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Vol. 9, Issue 3

March 2012

Vision for Tomorrow Commission Announces Launch of Leadership Academy During their meeting of February 28, the Vision for Tomorrow Strategic Plan Commission announced the coming launch of a Sikeston Leadership Academy. "Forward-thinking leadership is crucial for Sikeston to accomplish the vision goals we have in economic development, education, housing, and quality of life,” stated Vision Commission chairman Geoff Posegate. The Implementation Commission has studied communities with strong growth in the target areas that came out of Sikeston's "Vision for Tomorrow" process. Building on the groundwork of programs such as the SACC’s program for young leaders and the effective overall leadership development in cities like Paragould, Arkansas, the team has an Academy program ready for an April launch. The first class will be made of a cross-section of present and emerging leaders in business, education, not-for-profits, and public services.


SIKESTON CITY COUNCIL MEETING MONDAY, MARCH 5, 2012 5:00 PM- 105 East Center Street, Sikeston, Missouri

A. Second Reading and Consideration of Bill 5871, Re-adoption of Fair Housing Policy B. Second Reading and Consideration of Bill 5872, Authorizing the Transfer of 1312 Murray Lane from the City to the LCRA C. Bid Awards: 2012 Street and Stormwater Drainage Improvement Program D. Bid Award: City Hall Exterior Maintenance Project E. Bid Award: Contractual Mowing of Parks and City Right-ofWays F. Bid Award: Walking Trail Construction G. Consideration of Resolution 12-03-01, Acceptance of Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, as modified H. Other items as may be determined during the course of the meeting.

UPCOMING MEETINGS MARCH-APRIL 2012 Meeting dates and times are subject to change Monday, March 5 4:30 PM – Library Board Meeting 5:00 PM - Regular City Council Meeting Monday, March 12 Noon - Housing Authority Board Meeting 4:00 PM – Board of Adjustments Meeting 5:15 PM – Park Board Meeting Tuesday, March 13 11:30 AM – DED Executive Board Meeting 4:00 PM – BMU Commission Meeting Thursday, March 15 11:30 AM – Strategic Plan Implementation Commission Meeting Monday, March 19 11:30 AM – LCRA Commission Meeting 6:00 PM – Public Safety Advisory Board Mtg. Monday, March 26 11:30 AM – Special City Council Meeting Tuesday, March 27 4:00 PM – Tourism Advisory Board Meeting

COMPOST SITE SCHEDULE Saturday, March 10 & 24, 8 AM – Noon

SPRING CLEAN – UP CAMPAIGN CURB SIDE PICKUP Mon-Thurs. Trash Pickup – March 12 & 15 Tues.-Fri. Trash Pickup – March 20 & 23

E-Waste Recycling Day – March 31 9 AM-2 PM, 1810 E. Malone Fees apply – See page 6 for details

City Council Legislative Update The Sikeston City Council will be conducting their regular monthly meeting on Monday, March 5 at 5 PM in Council Chambers of City Hall, 105 East Center Street. Items to be considered include A. Re-adoption of Fair Housing Policy (Bill 5871). Bill 5871 providing for the re-adoption of Ordinance 5813 is being submitted for Council consideration. Its annual re-adoption is required to maintain compliance with State CDBG funding requirements. This ordinance establishes a Fair Housing Policy within the City of Sikeston, defines discriminatory practices, establishes a Fair Housing Committee to hear violations of municipal Fair Housing Complaints, and seeks to eliminate alleged discriminatory practice by conference and conciliation. The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners serves as the City’s Fair Housing Committee. B. Authorization to Transfer 1312 Murray Lane from the City to LCRA (Bill 5872). In 2004 the structure at 1312 Murray Lane was destroyed by fire. After receiving a condemnation letter, owners Grady and Bernice Evans offered to sign the property over to the City once the remaining structure was demolished. This occurred in 2005. The City now wishes to transfer this property to the LCRA for redevelopment. C. Bid Awards: 2012 Street and Stormwater Drainage Improvement Program. Staff will be requesting the award of asphalt construction bids to Apex Paving for $477,400.50 and concrete construction bids to Lappe Construction for $135,844.40. Engineering and inspection fees associated with the 2012 program are estimated to be $70,237.06. Also included in the 2012 program is the GIS mapping of the City’s stormwater drainage system for a cost of $23,400. Total cost of the 2012 amended Street and Stormwater Drainage Improvement Program will be $706,881.96 -- $17,118.04 under the amount budgeted. D. Bid Award: City Hall Exterior Maintenance Project. Staff will be asking Council to award a bid for $13,350 to repair, seal and paint the stucco walls that face City Hall’s rear parking lot. Funds for these repairs were appropriated in the FY-12 budget. E. Bid Awards: Contractual Mowing of Parks and City Right-of-Ways. Council will be asked to award 22, 2-year contracts for the mowing of City parks and right-of-ways. Total cost per mowing season is estimated to be $63,882 or $127,764 for the term of the 2-year contract. This is a decrease of $2,682 per mowing season or $5,364 for the term of the contract over the 2010 contract. F. Bid Award: Walking Trail Construction: In 2011 the City and Scott County Health Department received a 3-year grant from the Missouri Foundation of Health to fund a multi-use asphalt trail in the Recreation Complex and promote fitness programming. This new construction will add approximately one mile to the Veterans’ Park trail completed in 2011. G. Consideration of Resolution 12-03-01, Acceptance of Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, as modified: Acceptance of this plan by the City Council will make the City eligible for State mitigation assistance should a natural disaster occur in Sikeston. This plan was drafted and updated by the Bootheel Regional Planning Commission.

Students Consider Legislation to Limit Distracted Driving Twenty-eight student leaders from Sikeston Senior High participated in the Sikeston Optimist Club’s “Youth in Government Day”. This program, started more than 25 years ago, is designed to promote a greater understanding of local government and the complex issues elected officials are asked to consider. This year students discussed distracted driving and what measures should be taken to protect Sikeston’s residents. Nationally, statistics show driving while distracted is a factor in 25% of police reported crashes. The number one source of driver inattention is the use of a wireless device. During their mock City Council meeting student leaders voted to endorse secondary enforcement of laws prohibiting texting and cellular use while driving. Program coordinators are Sikeston Public Schools Faculty members Crystie Ressel and Sarah McGill, Sikeston Optimist Club representative Wende Pruden, and City of Sikeston representative Linda Lowes.

Youth in Government Day Participants Sikeston High School Junior Class members participating in the Sikeston Optimist Club’s 2012 Youth in Government Day program were Mock City Council Members Jasmine Adams, Monica Carter, Connor Landers, Libby Menz, Cord Sheehy, Nick Heeb and Kelsey Dial; Mock City and BMU Staff Members Spence Vaughn, Anna Burton, Candice Gayden, Grace Neeley, Geena Hooper, Cassie Vanover, Holly Blackburn, Alexis Arthur, Jimmy Hines, Alexis Novak, Conor MacGillivray, Sara Dixon, Ryan Norton, Lucas Houchin, Emma Ferrell, Spenser Clark, Amanda Vernon; and members of the public Dylan Smith, Jakob Owens, Shea Wolfenkoehler and Leah Pruden.

Sikeston Spring Clean-up Program Curb/Alley Pickup

Monday/Thursday Trash Pickup Schedule

March 12 & March 15

Tuesday/Friday Trash Pickup Schedule

March 20 & March 23

Dates for the City of Sikeston’s Spring Clean-up Program which gives residents an opportunity to dispose of bulky rubbish during their regular solid waste pick-ups, have been set for two weeks beginning March 12. Residents with Monday and Thursday trash collection will have their spring clean-up opportunities on Monday, March 12 and Thursday, March 15. Those with Tuesday and Friday solid waste pick-up will have their spring clean-up collections on Tuesday, March 20 and Friday, March 23. Citizens wishing to use this service should place their bulky items at the same location as that of their weekly trash pickup. This is a residential service, no commercial or construction waste will be removed during the Spring Clean-up Program. Should residents need to discard construction waste (drywall, flooring, paneling, windows, cabinets), or appliances they may do so in one of two ways. On-site pickup is available on a fee-basis by calling Sonny Solid Waste, Inc. (SSW) (471-2869) in advance of the pickup date or residents can take advantage of the Annual Community Clean-up (May 2012) that accepts delivery of these items, by the resident, at the City’s Compost Site. Please note discarded 55-gallon barrels must be empty at the time of pickup. Additional information regarding the Sikeston’s Spring Clean-up Program may be obtained from Jiggs Moore at 475-3725. Continued to next page.

Many items are now banned from Missouri landfills and must be handled separately by Sonny’s Solid Waste. As a result, a $10 fee must be charged by SSW to pick up the following items: washers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, window air conditioners, gas or electric cook stoves, restroom commodes, kitchen or bathroom sinks microwave ovens, household refrigerators, and household trash compactors. Commercial appliances are not included in the above price. Any appliance having a compressor cannot be picked up until the compressor is drained and removed. The compressor will be taken at no extra charge. Other items for which a fee will be charged include lead acid batteries with a $1.00 per battery fee. Used motor oil will be picked up for a $1.00 per gallon fee. Used oil must be in a sealed plastic or metal container to avoid spillage with a maximum of 5 gallons allowed per pickup. Addresses of all residents requesting used oil pick-ups will be kept on file at all times to avoid any hazardous waste being included with the used oil. Absolutely no hazardous waste will be picked up. Residents having any of the chargeable items listed above for pick up during the Spring Clean Up period must pay for these items prior to the scheduled pick up days. Payment and scheduling of pick up for the chargeable items must be made at the SSW main office, 451 Smith Street, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Drivers and workers on the SSW collection trucks will not take special pick up requests or take payments for these on collection days. These arrangements must be made in advance with the office. There will be no exceptions. Other Disposal Programs: Yard Waste Disposal: Sikeston’s Compost Site, located on Compress Road, is operated approximately 12 hours each month for the deposit of yard waste including limbs, leaves, shrub trimmings, grass, and garden waste. The Site’s schedule is published on This site is manned and proof of residency is required. Major Appliance Disposal: When buying a refrigerator or other appliance, ask the retailer if the store or the distributor will take it back when its life span ends. Ask if they will take your old appliance, too. If the appliance still works, consider selling it or donating it to a charitable organization such as the Salvation Army. Otherwise, contact scraps metal collection centers or other recycling centers in your area and ask if they take major appliances. Some landfill operations, such as Sonny Solid Waste, Inc., accept major appliances for a small fee. Residential Oil-Based Paint - Proper Disposal Methods: If an oil-based coating container is empty, it may be disposed of in the trash. A container is considered empty if nothing pours out when it is held upside down and if chipping or scraping cannot remove any product remaining in the container. Aerosol cans are considered empty if no propellant is dispensed when the pressure-sensitive valve is pressed down on an aerosol can. When no collection services are available, leftover paint may be placed in the household trash if properly prepared for disposal. For small amounts, apply the paint to cardboard and place in the trash after it’s dry. For larger amounts, try one of these methods: 1. Stir in kitty litter or sawdust; allow time for the material to absorb the liquid paint until dry. Discard the can and the dried paint in the trash. 2. Pour the paint in layers about a half-inch thick into a cardboard box lined with plastic bags. Let each layer dry before adding another. Discard the box with the dried paint in the trash. Scrap Tire Disposal: When you buy new tires, Missouri retailers are required to take the tires you are replacing. They usually charge a fee to cover their handling costs. If you are not buying new tires, another arrangement will have to be made for proper disposal. For more information about where to bring waste tires in your area, contact local tire dealers. Retailers and storage sites accepting waste tires may charge a fee to cover disposal costs. Sikeston residents wishing to discard rimless tires of less than 18” in diameter may do so, at no charge, during the Community Clean-up normally held annually in May. Contact 471-2512 for more information. Used Oil Disposal: Waste oil including lubricating oil, transmission oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil and heavy viscosity oil can no longer go to landfills. If a service station or quick change business changes your oil, they will dispose of your oil and oil filter for you. If you change your own oil, ask retailers where you buy oil if they will take your old oil. Some retailers, services stations and quick change businesses accept oil even if you do not make a purchase. Oil filters

are not prohibited from landfills if they have been well drained. To do this, turn the filter upside down and let it drain into a pan or jug for at least 24 hours. Oil drained from the filters should be collected and recycled to prevent groundwater contamination. For more information about where to bring waste oil, contact the retailer where you purchase oil, or contact Sonny Solid Waste at 471-2869. Lead-acid Battery Disposal: Retailers are required by law to accept a used lead-acid battery in exchange for a newly purchased battery. Lead acid batteries, those used in cars, boats and other vehicles, contain sulfuric acid that reacts with lead and lead oxide to generate electricity. If you want to get rid of a battery without buying a new one, ask a retailer near you if they will accept it, or contact Sonny Solid Waste at 471-2869 regarding their fee-based disposal service. Computer/Electronics Battery Disposal: Because of the large amounts of batteries being used with computers and other electronics, it is important that you dispose of batteries not only properly but safely to help the environment and other beings. In addition, there are now over 500 recycling laws in the United States and not disposing of the batteries appropriately may cost you. A few companies providing recycling programs are Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot and Radio Shack. Computer and Computer Hardware Recycling: If you have a computer or computer equipment that you believe is beyond repair or is too old to be useful we recommend one of the below services, which can dismantle the equipment properly to obtain all usable parts and materials. If you have a usable good computer you may want to consider donating the computer instead of dismantling or recycling it.

Stormwater Best Management Practices

Construction Site Run-off Control As spring approaches, we see an increase in building construction throughout the community. Clearing, grading, and other construction activities remove vegetation and compact the soil increasing both runoff and erosion. Excessive runoff caused by heavy rain erodes deep gullies, attacks channels, and has the potential to cause off-site erosion, sedimentation, and flooding problems. Construction stormwater best management practices (BMPs) are actions taken before, during and shortly after construction that control erosion and sedimentation and protect water quality. Effective erosion and sedimentation control can be achieved by careful attention to the following principles: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Protect the land surface from erosion. Manage runoff and keep velocities low. Capture sediment near the source. Integrate sediment control with the construction schedule. Inspect and maintain the erosion and sediment control system.

Sedimentation from land disturbing activities where appropriate measures have not been employed is the largest threat to water quality.

Why is it important to install construction stormwater control measures? The primary benefits associated with installing construction stormwater BMPs are protection of water quality and compliance with the law. The City of Sikeston’s Stormwater Regulations (City Ordinance 5816) require soil disturbed during construction remain on the construction site. It is illegal for soil to wash onto neighboring properties, into public roads, or into waterways, regardless of how big the construction site is. Availability of a wide variety of control measures to treat diverse development scenarios has made implementation more cost effective for developers and many types of BMPs can continue to function as post-construction stormwater BMPs or simply attractive landscape features. Contact the Sikeston Code Enforcement Office, 573-471-2512, for building and land disturbance permits, and educational materials to ensure your construction project is in compliance from start to finish!

March Events Mar. 1-April 29

Annual Elementary School Art Show Sikeston Depot Museum & Art Gallery, 116 W. Malone, 481-9967 Open Tues.-Sat., 10 AM – 4 PM; Features the work of Sikeston public, private & home-schooled students Grades 1-4

Mar. 2, 3 & 4

Sikeston Little Theater presents “Li’L Abner” Albritton Mayer Center for the Arts, 506 S. Kingshighway Performances: March 2 & 3, 7 PM; March 4, 2 PM Tickets available at Collins Music, Downtown Sikeston, 573-471-4531

Mar. 9

Downtown Gallery Walk Sponsored by Sikeston Depot Museum & Art Gallery, 5-7:30 PM Enjoy an artist’s reception with music and hors d’oeuvres; Participants include Sikeston Depot Museum & Art Gallery, Sweetgum Gallery, & Front Street Studio in Historic Downtown Sikeston.

Mar. 17

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Noon-4 PM, Malone Park, Downtown Sikeston, Rain or Shine; Homebrew Competition, live music, concessions, contests & crafts; Tickets: $10 per person includes complementary beer stein (must be 21 to sample beer); Sponsored by Historic Downtown Sikeston; 573-380-3801,

Mar. 18

Concordia Lutheran Church Spring Dinner 11 AM, Corner of Park & Wakefield, Dine in or carry out Serving chicken & dumplings; Adults - $8, Children 6-12 - $4 Contact

Mar. 24 & 25

Kenny Rogers Children’s Center 32nd Annual Telethon Sikeston Field house, Corner of Pine & Virginia Saturday events will include Pancake Breakfast, 5K Run, Blood Drive, Dog Show and Telethon Idol. Wrap up on Sunday with annual Fish Fry and Silent Auction. Go to for more information.


Tuesday, March 27 4:00 PM – Tourism Advisory Board Meeting Tuesday, March 13 11:30 AM – DED Executive Board Meeting 4:00 PM – BMU Commission...