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COVER LOOK Tale Of Tradition Where Culture Meets Couture Jewellery Trend Report Bling On Accessories Earrings, Cuff Earrings, Chokers RED ALERT Shades of Red on Street, Runway, Divas in Red. Prevention Is Better Than Cure


Cropped Jacket Style Blouse by Rajeev Rohilla, Gold -Red Zari Floral Embroidered Peach Kissed Lehenga Skirt, Gold Plated Intricate Turban Brooch, Matching Traditional Floral layered Necklace by Dress Like Celebrity (DLC) , Matching Red Peach Combination Metal Bangles by Aarushi


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Chatenya Mittal

EDITOR’S note Catching Up With Royalty Change is the law of nature and feeling motivated to catch up with the royalty is an ambition of every individual. Making lifestyle change is challenging but is a must to adjust to modern lifestyle. Fashion is an evolution for better looks and transformation of personality. Royalty always inspires transformation in life style. In spite of the fact that many people are allergic to the word fashion and changes in looks, but in the heart of hearts everyone wants to look good and accept fashion as it comes. Change in lifestyle is a gradual process that takes time and requires social support. Once the society is ready to accept a change, the difficult part of being outclassed or isolated does not bother anyone. Your fashion statement is a map that will guide you on this journey of life. As the world has shrunk due to media revolution, the dressing sense matters a lot as everyone wants to look as petty and beautiful as ever. The youth have become more adventurists compared to in their 40s and 50s. They are more specific about their likes and dislikes in choice of dresses. The youth measure fashion and lifestyle according to international trends and probably that is why the youth world over look so trendy. Fashion is very important in our life as it gives a good impression if we are dressed according to the event with latest style. The branded garments have changed the entire game of dressing. They do detailing of clothes and have clothes for all occasions and events of life. Be it marriage, party, gathering, office or casual dresses. Fashion has become the buss-word for the youth in India it is accepted by people of all class and culture. Indians have accepted fashion in its own way. In metropolitan cities where men and women work in offices, fashion has become an integral part of personality as it gives classy look. Fashion designers work hard to create new designs, which can attract people and accept them. Designers take care of the beliefs of various cultures and people associated with them. Fashion designers not only take care of the dresses, but they also take care of accessories like designer belts, purses, clutch bags, bangles, scarfs and mufflers to enhance fashionable clothes. The latest fashion designers and stylists use various type of material to decorate the outfit and accessories in order to improve the look of the dress. The latest changes in style and fashion has left little difference between dresses worn by the royalty and the common person.

Dalip MacCune


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Dresses On Rent For Every Occasion Dress Like Celebrity is your one stop party planning destination... here you can rent from a variety of Designer Lehngas , Fantabolous Sarees , Indowesterns , Bridal Wear , Cocktail Gowns, Lehnga Sarees , Sherwanis & Much More..!!!

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Sikh Vogue Magazine encompasses the best of everything. It is exquisite, extraordinary interweaving styles embedded in History, Culture, Tradition and modern times which symbolize emotional, physical and spiritual harmony. Our editorial will spell out quality, style, finesse of Sikh Fashion. It will set you apart from the rest in fashion industry.

Sikh Vogue is a combination of a magazine and a catalogue, which delivers fashion worthy information and elegance by virtue of being fashionable. Besides It is segregated into many specialized tasks that are : cutting edge attire, ala mode design, customized accessories flavor of distinct genre and swift style.

For many people it will become a lifestyle or a product that acts as feather in the crown; A mark of prestige and achievement. For others, it’s selfindulgence will speak about the enhancement of personality. In any case if you want to look elegant, and want to become an icon of fashion to attain desired success in style and rhythm then Sikh Vogue fashion magazine and catalogue will become your mantra of triumph. There are certain brands around the world that celebrate lifestyle in the most unique fashion but we are different we want you to celebrate success with your style and on your terms. The Sikh Vogue will bring in an element of change that speaks about an age old tradition innovated through skills and determination in Sikh fashion. The magazine has just one mission to assist the modern generation to become savvy, graceful and elegant with trusted luxury.

PURPOSE Our sole purpose is to promote the head turner Sikh Gentleman with the State of the art clothing and groovy turban and at the same time preserving the Sikh ethics and traditional values, As we, the Sikhs are taught to be lived according to the ‘Will’ of’ Lord and respect the nature’s gift which includes unshaven beard and uncut head hair. Apart from this, turban is not merely a piece of cloth but also Crown which indicates the loyalty with the almighty and sign of sovereign. Further, it also prepares the mind of the Sikhs to serve humanity and stand against tyranny. This E-Logue project is initiated to stimulate and show trend direction to youngsters of Punjabi diaspora those who want to hit the high street fashion. BACKGROUNDER Also, the Sikh vogue is the Fashioncraft which sails by Turbanista Squad, share Sikh brotherhood. It comprises of highly educated people like journalist, engineers, executives, business entrepreneur, with a single passion of fueling haute couture in Sikh Subculture along with an instill feeling of bonhomie and camaraderie.



Dhruv Bandwal





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Dress Like Celebrity is your one stop party planning destination... here you can rent from a variety of designer lehngas , fantabolous sarees , indowesterns , bridal wear , cocktail gowns, Lehnga sarees , sherwanis & much more..!!!

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Patch Work



TRENDS Embelishment





Everyday Denim 23




Drawn Details


Floral Focus Blur Areas

Smokey Blurs

Shadow And Overlays

TRENDS Hazy Surfaces



Love is the answer of all ailments of life. Let the flower of love grow on your dress to have continual spiritual exercises. Learn to love Nature for understanding the Art of life. Let your floral dresses become your wings of expression on the canvas of life.



Keep Scrolling Your Eyes To See An Epic Fashion Moment - Breezy Floral Dresses In Autumn. When Chill Starts Knitting Fabric Of Dew Drops On The Leaves, Floral Dresses Spell Out Sunny Side Of Life And Romance Fills The Air.


Photo Courtesy





YDL (Your Dream Location)


Watery Floral Skirt & Lace Sleeved Top by Navneet Kaur, Footwear by Woodland.



Breezy floral wrap dresses have suddenly become every Indian boy and girl's first choice. If you really ask me which styles make the cut? Fashion is all about comfort. Try to find a playful print. Anything from polka dots to simple vintage floral prints looks excellent. You can't go wrong by sticking to a neutral color palette, including red, white, pink, khaki or navy.



Embroidery floral jackets with sleeve or without sleeves, long, short, or a cap sleeve does not matter till you feel comfortable and confident in your dress material.

32 56

YDL (Your Dream Location)

Bold Red Embroidered Navy Sleevless Jacket by Chatenya Mittal, Footgear by Stride Fashion, Props by YDL.


Have you noticed that all Sikh models are wearing floral dresses and spilling the warmth of love and passion of summer in autumn. It is the range of airy pastel styles, which transform your personality. Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little style statement to leave an everlasting impression on humanity. Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. And bonus points for feminine looks are ruffles in the tops and floral skirts. Sikh Vogue girls are styling these cool dresses and are reinforcing the innovative free spirit of fashion and glamour. Wear a casual approach for a perfect glamorous look. If you want to look fashionable, some key styling tips from Sikh Vogue. It's not a three piece suits or Indian Salvar Kamiz, gypsy skirts with striped boater top or a trench coat or even ballet flats, which create impression. It's you and your confidence which makes you attractive and confident, create your own style and follow Sikh Vogue style statement.


On Jaideep Singh; Pink Blur Floral Sleeveless Jacket & Rose Pink Shirt by Chatenya Mittal, Ocher Color Suede Lace Shoes by Stride Fashion.
















Blooming ...



On Jasmandeep Singh Maan; Blur Floral Bandgala Jacket by Chatenya Mittal, Chinos &


Footgear by Woodland. Aviators by Ray Ban, Leather Belt by Hermès.

YDL (Your Dream Location)






Style a way to say, who you are without having to speak. Fashion is very important for the modern man. It is life-enhancing and like everything aesthetic it gives pleasure.

Photo Courtesy Stylist Location Partner



SIKH VOGUE WEDDING ALBUM Cropped Jacket Style Blouse by Rajeev Rohilla, Gold -Red Zari Embroidered Peach Kissed Lehenga Skirt, Turban Brooch & Multi Layered Necklace, Combined with Choker by Dress Like Celebrity. (DLC),Bangles by Aarushi


Harpreet kaur- Born and bought up in Surat, currently working in Tata Memorial Hospital as a Dietician. For me Turban is not just a piece of cloth. It's a symbol of my pride, courage, bravery, sacrifices, honour and peace. It's not just my style but my saviour, my identity, my distinctiveness. It's not just a practice, but a responsibility, a secure, approach, a union of pure thoughts of my WaheGuru endowed in me.

It's not just an act of self glorification, but an armour, a dignity, a realization of self worth among the horde of mankind. Be known for who you are, what you were born with, not what you made of yourself disregarding your faith. I am blessed that my Waheguru chose me for this. I am proud to be a Sikh.



In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. Designer clothes give joy and dressing becomes an art. Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered. The Round shape kalgis on pagdi were influenced by the British raj in India.

The Silk Achkans with floral work to embellish the royal look with traditional churidar or pipe pajamas have become the new trend in menswear for Royal Wedding. 46

On Jaideep Singh; Quilted Peach Vintage florals Sherwani & Turban Brooch by Dress Like Celebrity (DLC) Layered neckpiece of gold & Pearl. by Aarushi.







The fusion of round pagri, pastel peach royal lehenga with jacket style red top with heavy gold jewellery provides a fairy tale look to the bride.


Bride's wear has a casual yet elegant and sophisticated look. The white majestic saree with magnificent pink floral embroidery gives a very regal look to the dress. The jewellery enhances a relaxed style giving natural and confident look to the bride. 51



There is elegance in elimination when choosing life partners and dress for the royal occasions of life. The royal dresses are fascinating for the modern man, who wants to create style statement. Model wearing the hanging decoration on the Pagdi which gives a very Royal look, influenced by the British Raj in India.



Each period brings with it the essence of freshness to create a style. But, fashion fade, style remains eternal. Clothes mean nothing until someone lives with dignity in them. Fashion has become the armor to conquer the world with elegance and dignity.





The bride and groom look fabulous in royal dresses and their style statement gives most cherished royal Indian look.



Ram Pratap Palace Udaipur


Photo Courtesy Manveet Singh


Jewellery Trends For This Season Alexander McQueen


Christian Dior

Blinged-Out Hair Accessories

Cuff earring – is a kind of adornment that you can wear even on nonpierced ears.

There were some really gorgeous pieces this season that were OH-SO-DELICATE, draping the head in jewels. these were quite headbands, just astouding pieces of head jewellery that gave a unique touch of glamour.


Trendy Earrings, Floral Geometry

Spring is not far away. get ready to let your jewellery accessory trends for the spring 2018.


With designs in black silk ribbons with some application just below the chin or hanging pendants or simply fabric laces with hand-painted or sublimated applications. All this type of design is part of the re-birth of the trend of the chokers.





Color That Signifies Love, Passion And Heat. Viola Davis

Romona Keveza

Sara Bareilles


Zuhair Murad

Ginnifer Goodwin

Lace gowns

Boolywood Divas Hollywood RedCarpet








V o g u e . i t 66









HEALTH & FITNESS CAN MAKE OR BREAK NEXT GENERATION Punjabis From Fortitude to Fatigue By Jasneet Singh According to the National Mental Health Survey report on Punjab (2016-17) one out of eight Punjabis is suffering from mental illness and 80% Punjabis are not getting any access to treatment. This is a matter of great concern for the youth in Punjab.It is important to understand mental or neurological disorders and get proper treatment rather than suffer silently with stigma. Psychosocial problems can be treated like any other ailment, so accept reality and get proper treatment, before it becomes a serious matter of concern. Mental health of a person is as important as physical health.According to the latest report of World Health Organisation, “An estimated 500 million people suffer from mental or neurological disorders or from psychosocial problems such as depression.� Some of them suffer neurological disorders due to excessive drinking and drug abuse. Many of them suffer silently, some suffer alone and most of them never receive any medical treatment.About 14% of the global burden of disease has been attributed to neuropsychiatric disorders, mostly due to the chronically disabling nature of depression and other common mental disorders, alcohol-use and substance-use disorders, and psychoses.National Mental Health Survey report on Punjab (2016-17) also indicated that every 6th Punjabi has suffered from mental illness and every 8th is still suffering The survey found that in Punjab, the total lifetime prevalence of mental illnesses was 18% (national level: 13.6%) and the current prevalence was 13% (national level:10.5%). It means, there are nearly 21.9 lakh people suffering from mental illness in Punjab. Only 20% of them (4.38 lakh) have access to treatment and rest 80% are not getting any treatment. The survey mentions that treatment gap was 80% for common mental disorders, 57% for severe mental disorders, 81% for alcohol and drug abuse disorders and 82% for depressive disorders. Since most of mental or psychosocial problems are not life threatening people do not take them seriously.

Some people do not want to talk about their psychosocial problems or depression and keep on suffering silently taking into account social stigmaof mentally instable person. However, because they stress the separate contributions of mental and physical disorders to disability and mortality, they might have entrenched the alienation of mental health from mainstream efforts to improve health and reduce poverty. The burden of mental disorders is likely to have been underestimated because of inadequate appreciation of the connectedness between mental illness and other health conditions. Because these interactions are protean, there can be no health without mental health. Mental disorders increase risk for communicable and non-communicable diseases, and contribute to unintentional and intentional injury.


Conversely, many health conditions increase the risk for mental disorder, and comorbidity complicates helpseeking, diagnosis, and treatment, and influences prognosis. Health services are not provided equitably to people with mental disorders, and the quality of care for both mental and physical health conditions for these people could be improved Ignorance by the people and their relatives about mental health has drawn attention to the importance of medical intervention to resolve the problems due to mental disorders. We need to develop and evaluate psychosocial interventions that can be integrated into management of communicable and non-communicable diseases.


Health-care systems should be strengthened to improve delivery of mental health care, by focusing on existing programmes and activities. An explicit mental health budget needs to be allocated in government health care system. Mental health affects progress towards the achievement of several Millennium Development Goals, such as promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women, reduction of child mortality, improvement of maternal health. Mental health awareness needs to be integrated into all aspects of health and social policy, health-system planning, and delivery of primary and secondary general health care.



New Hues In The City Of Lakes



The Sikh Meet Ajay Banga, Mastercard CEO Ranked 6th Most Influential Business Person In The World By Fortune

Ajay Banga

On Wednesday, global payments solution major Mastercard confirmed that its CEO Ajay Banga has been ranked as the 6th most influential Business Person of the year by Fortune and stands at the 40th position on the Harvard Business Review’s bestperforming CEOs in the world 2017 list. The company said that this recognition is an acknowledgement of the fact that Banga’s inspirational leadership has helped MasterCard transform into a leading payment technology company and steering the company to achieve its vision of a “world beyond cash”. In 2015, Banga was appointed to serve as a Member of the President’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations by President Barack Obama. In 2016, he was awarded Padma Shiri by the Government of India. In case you don’t know who is Ajay Banga, here are few interesting facts about the Mastercard CEO:


1. Banga is an Indian American business executive who was born into a Saini Sikh family in Khadki, Pune, Maharashtra. Even though his family is from Jalandhar in Punjab, Banga’s father was posted in Pune. 2. His father was an army officer. Harbhajan Singh Banga retired as lieutenant-general and is a decorated army general of Indian Army. He is also the younger brother of another wellknown CEO M. S. Banga. 3. The Mastercard CEO spent most of his childhood in India at places like Secunderabad, Jalandhar, Delhi, Hyderabad and in Shimla, where he finished his schooling. He is an alumnus of St Stephens College and IIM Ahmedabad. 4. Banga is the only leader of Indian origin recognised by two of the most coveted business magazines globally. He is the current president and chief executive officer of MasterCard.

5. He had previously served as MasterCard’s president and chief operating officer and was named by the Board of Directors to serve as the company’s president and chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2010. He succeeded Robert W. Selander, who had been MasterCard’s chief executive officer since March 1997

NewsMakers Manjit Kaur Emerges As First Woman To Bag The Perdana Young Indian Entrepreneur Award 2017

Manjeet Kaur

Stand shoulder to shoulder with your husband and lead where you can. Always remain positive and surround yourself with positive people. These are some words of advise from Manjit Kaur, the first woman to win the Perdana Young Indian Entrepreneurs Award 2017 (PYIEA). The Malaysian award recognises the telecommunication-based business she started seven years ago with her husband Rajender Singh.

The award, organised by the Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs Cooperative (MIEC), was first introduced in 2004. It is open to all Malaysian Indians aged between 25 to 40 who have been into business for at least five years and a minimum annual turnover of RM1 million for the past five years. It recognises the achievements of outstanding entrepreneurs who have established and have full grown business, with the main aim being to ‘recognise their entrepreneurial spirit’.

“We took a friendly loan from my father as we didn’t have sufficient funds when we started. I’m happy to report that we’ve paid him back with interest,” she told Asia Samachar in an interview.

“Some of the award winners have really gone through quite a bit. And it’s good to see a woman finally landing the award,” said Ranjit Singh, an audit expert and partner in a Singapore-listed Axcelasia Inc, one of the judges for the awards.

The 36-year-old entrepreneur is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Divine Spectrum Sdn Bhd which has a staff strength of 105 people and posted a turnover of RM5.9 million in 2016.

Beside PYIEA, Manjit also won the Telecommunication Service Provider category award presented by Malaysian Health Minister Dr S Subramanian

HER JOURNEY Manjit went through her schooling at Convent Johor Bahru and completed her BA (Hon) in Accounts and Finance at Help University Kuala Lumpur. Shen then pursued ACCA at FTC Singapore. She is now a member of FCCA (UK) & CA(M). She started as an auditor at Ernst & Young. Four years later, she joined Shell Malaysia. Two years down the road, she and her husband launched Divine Spectrum, with YTL’s YES Project as their first project. At peak periods, Manjit managed 350 engineers working on projects for Malaysian telecommunication providers like Celcom, Maxis, Digi, Umobile and Webe. Along the way, she had also managed the company’s diversification into businesses like equipment rentals and civil works.


“I thank my parents, Harban Singh and Nirmal Kaur, for their continued support, unconditional love and prayers throughout our journey,” she said. The mother of four kids – Thrishal Raj, Gaurav Raaj, Sonam Raj & Sonia Raj – spoke to Asia Samachar. Q&A WITH MANJIT KAUR: What is your advice to our Punjabi boys and girls who want to go into business? Be confident. Business is risky. Always be positive, have positive vibes, surround yourself with positive people, act positive, think positive thoughts, speak positive words, play positive music and uplifting songs, keep your environment positive. Always be reasonable, practical, make sure you have financial knowledge, be financially wise, be confident, know your market. Use your strength. Tap all opportunities around you. What did you learn from this competition?


Have a ‘No give-up attitude’. Lots of ups and downs, especially for females. There is cheating as well. Hence, I learnt this lesson: Do not trust anyone. Investigate first. Do your own study…research. Due diligence is required. You need some maturity in thinking to make decisions. Maturity is important and be a sole decision maker. What are the challenges running a business as a husband and wife team? I have the best team ever with my husband. We make the best of partners. We are very matured. At the work place, we are very professional. We do not allow our personal life to interfere with our professional life.Work is strictly work. We work at the same wave-length. My husband has always supported me and believed in me. He is from the telecommunication industry. Both of us run the company together. What is your advice to women, who are also home-makers, who want to go into business? I have four kids, between the ages of 5 to 9. I have a helper. In running a business and a home, multitasking is important. You need to know what you want in life. Then, you have to start from somewhere.

You got to think outside the box. In my case, my dad has always supported me, even financially and I am very thankful for that. One of my success is the ability to repay the loan I took from my parents completely with interest. I am happy to have supportive parents and spouse. Breaking society taboos, like girls only take care of the house, has to be challenged tactfully. As ladies, we have to work harder and smarter. Use Google and investigate before going into a business. Even if you are not able to go to an office and work, you can still stay home and earn. There are lots of home based businesses to explore. Just remember, be equal to your husband and earn equally. Stand shoulder to shoulder and lead the way. We have the knowledge. And with age and experience, we have the ability to explore new pastures.

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Let the colors inspire everything. Outfit to your tables in a chic blanket of cream tablecloths and sequined runners. For a ballroom, Arrange garlands of greenery and white florals for an elegant, romantic feel.



Are you having a hard time deciding on your wedding color palette? Are you looking for a wedding colour that is


rich, luscious and offers a lot of wow factor? You may want to consider the colour Purple for this time. We can't think of a more cheerful palette than UltraViolet.



Blinged-Out Ring Accessories

Gold remains the popular choice for wedding rings for men and women, but we know more than one bride who longs to find the right balance of masculinity and quirk in an offbeat wedding ring for the special man in her life. On this quest of finding a special ring that is as unique as your relationship.

Antique Wedding Ring

Quirky, Anti-Cheating Ring Nope, …we are not kidding. There is actually something called that! We believe all marriages are based on trust and found this to be a great option for someone who can handle the humour. Notorious movie-style cheaters who sneak off their wedding ring and slip into their pockets are in for a shock. This ring is actually engraved on the inside with large letters that say “I’m Married” that leaves an impression on the ring finger. So there is no chance of faking that there is no spouse in the game.



If the groom-to-be is a man who looks like he just walked out of Saville Row, he will love the distinct fashion statement a Signet ring provides. You could choose an engraving of a popular emblem, a family crest, initials or something completely personal to the two of you. The latter could become a family heirloom to cherish.

Signet Wedding Rings

Fingerprint Wedding Ring

Superhero Wedding Rings

Beauty in Imperfection – Branch/Twig Rings

Clean, Black & Tough Wedding Ring 89

Are You A Turbanista Or Aspiring Turban Model?

Fly High in Fashion World,

Welcome to Turbanista’s Squad !! 90

Some Of The Featured models






Opportunity knocks only once. Shoot us your portfolio or high quality picture with CV at or Whatapp at 9999908076/ 8953001406 91

Feature Model

Jaideep Singh



Taranvir Singh; A young successful businessman, chose modeling as a hobby which took me to the Sikh Vogue and got selected out of hundreds of aspiring models for their magazine shoot which was my first key to success as a Sikh model and I never looked back after that, did shoots for Sikh Vogue magazine, selected in a fashion contest. performed really well in front of page 3 and Bollywood celebs like Actor Manot Singh of Fukre. Then many ramp walks, High Fashion shoots. Today I am proud to be a Sikh Fashionista.


Taranvir Singh

Example exactly fits here - Like Father Like Son - on The stage of 1st season of India Rising Kidz, a Sikh Kid Model walked the ramp and won the title of Prince Charming. He got inspired from his father Taranvir Singh. He got selected for Kid's Model Contest, Harry from Showzkraft Entertainment and got the opportunity to shoot for a video song, titled Do Khalse.


Meet The Nation's First Known Sikh Woman To Serve As A City Mayor By LOS ANGELES TIMES

with a sharp crack of the gavel, Preet Didbal made history this month as the first known Sikh woman in the nation to preside as a city mayor. In Northern California’s Yuba City, Didbal’s rise to mayor was celebrated as a long-awaited affirmation of the Sikh community’s contributions in California. Yuba City’s annual Sikh parade attracts upward of 100,000 visitors every November to honor the teachings of Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism, who preached the religion’s main tenets: Selfless service to others and the belief in one god who sees all people as equal. The religious minority has an estimated 500,000 followers in the U.S. and 25 million worldwide, and Didbal’s ascension comes as Sikhs have made political inroads nationwide.

But those gains have been accompanied by heightened discrimination since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Followers have faced violent, sometimes deadly, attacks by people who mistake Sikhs for Muslims, especially men who wear a customary turban and unshorn beard. A single mother of a college freshman and political independent who has been registered as a “no party preference” voter for her entire adult life, Didbal took a challenging path to becoming mayor of the city where she was born in the late 1960s. As the daughter of farmworkers who immigrated from the Punjab region of India 50 years ago, Didbal talks about picking peaches alongside her parents and overcoming the cultural barriers faced by Sikh women, particularly after she was raped as a young woman.


She earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s of business administration on her way to jobs at the state Department of Corrections and State Compensation Insurance Fund, where she currently works.

But I’m also a rape survivor. In 1988, I was raped. I went through a sexual assault in this very community. It changed my life forever and it changed my parents’ lives.

Didbal, 49, was elected to the Yuba City council in 2014. The mayor is elected annually by the five-member council. The Los Angeles Times sat down with Didbal following her first time presiding as mayor at a council meeting. Her comments have been edited for length and clarity. What is the significance of becoming the nation’s first known Sikh mayor? It’s breaking barriers because as a Sikh woman, just in the general culture, we are subservient, even growing up. Say a son is born, there’s all these festivities that happen. A girl is born, and it’s usually uh-oh. I don’t have any brothers, only sisters. Girls are raised to… make sure they can cook and clean. You have to go to school and come home and do chores, while my cousins — who were boys — would be able to play. Our questions were always, “Why?” There usually was never really a great answer to it other than, “That’s the only way we know how.” Then there was this rude awakening that happened when my parents finally just stepped back and said, “It’s time for us to learn from our kids but, more importantly, our grandkids.” While campaigning for the city council, did you encounter any obstacles because you’re a Sikh woman? Not because I’m Sikh, but more because I’m a woman. And it came more directly with my mom. Because my mom was asked by the older generation, her generation, “Why is your daughter doing this? This is a man’s world.” My mom’s response would be: “Why do we educate our girls then? This is what she wants to do and I’m going to stand by her.” I got a large amount of support. The community is wonderful in that sense. I think also because we have a large Sikh community, we know of each other. Our brown color doesn’t matter. I’ve never had to directly deal with prejudice of any kind. I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t exist. It does. But I never faced it myself. We are having a moment of reckoning for men who have abused and mistreated women in the workplace, and in general. What has been your experience? I have had to deal with it.


We left this town for almost three years because of the scrutiny and the judgment, the shame that was placed upon us. … I went to UC Davis trying to continue school and I had drop out because I was not mentally OK. And I was losing my parents because, in our culture, it was a situation where they told me not to go somewhere and I went anyway. It was just basically a graduation gettogether. The ramifications were more: “Well, we told you not to go. This is why you don’t go to co-ed events.” So it was more you. It was your fault for going. Your fault versus the other way. There was a lot that we, as a family, needed to heal. I started speaking about the rape about two years ago when my daughter turned 16. That was … a critical moment in my life. One, because my daughter was of the age where she was going to start driving and, being an athlete, she had events that she was going to. It just came to a point where it was time that I had to tell her. It was the toughest conversation that I’ve ever had to have, and at the same time it was the most freeing — to hear my daughter say, “You need to talk about this mom.” The women speaking up right now, more power to them.

Trust me, for somebody who’s gone through it at the severity that I did, I held on to that shame for a lot of years. A lot of years because of judgment that society puts on you.

We’re expanding our roads from two lanes to four lanes. All of that is to bring in more economic growth.

Many Americans are unfamiliar with Sikhism. What would you tell them about the religion and the role it plays in your life?

For me, it’s all the of stuff that’s going on right now — the divide. I am just like, “You know what, think about why you ran for office.” Are you serving the people or are you serving your personal agendas? Are you being rubber stamped into a party? I certainly don’t want to be rubber stamped.

It plays a role in my life every day because that’s who I am. I grew up in a very traditional Indian Sikh family. Just being born and raised here there were a lot of things that, customarily, we were taught. We’re supposed to not cut our hair, keep it long, and that’s one of the symbolisms of Sikh men and women. But as you can see, my hair is cut. There’s a blended culture, and I’ve been fortunate enough that my parents were open to that blending. I think that’s kept us level-headed and able to grow.

Why are you a political independent?

I meditate in the morning. . Our biggest thing as Sikhs is to serve our community. It’s called seva. My goal is that every day when I go home and go to bed and put my head on the pillow, everything I had done during the day has been in good faith and a good heart What are your top concerns as Mayor? The biggest concern is pension [liability]. That’s across the board. That’s something that every city is dealing with. What we want to do is bring more economic growth. We’re expanding our roads from two lanes to four lanes. All of that is to bring in more economic growth.



Pankaj Kumar Baitha is a resident of the village of Maniyarpur, in the Kalyanpur district of Samastipur. About the initiative he comments enthusiastically: “I came to know about this endeavour during a meeting on agriculture, which I attended at my village. People of the foundation were talking about an agri van. I was excited when I heard about this van, and was curious to know what it was all about. I reached the van with a diseased sample of my crop, as this was a matter of grave concern for me and was soon explained about the disease, its causes and how it could be effectively controlled. The staff also encouraged me to pose questions on other farming-related issues like seed variety, crop diseases, soil testing, technologies available and different government schemes. I went back a satisfied man because not only was the disease of my crop identified, but I was provided logical and organic solutions too. Besides this, nutrient information, on the basis of soil testing, helps us save money as well. This is important too.” What is interesting to note is that the


mobile agri clinic, which is armed with the latest technology, is designed to address people from different backgrounds. For example if a farmer would like to know about a particular disease affecting a particular crop, but is not able to define it in his or her own words, the digital library comes to the rescue. With a vast collection of photographs of ingenious crops and possible diseases that could plague them, the farmer can easily identify the problem by looking at the photograph displayed on a 32 inches LCD screen; once this is done, the process of eradication is started, but in an ‘organic’ way: prevention, bio remedies and then any chemical intervention, if required. A print-out of this information is also provided, which can be photocopied and distributed in case the need stands. The public address system reads out the information supplied on the sheet, in a concise form, enabling those who cannot read, to listen, understand and comprehend. The mobile clinic also hosts a soil-testing facility. Diverse information material is also provided on a wide variety of subjects.

Says Arvind Rana, Program Leader, Agriculture Development Programme, Sehgal Foundation: “Our long association with farmers has helped us understand their needs and challenges. There exists a gap between information present, its retrieval, understanding and application. This is what led us to this initiative. If you ask me, how this initiative is different from other similar initiatives, I would readily say that this mobile agri clinic is unique in its basic concept and approach. Besides information on agricultural and agronomical aspects including allied fields too, information is also provided on all government schemes valid for that particular state. The registration process enables us to maintain a record of the number and type of queries, besides other factors, which serve as useful indicators for trends and patterns.” Ram Dular Mahto, resident of village Mahabalipur, in the Kalyanpur district of Samastipur adds: “When the van visited our village, I asked about the problem my

Brinjal crop was facing; the staff registered me and explained about the damage done and, most importantly, about how it can be controlled. I was happy with the solution. The best part is that the van visits our village from time to time, which makes it easier to follow-up on queries.” “Besides informing us about various agriculturerelated issues, both through the visual medium and also orally, we are also informed about all government-sponsored schemes. In fact, there is also a toll free number where I can pose questions related to almost any problem,” says Aditya Bhushan, a resident of the village Ladaura, in the Kalyanpur district of Samastipur. The initiative, which started around 1.5 months ago, has seen approximately 817 registrations so far and has covered around 40 villages. Of the 20 days in a month, 2 villages are covered a day, with the van remaining for a period of about 4 hours in a particular village before moving on to the next. This enables even women to partake in the initiative. “Though the challenge remains in regularly updating and customizing the digital library and information material, the response has been overwhelming, which is why there are plans to take this initiative to other areas like Jharkhand too, amongst others,” says Rana.



Jasmandeep Singh Maan- belongs to the small city of Punjab, Bathinda. Being a Sardar carry beard and moustache, in an era of the so-called trend of haircuts and without the beard is amazing. I have been through times where people said, it is not in trend and one do not look stylish in beard and moustache. But believe me, it's amazing when people come and praise you for your look. It's all possible just because of, I got a chance to become a face of such prestigious Fashion Magazine. I have an identity now. I am really proud of my beard and moustache, a precious gift from God.

Jaideep Singh – I have a passion for fitness to look good. When I started my carrier in modeling, no one was there to guide me the right path. Lot of people discouraged me, saying that- being a Sikh you can't be a model, you need to change your look. But I didn't give up, and believed in myself. Now I am the Man with full of confidence, modeling from last one year, started with Sikh Vogue Magazine. I achieved on other platforms as well. Like Star Fashion Week, Red Carpet Runway.

Taranvir Singh, a young and successful businessman, chose modeling as a hobby which took me to the Sikh Vogue and got selected out of hundreds of aspiring models for their magazine shoot which was my first key to success in this field and I never looked back after that and did many shoots for Sikh Vogue magazine, I got selected for fashion contest next and performed well in front of page 3 and Bollywood celebrities like Actor Manot Singh from ‘Fukre’ film and this show increased the fame. I did many ramp walks for Showzkraft Entertainment.

Gurpreet Singh, Started my passion into carrier, is all which I wanted to achieve. First got a chance to contribute in the family of Turbanista Squad, the journey of my passion started from Sikh Vogue Magazine, I have an identity now. I am really proud of myself as a Turban Model.










“East is east and west is west and when fashion from the east and west harmonize into a wedding the sparks fly across the entire universe because it is the best.”




Anultra-stylishgreyashbluesintheskygownwith3Dfloralwork,ministone classicaljewellery,perfecthair-doensuresalleyesremaingluedtoclassy bridalgown.Designedto“addsharpstyle"toyourlook,thepiecemixesthe simplicityofhuesofblue.




Thelong-sleevedmodelscontemporaryachakanwasteamedwithapairof blackcigarettetrousersandapairofwhitesliponshoes. Thelong-sleevedsummerynumberfelljustbelowthekneeandfeatureda prettylongelegantachkan-themonarchteameditupwithaturquoise-toned coatwithbigbuttons,elegantpearljewelryandasmatteringofbroocheson theturban.Thegroomlooksanythinglessthanfabulousandthislookisa marvelousexception.



On Jasmandeep Singh Maan Turquoise Vintage Sherwani & Turban Brooch by Dress Like Celebrity (DLC) Layered neckpiece & Pearl by Aarushi.








On Harpreet; White Self Design Floral Lace Gown by Maira, Neckpiece by Aarushi Location: Ram Pratap Palace, Udaipur







TheWesternpurewhitegownofthebridewiththe headgearandbow-tieandsmallpolkadotjacketof thegroomestablishesanorganicrelationship betweenthem.Itsuchagreatfitforthebrideandthe groom.




“The Style Is Chic Yet Elegant & Sophisticated.” 121

Standing majestically against the rugged yet beautiful landscape of the UDAIPUR, The Ram Pratap Palace makes your stay in luxurious style.

The hotel is mere 5 kms away from the railway station and 25 kms from the airport. A friendly team of qualified therapists offers a full range of massage and beauty treatments. The palace hotel in Udaipur offers a breathtaking view of lake Fateh Sagar and the beautiful Aravalli ranges. 122


Ram Pratap Palace located just off the lake Fateh Sagar in Udaipur "the city lakes and palaces", an enchanting budget hotel combines old World charm with modern comforts. Ideally located on the banks of the lake Fateh Sagar is the spacious Raaj Bagh Garden Restaurant, which is accross the street from H o t e l

R a m

P r a t a p

P a l a c e .



reedom is a struggle, and one has to fight the battle in many colors to see black and white. Things

are not quite as simple as black and white. Monochrome symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. Even if you spent a lot of years trying to outrun or outsmart vulnerability by making things certain and definite, black and white will always play mind games in the minds of youngsters 124


Black and White attire still holds an affectionate place in the hearts of the people all over the world. This Monochrome palette have an incomparable mystique and mood, which cannot be explained. Life is about the grey areas. Things are seldom black and white, even when we wish they were and think they should be, explore this nuanced terrain in monochrome dresses. Monochrome changes our mind and attitude about colors in life, as we grow to our maturity. Dresses have the power to tame even the wild-manest and present them as well cultured in black and white. You can see the good in things much more easily rather than getting enraged by colors. Stylist Photo Courtesy

Location partner



Manveet Singh YDL - Your Dream Location

On Bhawna Monga Tunic Top & Over jacket by Niyogini, Footwear by Woodland.


Model: Amandeep Singh

Male Wardrobe: Chatenya Mittal Footwear: Woodland


Some girls like to say one thing and mean quite another but their monochrome dress expresses everything in straightforward fashion and brings them closer to their love. Enjoy the experience





discomfort of vulnerability.



Monochrome brings fullness of those important experiences that are wrought with uncertainty and feeling of love, belonging, trust, joy, and creativity blossom in the air. Black and white is abstract which open the window into a strange universe where virtual meets real world.

On Gurpreet Singh Wardrobe: Chatenya Mittal Footwear: Woodland


Model:Amanbir Singh Footwear: Woodland Male Wardrobe: Chatenya Mittal

Perhaps you may not look old-fashioned, as black and white dresses still hold an affectionate place in today's fashion world. B&W create an incomparable charisma and magnetism into the personality. Do not juggle with colors this fall celebrate the festive season with masterpieces of dresses in monochrome.


SUNNIES TRENDING THIS SEASON Change every year, and this year is all about being more adventurous, from geometric frames to brow bar silhouettes.

Jillian Ruffo

Oversized Round Sunglasses

Geometric Sunglasses


Andrea Lavinthal, Style & Beauty Director

The detail which adds a little drama to any pair of Sunnies.



Clear Frames Want something different than your



classic black or


gl Sun


at ze C


ro Mir




Go for clear frames. They're super versatile and add an extra cool factor to any season. ALEX ABEL, NEWS EDITOR








Eyewear to Match The Clothing

This trend is by far a favorite, making the matching of all clothing items and accessories by color specifically a lovely form of creating the best in 2017-2018 outfits. This is highly recommended.






las ung


eG Ros


M und








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SERVICES WE OFFER All Types Of Production (videography & Cinematography)



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What comes to mind when you think of bold, deep red interiors? Yes, sensual, romantic, passionate and energy-inducing vibes. Studies have shown that red increases brain activity, drives stamina and according to psychology, the color red makes you hungry! Nevertheless, we love the sense of warmth and sophistication created when used seamlessly in your Interior DĂŠcor.



i t a r i p s n gI n i v i L r&



Bold Red Accents This scrumptious colour is often associated with food, think lush cherry tomatoes and super sweet berries. You can go all the way and have your cabinets, walls and kitchen appliances in this appetizing hue, but we suggest starting with modern chairs or stools. Keep the rest of your dĂŠcor neutral for the heightened style.


n o i t a nspir

r o i r e Int


I g n i v & Li




Light olive and sage green are also making a big appearance. They are refreshing and revitalizing shades that are symbolic of new beginnings, and were acknowledged as a must-have color by Pantone.

Green can be paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels and metallic colors. Capture the essence of the natural world with a blend of light greens and darker tones. Take it a step further, and bring the outside in, offsetting foliage and greenery against a wall in a more muted color.



ing v i L r&

io t a r i p Ins

o i r e t n I

Morocco is washed by Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Saturated greens, emerald, sea tide shades bring beauty of boundless waters color play.


IN QUEST OF PERFECT MARRIAGE Invest More In Marriage Less In Palaces By Jasneet Singh Why some marriages last and others fade away in the glitter of glamour, pomp and show? The extravagant spending on the wedding does not ensure a happy married life. Wedding is only a one-time gratification, but marriage is a lifetime investment. Wedding is a solemn ceremony when beau and belle take vows to remain together for the rest of life. It is a desire of every human being to find a perfect partner in marriage. In Punjab parents, relatives and family members make it a point to display opulence while wedding their protégés with fulsomeness. Marriages are made in heaven but God will not come down on earth to save a marriage. The lust for wealth, extravagant spending on wedding cannot make marriage a success. So it is futile to spend crores of rupees in show off. The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the wedding ceremony’s extravagant display. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife which makes the marriage work.


Lasting relationships in marriages, regardless of whether the couple is married or not, is mainly based on a mix of genetics, physical appearance and emotions. The marriages made in the heart rust with time, the matrimonies made in the mind lack intimacy, the weddings made in heart and mind last. It’s not wealth, it’s relationship, understanding and love which binds the couple together. Big fat weddings in Punjab may look glamorous but it’s not a formula ensure happy wedding life. If extravagant weddings were a symbol for happy marriages, there would be no post marriage depression and divorces. These days about 25% of the marriages don’t work in upper middle class and affluent because neither the boy nor the girl is willing to adjust in the new circumstances.


Is it not strange that in Punjab efforts should be to restore the true meaning of marriage and its celebrations without any financial burden on the bride's or groom's side, as it leads to a vicious circle of loans, bankruptcy and suicide. The parents of the bride and the groom should learn that they do not climb one notch up by wasteful wedding expenditure. Big fat wedding does not endorse happy married life. One has to remember, marriage is a union between two forgivers. It's about completing each other, not competing with each other. The generation after 1990s has not learned to make the relationship work, they belong to net-age. They want quick-fix solution and after that it is my way or highway.

It is important that we must teach our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters that it's not about finding the right spouse, rather, being the right spouse. Every successful marriage requires devotion, forgiveness, tolerance along with love and affection. If both spouses can strike a perfect balance their journey in life become meaningful. Sharing the same goal and working towards achieving it makes the marriage work. It is important for the parents, groom and bride in Punjab to understand that wedding is only a one-time gratification, but marriage is a lifetime investment.

The youth these days get married with false notions and expectations. The girls fail to please their husband and in-laws simultaneously right from the word go. They become impatient and start fighting, grumbling and arguing. They have not learnt to be patient-love and loyalty is truly demonstrated when things are not going right in a relationship. Only those marriages become successful in which the husband and the wife refuse to give up on one another. If we take good care of our responsibilities and duties, our rights will automatically be given to us much before we even demand for it. Simple living and high thinking makes the marriage work. Marriage is not one day affair where you please all your guests and rest of the life live on the laurels of how glamour’s wedding it was.



YDL – Your Dream Location is a conceptual photo studio with extensivly designed 30 backdrops perfect for any kind of photoshoots like – Pre wedding, Fashion, Brands, Maternity, Baby, Conceptual shoots Our client given us another name “Budget Friendly Location” . Why to go to Faridabad , Sonipat , Bahadurgarh , Gurgaon. When you can find the best location in the heart of DELHI, we are just 2 km from Dwarka Mor Metro Station.

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SIKH VOGUE REGIME elegance with hAute couture

Sikh Vogue Vol. 1 Issue 4 Kaurages Chic  

Catching Up With Royalty Change is the law of nature and feeling motivated to catch up with the royalty is an ambition of every individual....

Sikh Vogue Vol. 1 Issue 4 Kaurages Chic  

Catching Up With Royalty Change is the law of nature and feeling motivated to catch up with the royalty is an ambition of every individual....