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About silhouPETte Founded in 2010, silhouPETte crafts heirloom jewelry and custom portraits based on the unique silhouette of your favorite furry friends. From Labrador charm necklaces to cat cufflinks to French bulldog portraits, each silhouPETte keepsake looks elegant and warms your heart. Featured in Martha Stewart Magazine, silhouPETte is well on its way to becoming the Tiffany’s of pet keepsakes. For every piece sold, silhouPETte feeds a homeless animal for an entire month. So while you celebrate a beloved pet, you also help an animal in need. SilhouPETte: The ideal gift for any animal lover. Available at select retailers and at

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Products: Custom Charms

A gift that truly captures your pet’s personality. Utterly unique, hand-cut charms based on your pet’s distinct silhouette. Available in sterling silver or gold-dipped sterling silver - other metals upon request! Includes matching 18” chain.

One-of-a-kind. And so is your necklace.

Products: Charms

Sophisticated charms with real charm. Each sterling silver or gold-dipped charm features a popular breed of dog, cat or horse. Full line includes 25 options – with more to come!

Always near your heart.

Includes matching 18� chain. Most popular: Labrador, Cat, French Bulldog

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Products: Cuff Links

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Cuff links with style, statement and love. Each sterling silver or gold-dipped cuff link features a popular breed of man’s best friend. Launching the line with our best seller, the Labrador silhouette - with more to come!

Products: Custom Silhoutte Portraits

A portrait worth a thousand awws.

Turn your pet’s silhouette into a piece of art. Each hand-designed portrait is based on your pet’s unique silhouette. Printed on acid-free premium canvas using museum-quality inks. Available in 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 with choice of 9 matting options.

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Fact Sheet • Over 80% February orders made by male customers • Sales double each month during Fall and Holiday seasons • Readymade silhouPETte charm collection includes 25 most popular pet breeds in America • 25-34 most popular age range • 10k Facebook “likes” and growing • Profits fund socialization and behavioral training for abused animals • Founded in 2010 by Jessica DiPaola

Five most popular silhouPETtes: 1. Labrador 2. Cat 3. French Bulldog 4. Boxer 5. Chihuahua

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What products does silhouPETte offer? SilhouPETe crafts affordable luxury charms, cuff links and custom portraits with a stylish pet theme. Each piece features a silhouette of a popular pet, from Labradors to cats to Boston Terriers. Available in sterling silver or gold-dipped sterling silver, silhouPETte jewelry makes for perfect gifts for any animal lover. Custom portraits are hand-designed and printed on acid-free premium canvas. To learn more, visit How does each silhouPETte purchase support an animal in need? As part of silhouPETte’s commitment to celebrating the special bond between humans and animals, profits from each silhouPETte purchase feed a homeless animal for a month. So you – and your customers – can feel especially good about choosing silhouPETte. Who buys silhouPETte keepsakes and gifts? Animal lovers everywhere! Many choose to celebrate a loving pet, but many silhouPETte fans are people who simply love and identify with a certain breed (we all know someone who’s a happy-golucky Golden Retriever or a feisty feline). SilhouPETte keepsakes make stylish and heartwarming gifts – no wonder they’re so popular! What are the peak seasons and most popular gift occasions for silhouPETte gifts? While silhouPETte gifts are popular all year round, they’re especially in demand for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the Q4 holiday season. And many of our loyal customers tell us they buy silhouPETte pieces to celebrate weddings, honeymoons and birthdays, as well as to memorialize the passing of a beloved pet. Where are silhouPETte charms and cuff links sold? The entire silhouPETte charm collection is available at Fred Segal, Santa Monica. All charms and cuff links, as well as select other silhouPETte products, are available at How do I order a custom charm necklace or custom portrait? You can order your custom charm necklace or portrait at Start by uploading a profile photo of your beautiful furry friend. Then we’ll take care of the rest, and in a few weeks you’ll have a unique, hand-cut charm or hand-designed portrait that captures the spirit of your beloved pet.


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“What a genius idea! I am going to wear it every day I am away from my terrier, Veela, while I’m on tour. Thank you, silhouPETte!” – Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage

“My necklace is absolutely beautiful! Exact profile of what a traditional Lab looks like, perfectly captured in a lovely pendant! Excellent keepsake to be worn and enjoyed by a Lab lover!” – Linda, Millbury, MA

“I actually squealed when I saw the necklace that looks just like my Chihuahua. Thank you for making such lovely, delightful things. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received, and I will always treasure it!” – Stephanie, Montgomery, AL

“I love the necklace! When you look at the pendant it’s like you are looking at my Doberman Myka. I can’t tell you how happy I am.” - Michelle, Seattle, WA


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Jessica DiPaola, Founder Jessica DiPaola founded silhouPETte because she wanted a genuine, personal way to celebrate the special bond between humans and animals. The result? Beautiful and heart-warming jewelry and portraits that feature the distinct silhouettes of our canine companions and feline friends. In fact, it’s DiPaola’s love of animals – in particular, her cat Silkey – that inspired the first ever silhouPETte portrait. DiPaola realized that Silkey’s silhouette perfectly captured her warm spirit (and her sassiness!). So, DiPaola used her innate art skills to bring her love of animals to life. And DiPaola continues to draw inspiration from animals. In fact, silhouPETte’s giving initiative is tied to her love of Precious, an abused terrier mix her family adopted when DiPaola was a young girl. To help animals in need, profits from each silhouPETte purchase go towards helping to provide adoptability training for abused and neglected dogs and cats so they can find loving forever homes. DiPaola lives in Venice Beach, California, with her husband, Mark, and their two fur babies, Figaro (a tuxedo kitty) and Dixon (a pit-lab mix).


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