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Back when it all began :: One day, SilentShout Magazine founders, editor Nattanan and associate editor Chonticha, put together a plan to start a magazine. They were uninspired by what was being offered on newsagency shelves and felt nothing could relate to them. Being firm friends with similar tastes, they wanted a magazine that spoke directly to the reader, contained great and affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads and pretty photography. With the support and encouragement of the publishing house Musings Media, their dream became a reality.

What is SilentShout? SilentShout is a free monthly magazine aimed at 23- to 35-year-old ABC1 women in metropolitan Bangkok. By being a free publication handed out to commuters at BTS stations and various hotspots around the city of Bangkok, SilentShout aims to establish itself as the ultimate lifestyle handbook for the smart and well-rounded career woman.

In a celebrity-obsessed world where gossip snapshots are examined like clues in a forensic investigation, SilentShout hopes to breathe new fire and direction into the genre of women’s lifestyle magazines. Published by Musings Media Ltd, SilentShout offers a unique mix of exclusive interviews, insightful reporting and the best of what to see, do and listen to. The first issue cover features Khun Kritika Sakmanee (Kook of Ch3’s Reung Lao Chao Nee), under the coverline: “not just a pretty face.”

SilentShout differs from its competitors because it takes a more intelligent approach and covers a broader range of culture and tackles issues women face in their professional lives with unique editorial style and quirky sense of humour. For example, the 'Work Life' section, which details the day in the life of a successful businesswoman or a typical day of a not-sotypical business. In addition, SilentShout features the regular 2-D contributor “Shimina�, who is a part-time columnist for SilentShout, a fulltime ad agency Account Executive and a life-time false-lashes-wearing woman. She shares with the reader social situations in her life - the kind of situations any woman can identify with; meetings to arrange meetings, drawing body parts on napkins at business dinners, going on a trip with her gay best friend and joining yoga classes are among the subjects tackled.

The original content of the magazine is also accessible online on our website at

The Reader The SilentShout reader is female (and male), professional and hardworking. She has a strong interest in the world around her, which is expressed through her love of art, craft, design, fashion and culture. The SilentShout reader is a confident and discerning consumer who resides in metropolitan Bangkok; she is selective in her purchases and values quality, style and the latest innovations.

With a powerful target audience and the highly experienced team at Musings Media, this means the market should take note: SilentShout has arrived.

Quick facts Circulation :: 60,000 copies Website :: Hits the streets :: Second Thursday of each month Price :: free Naughtiness :: varies

CONTACTS SILENTSHOUT Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nattanan Kulrapeekorn :: 084 658 1115 Production Manager Patthira Luengvilas :: 081 567 1695

Art Editor Voranut Pannan :: 086 896 3374 Email ::

SilentShout Magazine Profile 2011  

SilentShout Magazine Profile 2011