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After Effects of Addictions


eople drink, smoke, use drugs, etc. because of the pleasurable feeling it gives them, or because of the momentary relief of stress, worries, pain, etc. that the substance gives them. Though deep down they know that reality still exists, it feels like an escape into world of no cares or worries. When you are high, you feel like you’re in another dimension (world). Nothing really matters at that moment. Depending on the drug, it is even more intensified or less. But all intoxicating substances promise to give some kind of “good” feeling. And that’s what people chase. They want that quick pleasure. Especially when a person is facing problems, or wants to have fun. The substance makes the moment more intensified. For example, when you are watching a comedy… some drugs like marijuana make you laugh even more, so many people like that. Ecstasy, cocaine, crystal meth, crack, heroin, pcp, alcohol, etc. all have certain characteristics that they bring out in a person and people like what the substance makes them feel, so they indulge in it. But few people really, really think about the consequence of using these chemicals. And even those who start using say to themselves, nothing will happen to me because I am in control of myself and can quit whenever I want to. So the person lives in denial and convinces him or herself that they’ve got everything under control. But there are some really ugly consequences to using drugs and alcohol. From nicotine to cocaine, they all have the consequences that come with abusing them. I would like to share some things that I researched and the consequences of substance abuse. Here are some of the after affects of different drugs.

After effects of alcohol use: Malnutrition, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic liver disease, cancer, major depression, panic disorder, phobias, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, suicide, neurologic deficits (e.g. impairments of working memory, emotions, executive functions, visuospatial abilities and gait and balance) and brain damage. Alcohol dependence is associated with hypertension, coronary heart disease, and ischemic stroke, cancer of the respiratory system, and also cancers of the digestive system, liver, breast and ovaries. Heavy drinking is associated with liver disease, such as cirrhosis. Excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on aging too.

Now besides all of this technical stuff, the reality is this… after a person comes down off of the tipsy feeling that alcohol gives, there is the “hang over” in many cases, which is when a person feels sick (weak, headaches, vomits, dehydration, etc.) There is the reality that you may have made total fool of yourself the night before. There is the regrettable decisions like having sex with someone that you would not have slept with if you were sober. There is in many cases, unwanted pregnancies, and transmission of STD’s. And there is often a feeling of regret. You ask yourself, “Why did I drink so much”. But many people are in prison because they shot someone whilst being drunk or they robbed a store, because they were not in their right mind. Many make life changing choices whilst they are intoxicated and that is one of the worst problems with alcohol abuse. But there are almost always regrets associated with “the night before”, when it comes to alcohol. And many people become a different person when under the influence. They are more violent, aggressive, depressed, negative, etc. And there is always a need to do it again in order to escape into that place where you “don’t care” anymore. I just really don’t work to solve or fix any problem. And with the list of problems that it causes to your physical health, the question is… is it worth it? Now with drugs it is a little different. The most common types of drugs that people abuse fall into four categories: stimulants (they pick you up or make you feel hyped up, like you can do anything), depressants (they calm you down and make you feel very mellow), hallucinogenics (give you an “out of this world” experience. The person feels like they are in another world. Like they are outside of their own body) and opioids (basically they are painkillers like codeine, morphine, Vicodin, etc.). While the effect of each group of drugs is different, all of them are harmful to your body. Drugs affect the way your body functions, but also, using drugs put you at risk of a fatal overdose. The side effects of drugs vary depending on the type. Someone high on stimulants may experience an increase in energy that is cause by the drugs speeding up the

body’s heart rate. Since these drugs increase the heart rate, an increase in blood pressure can be a related side effect. However, someone who uses depressants can feel relaxed and experience fatigue. It’s not only the type of drug that dictates possible side effects. Everyone is different, so you may not experience the same side effects as your friend does. It’s also common for side effects to vary depending on your age, weight, gender and general health. But all mood-altering substances have side affects. Not to mention the practical things that they affect like: - Changing your attitude/ mood swings (a person can start to feel frustrated and angry when they don’t have the substance) - Financial problems (every addiction eventually hits your pocket, and the amounts can become astonishing) - Start to fail on your responsibilities (paying bills, neglect the children/wife, showing up late to work/ making mistakes and losing the job, unnecessary arguments with family/spouse, etc.) - Health: sooner or later you will feel and see the effects physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are many things that happen as a result of addictions. People have committed crimes, murders, etc. because they were not thinking clearly. And not to mention how many people have died on the road as a result of mind-altering substances. So we can clearly see that the after affects are enormous. I cannot count how many people have wished that they never started using or doing a certain thing because it got out of control and they cannot handle it anymore. It is not work it to start. The best thing to do is stay away! It will not solve the problem, and it WILL make it worst. This is not a subject that can be addressed in one article, but the basic point is, “prevention is better than cure”. It ALWAYS ends badly. Unless the person quits and gains control of their life. But many times that takes help.

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