includes products and services in the field of renewable energies, the mastery of energy consumption (otherwise known as energy efficiency), as well as innovations in the areas of water, air, noise, soil and waste.


s CleanTech a priority for Luxembourg?

This is a sector of the economy that is growing dramatically in recent years worldwide, with a potential to create lots of jobs. It is still hard to quantify exactly how many jobs, but the number looks very promising. The Grand Duchy has deep interests to develop this sector, as well as the strengths to support its development.

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