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Introduction Thank you for your interest in Silicone Keypad Products. This booklet-free design guide has been designed to offer basic information on Silicone Keypad technology and to provide some basic design constraints to easethe flow of your new project. This guide provides basic design rules and information needed to help designers during the initial stage of design of rubber keypads, silicone keypads, membrane switches and custom plastic parts. It also shows various technologies used in keypad manufacturing to serve the various needs of customers. Conductive silicone rubber keypads were originally developed for the electronics industry as an economical design alternative to discrete switches. 30 years later they are the most widely used form of switch technology, mainly due to their reliability, long life and multitude of design opportunities.

Silicone Dynamics has over 10 years experience in silicone keypad design and manufacturing. Silicone Dynamics usesmany different technologies and offers design support to small and medium size businessesin the electronics market. With support available throughout the USAwe can respond to inquiries quickly and support your design team with Silicone, Membrane discrete keypad switch solutions, and custom plastic enclosures.


silicone rubber keypads

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